1. Look at her eyes! Gorgeous.

  2. She is honestly the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. Those eyes!

  3. Ingrid

    gahhhh!!! those eyes!!

  4. Cutie pie!! Love the lashes.


  5. Love the angles you used to shoot those photos. Seriously, too cute.

  6. KayBee

    Gorgeous photos!

  7. This is too cute for words :)

  8. Cute, cute, cute! Beautiful eyes and lovely photo! (Btw, I'm jealous of my husband's eyelashes so I completely understand this post about eyelash envy!)

  9. Kristen

    Oh my gosh! Those eyes!!

  10. gorgeous pictures!

  11. She is beautiful!! She's thriving under you care, isn't that awesome? Time does fly. Aaaahhh, the baby stage.

  12. she's gorgeous. it's allowed.

  13. oh my goodness, these pictures are amazing!!!!

  14. Del

    Eleanor is so beautiful! Lucy started sucking her thumb at 5 and a half/ 6 months too. She would hold on to her socks while she did it. Cutest thing ever.

  15. Jisus

    look at those colors in her eyes. only God can create something so beautiful. she's a beaut!

  16. kristina

    i'm jealous of my baby girls eyelashes too! so unfair ;) your little one is DARLING!

  17. Betty

    She's adorable! and her eyes are gorgeous! :)

  18. Jessica

    She is adorable. Landon never sucked his thumb as a baby. I was sorta hoping that he would because it's so darn cute. Oh, and I'm totally jealous of my son's eyelashes. They are so full and long. I wish I had eyelashes like that.

  19. Tori

    Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!

  20. Alexia

    I am jealous of my daughter's too! At seven weeks, hers are longer than mine. Beautiful pictures.

  21. .rae.


    Her eyes are amazing. You can just get lost in them. One day, she will just bat her eyelashes, look straight at you and your knees will just go weak.

    Amazing shots as well.

  22. Autumn

    I feel that way about my husband's eyelashes.

    I love her beautiful eyes.

  23. Mri

    she is so pretty !

  24. HI!
    so I just started reading your blog a few months ago, and love it. You have an amazing family and eleanor, what can I say… gorgeous. I stumbled upon this project through Bike NY and thought to send it to you. There are some really amazing shots in here that capture true emotion. I know with your dancing background you might appreciate it. http://ballerinaproject.com/purchase

    Keep up your great work as a mom, sister, friend, wife and just all around pretty darn cool person!


  25. She has the most beautiful eyes! And you have the most adorable family (Kingsley too!) :]

  26. she is lovely! I have a wee babe just a few weeks older than yours called Eleanor as well and I am totally jealous of my wee Eleanor's eyelashes too! I just saw your tweet about how people call her EleanER. Well, I am from Utah but live in Scotland with my husband who is from here and I did not realize it until after we named her, but EVERYONE here calls her EleanER. I find it quit endearing now and I have found out that it is only in the states that they say EleanOR! who knew, right?

  27. My goodness that child is beautiful.

  28. Literally the most amazing eyes I have ever seen!!

  29. Emily

    Hi there. I'm the passerby from the temple last night. It was lovely to meet your kind, unique family in person last night. Isn't blogging a crazy thing, that it can make you recognize a complete stranger in public? I caught a glimpse of your adorable little one on the way out. She is at such a fun age, although every new phase is entertaining when it comes to babies (though, it does get a tad more exhausting when they start running!). Thanks again for the chat.

  30. Cathi

    Not weird at all … I am totally envious of my eight year old grandson's eyelash and curly hair! ;D

  31. If it isn't normal to be jealous of your baby's eyelashes, don't feel bad. You are at least more normal than I am- I'm jealous of my HUSBAND'S eyelashes!! ;)

  32. Rachel

    Ah! She's so gorgeous! I have a baby boy a couple of months older than Eleanor so I love seeing how her development & his are similar.

  33. I think you've got a baby model on your hands ;)

  34. wow. what a beautiful eye color ♥

  35. those eyes are so gorgous.

  36. I think it's okay. I'm jealous of my husband's lashes!

  37. Oh those eyes! They warm the heart!

  38. absolutely beautiful baby girl!!!


  39. tRiSh

    how beautiful she is! awwww

  40. My little 16 month old boy sucks his pointer and middle fingers when he is either hungry or tired. It's cute!

  41. Great shots. You caught her eyes so well!

  42. kdub

    those eyes are something else. swoon.

  43. Ms.S

    she have such gorgeous eyes!!!! lovely..

  44. You have shared some beautiful photos of your little Eleanor, but I think these are just breathtaking! SO cute beyond words.

  45. Married at 21, mum at 25. You're just crazy people. You think you've a philosophy of life, but it's just shit, you're extremely immature.

  46. I'm going to say yes it's allowed… mainly because I know one of my best friends is jealous of her baby girl's eyelashes too!

  47. Ricol

    Eleanor is such a little beauty! Gorgeous photos <3

  48. Rike.

    it is absolutely allowed! I'm always jealous when I see my boyfriend's lashes, which are unnormal long. nature can be so unfair..
    btw: your baby girl ist really beautiful! you can be so deam proud on her!
    love from germany ;)

  49. tessa

    She is simply adorable! :) I love reading all about your cute little family and adventures in D.C!

    p.s. follow me, please!

  50. Cassy

    She's very adorable little girl. I am so in love with her eyes.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  51. Olivas

    She has a beautiful eyes!!!

  52. These photos are beautiful!

  53. Your little girl is so sweet. I am jealous of her eyelashes too. P.S. I have thought this for awhile. but I think my daughter, Velzy and Eleanor sort of look alike…I don't know if its just there roles or their big cheesy smile…but you should take a look at my blog and tell me what you think!

  54. Mrs. Ham

    dont blame ya…i am also! so fun to see her grow up! she's pretty like her mama!

  55. n.davis

    She is a gorgeous baby! I love her eye color!!

  56. CAPow!

    Hands down, she has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen!

  57. Her eyes are just the most gorgeous! I'm a little envious of long little eyelashes too ;)

  58. baby girl has the most beautiful eyes! job well done, mom. :]

  59. I'm jealous of your babies eyes in general!

  60. I love her eye colour! it's freaking amazing!

  61. OMG, those eyes! I'm jealous of my daughter's lashes too–she gets them from her dad, which is completely unfair. Those lashes are totally wasted on him!

  62. I'm so jealous of her eye lashes too!!!!

  63. haha! I mean they are really wonderful lashes!

  64. Nicki

    She's absolutely gorgeous! Making me so broody!

  65. totally healthy jealousy, and FYI, i know it may sound crazy but i totally had my eyelashes permed recently and LOVE it!!!! check it out sometime, it was such a treat!

  66. oh my godness, such a Beauty! and the eye-color…I have fallen in love ;o)

  67. eyelashes? …look at those eyes!!! sooooooooooo beautiful!! i love how the contour is a darker color. she's adorable.

    [ blog | twitter ]

  68. Elle a des yeux magnifiques!

    She's got beautiful eyes!