meet me at the food truck.

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today eleanor and i were out running some little errands (we’re feeling much better today- thanks for the kind wishes!) when josh called to tell us there were some food trucks parked by his office and invited us to join him for a little lunch date in the park. of course we never pass up a lunch date, especially if it means getting to see our man/papa in the middle of the day!
we tried out the new mojo sandwich truck (a fried egg on your sandwich? delicious.) and had a cupcake from the sweet bites mobile afterwards (also delicious.)
there are still so many we haven’t tried yet… but we’re big fans of all the food trucks here in d.c. … we are especially loving the fojol brothers truck and the red hook lobster truck (although i think that one is a little bit crazy expensive) at the moment.

thanks for inviting us to lunch, josh! we had a lot of fun….
  1. Mindy

    the one of josh & E where she looks absolutely shocked/surprised.. could a cuter picture exist?? and have you had cap mac? SO good!

  2. Your baby is absolutely adorable <3.

    Sadie xx

  3. Where is your husband's pink and green tie from???

  4. @creatingtalkingwalls, i just asked josh. sadly, it's from italy.


  5. Katey

    I spy with my little eye…. Madewell's coveralls. I think. I <3 and live in mine.

  6. I love that photo of the cupcake in the background where you can see your little girl reaching out for it! So adorable :D