1. Eleanor is such a beautiful baby! I mean people always say babies are cute, but she is actually a beautiful baby.The sweetest little smile.

  2. Kris

    you all look so divinely happy… mind if I borrow some? :o)

  3. How is E so freakin' adorable?!

  4. Nicole

    lovelovelove the paper lanterns. so cute!

  5. carrie2

    Everyone's right, your Eleanor is such a beautiful baby – what a happy family you are. My daughter had a best friend in elementary school with your daughter's name, but they called her Elea. Pronounced Ellie, but spelled like that, it was cute. LOVE LOVE when I see pictures come up on my reader. Just had to click over and say hi, and that I'm so enjoying your family.

  6. colleen

    someone appears to be having a very smiley, mouth wide-open kind of summer. you go e ;)

  7. Precious, precious, precious. And I LOVE her mobile!!!! Etsy???

  8. I am pretty sure you have the cutest baby I have ever seen! Oh my goodness! What a doll!

  9. Kimi

    I have to concur with Samantha – I don't normally gush sbout babies, but Eleanor might very well be the prettiest baby I've ever seen. And so smiley, too! It's babies like her who make my rusty old clock spring to life (but only ever so faintly).

  10. Aya

    I agree. She's not just cute, she's beautiful too. She looks like such a joy.
    I love that she's using her foot to steady the book. Resourceful!

  11. Your baby is so cute. Looks like you guys are keeping busy.

  12. Such lovely pictures that document the joy that is in life!

  13. she. is. stunning.

    wasn't dropping her crib down almost… painful? HOW DO THEY GROW SO FAST?!

  14. she's the happiest little lady in the whole world – it's so precious! :)

  15. Gaby

    eleanor has the cutest smile in the world! and kingsley is just adorable, as always. x

  16. Bonny

    I don't think it gets any better than Eleanor she is serously the most beautiful baby I've ever seen!!!

  17. Sonja

    gosh that kiddo is gorgeous!!! And such a happy smiley baby! So ridiculously adorable! I wuv photos of her! :o)

  18. that mobile is adorable!

  19. Wow, life according to your instagram looks adorable, and full of joy. Eleanor truly is a beautiful baby.

  20. You are radiating with love, happiness, and beauty!

  21. AWWW everything is too adorable!! :D

  22. claire

    I've said it before and I'll keep saying it… Eleanor is one cute little girl. Her smile can be seen in every inch of her face. ADORABLE! x

  23. That is one BEAUTIFUL baby girl! I'm serious, she is so photogenic already and those eyes! Precious!

  24. Its amazing how smiley your baby is; she always seems so happy! Great pictures!

  25. most photogenic family award goes to you guys :)

  26. sarah

    my family has the "your are special" plate too!!! i love that!

  27. Diana

    Your blog is an indispensable feature of my happy list. Thanks, Naomi!

  28. Every time I see photos of her, I always think "Awwww, she has her daddy's smile!"

  29. Not sure whether I want to eat your child or the bbq more.

  30. Erica!

    You have the smilest baby :) I love how shes always giggling

  31. Oh my gosh, your daughter is such a cutie pie! And I just so love your little instagram photos, they always make me smile. Hope your week is a fabulous one. xo veronika

  32. Courtney

    that first picture is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Eleanor seems like such a happy baby!

  33. Taylor

    the first one is absolutely perfect!

  34. Is Eleanor the world's happiest baby? She sure is the cutest!

  35. the first picture is my favorite! What a gorgeous family.

  36. Folklure

    Eleanor has to be the happiest baby i've ever seen- so darn cute! I just adore all these happy pics :)


  37. M.R.

    cute little sailor outfit!


  38. i've said it before and i'll say it again…smiliest. baby. ever. !!!

  39. Cute cute cute! And Kingsley seems to be enjoying his bath, haha :)

  40. Laura

    Oh look how gorgeoues you all are!

    I feel like baby totally needs a mini pair of glasses in that first pic.

  41. so jealous! i also want instagram.
    but without an iphone… paah :) great pics :)

  42. Rachel

    The takeaway from all of these adorable pics: HILL COUNTRYYYYYYYY!!!! (I think that means I'm ready for lunch)

  43. Laura

    your family is so perfect!

  44. ı just looove ur pıctures! =)

  45. Eleni

    Blimey, does she ever stop smiling?!! She is such a cutie :)

  46. Shelbie

    I love the lanterns in that second picture! You all look so happy! I only wish I could smile as much as all of you (especially E!).

  47. Kait

    I just took a food picture with stuff all laid out like that the other night too! Yay for burritos :)

    You all are so darn cute!

  48. I love that very first picture. What a beautiful family!

  49. love those lanterns…so pretty!

  50. Katz NYC

    Beautiful life! So motherhood IS fun after all?! You are changing my views on it little by little. Thank you for that. :)

  51. what a beautiful and photogenic family. :)

  52. cait

    That baby's smile warms my heart!!


  53. Cathi

    So fun!! It looks as if your front walk has a gate. With you new house does Kingsley have a yard to run in? It looks as if your front walk has a gate.

  54. Laura

    eleanor looks too cute – especially in that sailor outfit! x

  55. I must tell you, your dog looks very similar to mine, I got really happy when I saw it it.. lol mine is pure english bull dog, same coloring as yours ;) Love your blog. I'll post some of my dogs soon.
    Hope you follow me too!

  56. Eeny

    Your baby girl is the cutest. Is she ever not smiling?

  57. E, gimme another smile!

    She makes me happy with that cute smile of hers.

  58. Hilary

    Does your dog like getting a bath? Mine hates it!


  59. she is just so freakin cute… there are no words!
    i think im getting baby fever again!



  60. Ann

    i just had to comment about the photo of the three of you…so so sweet…my oldest child is a senior this year {sigh} and i had to dig out a baby photo of him and realized how very few *great* headshots of him i had. i saw this photo of you three and thought "i wish i had one like that!". so don't stop taking those photos of eleanor, and be sure to save them (believe it or not, one day she'll be senior, too!)

    ann in sc

  61. Those lights are so cool is that in your backyard? and that Mexican Feast looks amazing!

  62. naomi, your family is so lovely. you guys just exude contentment and it's such a JOY to read your blog everyday. keep it up, we all love you! xo.

  63. lovely photos. you have the most perfect little family. so cute.

  64. pretty sure she is the HAPPIEST baby ever!! and gorgeous too!

  65. =^..^=

    how wonderfully adorable.
    thanks for the pictures!
    It made my day!


    such ahappy beautiful baby! her smiling face gets me every time. Thanks for sharing.

  67. LeeLee

    Adorable pictures.

  68. Your daughter always looks SO happy! She is so sweet.

  69. such lovely little moments! eleanors expressions are priceless.

  70. holy smokes! that first one is to die for!! make it a magnet or something!

  71. Naomi Ive been reading your blog for a couple months now and let me just say you have truly inspired me to have one of my own. I also live far from my family and my hometown (and my boyfriend!…) and I love the idea about keeping a kind of diary online so we can update friends and family. I've lived in the US for a year but Im from Brazil so it's sad you wont be able to read anything I post because it will be mostly in portuguese but anyway, I just wanted to let u know I love your style and good energy. Thank you a lot for little inspirations. Ill be posting comments more often :)

  72. PS: I have never seen a cuter baby!!

  73. Taylor

    such a cute family!!!!

  74. kaye i.

    What a happy baby! She's always smiling.

  75. KayBee

    You are one of the most adorable families I have ever seen! Eleanor always looks so happy…she must have a clue how cute you all are :)

  76. I had a so and so week-end: rain, headache, quarrells with son and sister..but now lookin' at your amazing and happy pictures I realize that I cannot waste time anymore, each moment must be appreciated as a gift. Grazie!

  77. i might be missing something but i can't comment on the next post… but i just wanted to say the picture of josh helping e walk makes my heart melt!!

  78. Diana

    I like your blog and you have a very lovely family.