1. amber

    love instagram!! perfect for catching these sweet moments :)

  2. Gaby

    That photo of Kingsley is too cute! As is Eleanor, of course. Lovely shots. x

  3. Kait

    That little Eleanor is just the cutest!

  4. i love seeing other mamas capture their days with instagram :)

  5. melissa

    she is just so cute!!

  6. tu y yo

    so sweet! i love the one of you two in the park

  7. Eleanor melts my heart. And I love your glasses so much!

  8. Ash

    those eyes!!! man..too cute! looks like you've been having fun :)

  9. Erin

    Lots of nakie babies. Must be summer!

  10. Luisa

    Love these pictures…
    You make me wish I had an iPhone.
    I'm in love with instagram.

  11. Molly H.

    Little E is just too cute for words!

  12. Zoya

    Cute pics! You should do a house tour sometime. Your house looks nicely styled.

  13. colleen

    the photo of her in the tub is too much. what a cutie!

  14. Kirstin

    each photo just looks like a dream!

  15. hannah

    oh my gosh. your baby has to be one of the cutest. :)

  16. Oh hey – we were just at a flight museum, too. Kingsley and Eleanor – together they make your blog the cutest on the planet.

  17. Mrs. C

    LOVE these posts you do!! SO much fun!! And LOVE Eleanor & Kingsley!!! Precious!!

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  18. Lyndall

    I think E. gets cuter and cuter every time we see her! She's growing into such a lovely little girl~

    And can you please sent me one of those baskets of peaches? I think I need to eat them all.

  19. Caitlin

    My boyfriend said "awwww" when he saw the bath tub shot of Eleanor. She is so adorable. I love your black pants. They look comfy. Do you mind if I ask where from?

  20. Cute baby + cute Kingsley = LOVE

  21. she and kingsley are quite the pair….such a good team!

  22. pretty momma, pretty baby :)

  23. Diana

    Your family is adorable!

  24. Oh my goodness you guys are so cute. You are such a naturally pretty person! I really think your family is the cutest! :)

  25. haley

    i seriously cannot get over how cute your family is. :)

  26. Meghan

    Oh my, such the cuties you have!

  27. Tat

    what beautiful pictures <3

  28. Sonja

    That girl, seriously! Eleanor is too much! Too much cuteness, it's annoying cause I want to just grab her off the screen and hug her! Also mmm peaches are so delicious right now….I think I might have already eaten the equivalent of a couple of those bushels heehee

  29. Mri

    Gosh, I love the photo's <3

  30. Lauren

    I love so much about this post. 1. Kingsley is epic because a. I love bulldogs and b. my dog is also Kingsley. 2. Eleanor is the cutest 6 month old I've ever seen. She has so much personality in that face. 3. I love the air and space museum, and I'm super jealous of you living in D.C.


  31. Morgan

    Amazing photos as always. Love the ones of Eleanor by herself… she's perfection. And Kingsley is cute as always!

  32. Anca

    El is my favorite baby. Can't believe how gorgeous she is! x

  33. A.E.

    Eleanor continues to be the cutest baby anyone has ever laid eyes upon! Sooo soo darling.

  34. Love the one where it looks like Kingsley is sneeking up on Eleanor! Too cute!

  35. Haha I sometimes wonder what someone would think if they found my blackberry and looked at the pics! Thankfully you seem pretty normal.. ;)

  36. Emmy

    I love this! I really need to just take random pictures more. What app do you use to take pictures with on your phone? Your daughter is adorable

  37. "Mormons" hahahaha. It's just shit

  38. You guys are seriously the CUTEST little family ever. I love your blog:)