hilton head island, part III

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and here are the last few photos
i thought i’d share from our weekend away.
p.s. right after this first photo below was taken,
eleanor put a handful of sand into her mouth.
i felt like a really good mother.

see the first and second posts here and here.
p.s. i feel the need to state we were not the genius’
behind the sand castle pictured. although i wish. isn’t it beautiful?
  1. jordan

    you guys were literally a half mile from my house! so weird to see my lovely home town on your blog. glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. Krysta

    Aw, Baby E is always so cheery and smiley, I love it!

  3. Yvonne

    I cannot stand who cute your daughter is, how amazing you look in that swimsuit and how beautiful that photo is with Josh and E laughing while being lifed up.

    All of you look so happy and positive.

  4. Ana

    These pictures get better and better! I can't get enough of how cute your little girl is – she's such a smiley baby, you must be doing a great job with her.
    I'm sure every little one has "tasted" things that aren't actually for eating, but I don't think you can help it – I've noticed that they're always so quick and unexpected :P

  5. All of the pictures look incredible, what a dreamy weekend! Eleanor is beyond adorable, plus it looks like she really enjoyed the beach (sand included :) ). Your yellow bathing suit is also fantastic, I love it!

  6. Do you KNOW how cute your baby is??? Of course you do…but I just wanted to make sure you knew that even from an outsider's perspective, she is possibly the cutest child ever. Also, I was about to be really impressed by your sand castle skills but…nevermind.

  7. Katya

    Your blog is incredible. Every morning I look forward to seeing a new post. The photos? AMAZING.

    You rock my socks.


  8. Alex

    I have always wanted to go to Hilton Head! Looks like such a gorgeous place.

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. How is it that you and your baby girl always look so adorable? I was wondering where do I purchase oliver goldsmith glasses? Does your husband wear oliver goldsmith opticals? If so, which one does he wear? Thanks!

  10. eating sand is a beach baby rite of passage! we've all done it and lived to tell the tale. :)

  11. really beautiful photos! and Eleanor always looks so bright and cheery!

  12. Definitely a well crafted castle! Don't feel like a bad mom! Kids put sand in their mouth in Hawaii all the time! And half the time they aren't even clothed–on the beach or off :)

  13. Eleanor is absolutely precious. She always has the biggest smile! Your swimsuit and bandanna are so so glamorous. You look like a model :)

  14. Mandy

    Love these! You look stunning in your yellow swimsuit, and yes, that's part of life, eating sand as a baby ;-) ♥ Mandy

  15. She is such a little cutie! Yeah anytime we take my daughter to the beach her only interest is eating the sand sadly lol.

    Oh Jazmyn

  16. Bonny

    It's official…you have the most adorable family I've ever seen. Your vacation looked amazing!!!

  17. Sher

    Oh wow, I love all your pics! I want more:)


  18. as always, she is just too cute! I grew up in SC on the beach, so eating sand as a baby is just a given… I think my Mom probably gave up at some point in trying to stop me :-) we eventually learn it's not yummie LOL

  19. Zoë

    Your daughter is so cute and sweet.

    When I look at her pictures it makes me do baby-talk to everyone if you know what I mean :d

  20. i adore "the lion king" photo with j & e! such love!

  21. Samantha

    I just need you to tell how you look so amazing! Do you workout everyday or just not eat? I can't wait to take my baby to the beach, but that won't be until next year.

  22. sinika

    Looks like a perfect little vacay. So fun!

  23. Emily

    What a perfect trip! Love the first picture. Eleanor keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  24. I've said this many times, but I must say it again- your family is beautiful!

    I am glad you all had a great trip-family memories like that last a lifetime! :)

  25. Cute!!!

    I turned my head the other day and Elle was in the bathroom with her hands in the toilet. And in my mad dash run to get to her, she put her hands in her mouth. I bet you feel better about the sand in the mouth now. Eeek.

  26. you have the most beautiful family! and nothing is cuter than a chubby little baby in a swimsuit. who cares how much sand she eats, when she's so darn cute doing it? ;)

  27. What a cute little beach baby.. And a hot Momma!! We were in South Carolina this last weekend too!! I am in Love with it there!! xo

  28. ha a little bit of sand never hurt anyone. no biggie :) she's such a cutie pie. and you're stunning in that bathing suit!

  29. taylor

    i LOVE Hilton Head!! my husband and i got married there almost 5 years ago! we always say we need to get back there! these pictures are adorable of all 3 of you!

  30. Anna

    Ahhh, did you stay at one of the Marriott vacation club villas? That's where my husband and I stay when we go there and they are phenomenal! Our favorites are the Grande Ocean and Barony Beach villas! Looooove.

  31. vanessa

    i love loveee your
    bathing suit + head scarf + sunglasses,
    SO retro cute

  32. All babies eat sand at some point. Don't sweat it!

  33. Melu103

    i love the pictures!!!

    my favorite is the last one!
    its adorable <3

    i am glad you guys had fun

  34. Lisa

    I just stumbled over your blog this morning and I have to say… I spend all day reading. I absolutely fell in love with you and your family.
    Say hi to Kingsley – my cat keeps staring at the screen whenever it shows a picture of him.
    Best of luck from Germany. You're adorable!

  35. Caty

    I love that last photo; the patterns of her jumper and his shirt.

  36. Rachel

    Eleanor is by far the cutest kid I've seen!Loving all the pictures AND your bathing suit!

  37. E looks so cute and your headscarf is so fun! This is the perfect post to get my mind off school starting! xo

  38. miriam

    eating sand… just part of being a baby on the beach! my daughter KEPT trying after she got 1 mouthful. um, yuck? and I must say, you have fabulous legs.

  39. Lulu B

    Your family photos always warm my british heart, such a beautiful family leading a beautiful life. I love your blog xx :o)

  40. Dani

    looks like you guys had a blast!

  41. That swimsuit is gorgeous! How do you even manage to look glamorous at the beach?

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  43. What is it with babies eating sand? Apparently my sister and I LOVED eating it, too!

  44. How fun! We just spent some vacation time with family in Newport Beach here in CA and loved it. Isn't the beach the best?

    P.S. Love love love your bathing suit! Thanks for recommending that site. I'm in love with the black one I purchased from them. And Eleanor is absolutely, 100% adorable!

    ~ Angela

  45. Linka

    I love your photos and you really look great post baby! Whats your secret?

  46. Erin

    Perfect pictures. Looks like a beautiful place. And E looks so happy… you all do! :) I'm sure she only ate sand because it looks like milk chocolate. lol

  47. so many things about this post i love!

    …you in your adorable beach attire complete with headscarf, you and baby e playing in the water together, e on your husband's shoulders, the sandcastles!

    …how i can totally see how much love is in this little family

    alissa b

  48. Don't worry about the sand. My mom always told me "God made dirt, so dirt don't hurt."

    I doubted the wisdom in that until I had my son, and seriously, that kid ate enough sand to fill a small sandbox.

    Speaking of which…aren't sandy diapers fun?

  49. Looks like such a wonderful family vacation!!

  50. Kristin

    I love your bathing suit..too cute..and the pictures are very lovely..:)

  51. so jealous!!! looks so fun!


  52. That last photo of daddy and baby E is too sweet… her chubby little arms, the serendipitous perfect pairing of the patterns on their outfits… You should definitely frame a print of this one on your wall!

  53. M.R.

    Love the beach look- so chic!!


  54. Jane

    Unrelated to your post, but I just had to share: while I was looking up car rental info today for a trip to Italy, I somehow accidentally came across a Croatian car rental company (not exactly what I was looking for)–and then I noticed that you guys were on the front page ad! I had a good laugh…you're photoshopped dancing in front of a Smart car and Fiat.

    Now back to your post…Eleanor is the cutest and I love your vintage style swimsuit!

  55. Don't they say that we all need to eat a peck of sand in our life? Probably best to get it over with while we're too young to dislike the taste. ;)

  56. I'm a new reader of your blog, and I have to just say, I absolutely love it! I discovered it a few days ago, and have read all your posts way back to the beginning. I can't wait to read more! Also, where did you get your yellow swimming costume from?? x

  57. Taylor

    Such a cute happy family. Love your pics!!!!

  58. wow, lots of comments on this one! but i have to chime in!! you guys make parenting look as exciting as my hubby and I anticipate it being for us!!! love the seaside pics, and am so grateful for your ever-positive outlook, rock on!!

  59. wow! you are absolutely gorgeous and that yellow swimsuit is so so CUTE!

  60. Absolutely love your outfits! Your bathing suit is adorable!

  61. I love it how you managed to look so stylish in every occasion even for a swim. Love the retro 1940's look bathing suit. Where do you get all your clothes, do share :0)

  62. Alex

    I love your suit and I am leaving for the Bahamas in a week, where did you get it from?

  63. Lily

    where is your lovely swimsuit from?

  64. Unknown

    Love all the pictures! So cute! Where is your bathing suit from? I have to have it! :)