1. Hilton Head is so beautiful and you all look so relaxed!
    hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  2. your baby looks like a little doll!

  3. Iris loves to hang upside-down off of our laps like that! She laughs hysterically every time!

  4. morgan

    beautiful photos and family lady :)

  5. Alyssa

    I love Hilton Head! I was actually just there this time last year with my in-laws for a lovely family vaca. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  6. Jessica

    Your family really enjoys each others company! As a fellow first time Mom, I'd love your advice on how you balance your baby girl's needs (naps, mealtimes, etc.) with all your fun activities. I love to travel, but sometimes get overwhelmed managing our baby boys needs on the go!

  7. just love and how adorable is your little girl! so cute.

    HH is a great family get-away spot!

  8. Mmmm…that breakfast looks delicious! Nothing beats a pile of fried potatoes topped with eggs…especially when you're on vacation!

  9. Fun family time at the beach! Enjoy the rest of summer, Fall is just around the corner (I can't wait!)

  10. lovely pics!!! Eleanor is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Oh that picture of your mom-in-law and E is so adorably sweet :)

  12. Meagan

    lovely pictures!

  13. such a beautiful place! i've always wanted to visit the carolina's!

  14. I love these photos, too! Looks like you all had a great vacation! The photo where Eleanor is looking at the camera from the couch is ADORABLE !

  15. meggie

    your pictures are so cute.

    you all need bicycle helmets, though!

  16. how gorgeous!


  17. Dani

    looks like a good time!

  18. Ritz.

    I don´t know how is this possible. I don´t know you and like you and your family so much :)

  19. You are very lucky to have in-laws you enjoy spending time with! I love that upside down photo of Eleanor on the sofa. I think it's the most precious one I've ever seen of her!

  20. My best friend is there RIGHT NOW and it's making me envious to see your pictures and think of her there.

    Sand in diapers is the WORST! Best trick I've found is to use a waterbottle to wash the sand off. Wiping never works.

  21. i mean…i'm pretty jealous of your beach getaway but i think i'm mostly jealous of that delicious food. it. looks. amazing.

  22. Taylor

    I swear I totally had the same dress that E has on in the last picture when I was a baby. i STILL have it,… well my mom does.

  23. Kelsey

    Looks like you guys had such a great time. Eleanor is such a doll! xo

  24. My husband and I just moved to SC from Michigan. It looks like we are going to have check this place out! Lovely pictures.

  25. This looks like so much fun! Is your husband an only child I don't think I've ever seen his siblings on the blog before?

  26. so cute!


  27. I seriously love that picture of eleanor in nana's lap. Its a candid shot that could pass for a professional portrait. I'm gonna try to recreate that now with my lil one. haha.

  28. Amy

    She is honestly one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Guh!

  29. M.R.

    That food looks really good!!


  30. Jasmine

    The food looks delicious and Eleanor cute as always!

  31. Melu103

    i love the pictures!

    Eleanor's outfits are the
    cutest thing on earth.

    I love the beach myself
    and i am so glad I'm only 20min


  32. I loved Hilton Head when I went a few years ago – hope to go back someday! She is getting so big and cute, I LOVE that age!!!!

  33. Nicole

    Beautiful photos! A perfect weekend!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  34. My husband loves it there! I hope one day he will take me! :)

  35. Kristen

    I live in Charleston and love biking around Hilton Head. Yesterday I was at the beach and the water was 88 degrees. Boooo-Yaaaa!

  36. I just love of pic of baby in your lap :) such precious family photos!


  37. Love E's dress. Really precious.

  38. Hannah

    gorgeous photos



  39. Marina

    WOW so a wunderful Blog!!
    You are so a beautiful little Family :)

    I will follow you!!

    xx Marina

  40. Nici

    I've just found your blog! It's so great, love it!
    I'm now following you!


  41. Jennifer

    I just found your blog, while searching for scarves! I love how you wore these at the beach.

    I was wondering, how do you keep your scarf from slipping off – and how did you tie it like that?

    You have such a fab sense of vintage fashion, I love it!


  42. Roopa

    you look pretty when you wear high bun… Naomi ,…. and Eleanor is very beautiful

  43. You're the perfect family ! Mom, Dad, Baby and the bulldog ! :D
    I've got a bulldog too
    You blog is wonderful ! I really love it !
    It's the first time that I go there but I'm a fan now ! :D ♥

  44. Brandy

    Fabulous pictures! Can I ask what type of camera you use? What lens? Prepping for a vacay myself and wondering if I should lug the big camera with???

  45. the photo of eleanor and (grandparent?) on the yellow couch is a really excellent photograph. your pictures are usually good–better than the average family snapshot–but this one i could see as art rather than just elevated documentation. it brings to mind william eggleston. not quite so rough as his imagery, but reminiscent in subject and tone.