hilton head island, part I

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a few photos from our weekend with josh’s parents
at hilton head island, south carolina….

  • our favorite part of the trip was biking everywhere together each day.
  • we tried what we think is the world’s best seafood chowder. so much so, we went again for a second bowl. (it was from here.)
  • we got caught in the rain one night on a bike ride to dinner. we biked home in the dark only seeing the bike path via the occasional scattered lightening bolt (scary.)
  • eleanor tried to eat sand probably one hundred times.
  • these days i can’t seem to get any sun, but i’m turing into one big freckle. :/
  • the water temperature was 86 degrees! it sort of made me want to become a mermaid and never get out of the water.
  • sand in diapers is so annoying.
  • i think i’m happiest when i’m by the ocean. and i think we’re going to need to reevaluate our life plan so it can somehow require us to live on the beach forever and ever. ;)
thanks for letting us crash your stay, ma + pa.
we love you both!
  1. Emma

    Ugh Naomi I am inSANEly jealous of your perfectly exposed photos! ALL of them, how do you do it?! What camera are you using? I love beach holidays, my (almost) in-laws are moving permanently to their beach house and I can't wait for days bike riding on the sand with hubby :) Happy sunshine x

  2. Renée

    Wow this looks like an awesome trip! Beautiful photos, like usual. You're such a lovely family! xo

  3. LRC

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of you on the bicycle w/your feet up. So great!

    I live in southeastern Virginia, but never make it down to Hilton Head. I always get swept up by the Outer Banks :) There is something wonderful about the beach; my husband and I aspire to retire in a home w/stilts :D

    So happy you had a great time :)

  4. omg, cute pictures, E looks so cute, happy, adorable! I really love the picture when E touched his grandpa cheek's. I believe your family had so much fun :)

  5. Chelsea

    Oh, what a gorgeous little family. You guys always look like you are making the best of everything, and I love that. These pictures are adorable. I posted today about how you and E are giving me baby fever!

  6. Paula

    Little Eleanor is sooo cute!

  7. Shelbie

    Your photos are always so beautiful, as well as your family!

  8. amber

    how fun!!! this looks like a fabulous family trip. Hilton Head is on my list of places to go soon!

  9. Laura

    lovely photos, you all look so adorable! x

  10. Kara

    LOVING eleanor's nautical dress! that is one happy baby – so cute!

    no place beats the beach! looks like you guys had a blast :)

    xx, Kara

  11. Rhianne

    I still can't get over how brilliantly happy you both look after having little E, it really warms my heart and that last photo is so fun!

  12. Cutest pictures/family on earth? I adore that picture of you on the bike with your feet on the handles; I would totally die trying that!

  13. colleen

    i went to hilton head alst summer and really loved it, particularly the biking everywhere. glad ya'll had such a nice trip!

  14. Hilton Head is a super fun place to go! When I graduate high school, I plan to take a short little venture there with family, too! It sounds like you all had a great time, and I am happy you all are safe and sound back home! Your pictures are gorgeous– what camera do you use?

  15. the photos speak for themselves, it looks like a great little vacation!

  16. Move to Savannah, GA! I am a 20 minute drive from the ocean (and you'd only be a 45 minute drive from Hilton Head!)

  17. Sher

    that's the sweetest family you got there! and how on earth did you manage to balance yourself on the bike??
    lovely lovely pics:)


  18. Oh gosh – you and your family are too cute!

    And Eleanor! I just want to hug her! She's so adorable!

  19. Janni

    It looks like something from a movie or something. Very beautiful and cozy! You guys look so perfect together :)

  20. Arena

    Great photos! Could you please share with us what kind of camera you use?:)

  21. Sonja

    Ah! very cute photos!!!
    I am sooo confused though, how do you site on your bike like that, without it toppling over!? haha.. seriously!

  22. Lovely pics! I am sure I tried to eat sand when I was a baby too! And grass, insects, toys, paper…. :D
    E is the cutest baby I have ever seen!

    London Last Night

  23. Kat

    I love the pictures of Eleanor with sunglasses! and you balancing on the bike is just awesome :)

  24. You look absolutely gorgeous with your hair down!! Looks like it was a LOVELY weekend!

  25. E is just adorable in the sailor outfit, well…the whole family is adorable!

  26. great photo of you on the bike!!!


  27. you guys were so close… you need to move to charleston. seriously. :)

  28. How cute are all of you!? And I love E's sunglasses!

  29. nicole

    You guys are so precious. These family photos are terrific! I think this is the first time I've seen Josh with stubble and without a tie, ha! xo.

  30. Michelle

    I love hilton head. I use there for a week every summer for years. Its the greatest family vacation spot on the east coast. In my opinion.
    You photos brought back so many memeories for me. My parents still go every summer. Maybe next summer I will have to rejoin them.

  31. Anna

    These photos are adorable! I love love love Hilton Head. My hubby and I try to venture down there at least once a year and we LOVE it! Favorite part: definitely biking on the beach! The sand is so hard, it's so easy!

  32. Leslie

    Jealous of your trip! Hilton Head is my favorite East Coast non-Florida beach, as it is where my family loved to go when we were growing up. David and I didn't make it down there this summer, and I am still bummed about it.

  33. A.E.

    love your overalls!

  34. I love these photos. Looks like you had a blast on your getaway! I laughed about your "one big freckle" comment. I say that to my family every year when instead of getting a "tan", I get "freckled". haha

  35. how lovely! I've been to Hilton Head almost every summer growing up…it's a lovely place!! looks like you had a wonderful week.

  36. amanda

    stop ittt! you're wearing overalls and looking simply stunning in them. pshhh. way to rock it, girl!

  37. looks like a lovely trip! E's dress is darling! …and baby powder helps remove all that sand :)

  38. sinika

    Cute that Eleanor's swimsuit matches your hubby's shirt :)

  39. Folklure

    This looks like so much fun! Your family is just adorable :)

  40. gah – Eleanor is one of the best dressed tot I've ever seen! NEED to know where her little bow swimsuit is from cuz I need to get one to save for the future!
    two – how did you balance and pose on that bike in the last pic? Amazing!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  41. Bridget

    eleanor's red white + blue outfit = adorable.

  42. So glad you were able to get away as a family. I love E'S nautical dress. Oh and you might be the first person to look cute in overalls ever.

  43. Naomi! how on Earth is it that you can make overalls look good? If I wore overalls, I'd look like I was in the 4th grade again.

    We're heading to DC this weekend and I CAN NOT WAIT to rent bikes and explore with my hubby.

  44. Meagan

    oOOOO we LOVE HHI!

    Right after we got married, we stayed with my in-laws at a gorgeous beach house on HHI and we fellllll in love with that place! We honeymooned in Charleston, so living on the coast of South Carolina is our dream. ahhh to love in Charleston!!! okay, back to reality. Adorable pictures!!

  45. hello.

    you have the most joyful baby ever!!! :)

    the ocean trip looked like tons of fun…somehow i think i need to find a way to be closer to the beach m'self. i miss it!

    (p.s. super cute overalls!)

  46. isn't hilton head just wonderful? your next vacation HAS to be charleston, sc! its where dear john and the notebook were filmed! its a place you would absolutely adore!


  47. i want those overalls! where did you find such a cute pair if you don't mind me asking??

  48. Aren't those beaches the greatest! They far beat these west coast ones! Free-zing.

    You make those overalls look so cute! Never could I pull that look off.

  49. Your family is adorbale but I cannot allow myself to go without mentioning BIKE HELMETS, please please protect your heads. I am amazed that you would risk going without one!


  50. do i spy mint chocolate chip ice cream? delicious! one of my favorites!

  51. i love that eleanor wears sunglasses. i feel like all the babies/kids i've nannied for can't stand having them on their faces. good to know eleanor is in touch with her fashionable side.

  52. looks like an amazing trip! and i feel like i'm the happiest by the ocean also.

    p.s. how do you get Eleanor to wear sunglasses?! my daughter takes them right off and tries to eat them immediately.

  53. Sarah

    I love the Carolina's. We visited Emerald Isle a few years ago and it truly was a dream. I feel so bad I haven't ventured to the beach with my bebe yet (I live in SoCal so shame on me) But I have to admit I'm not looking forward to sandy diapers lol.

    – Sarah

  54. alissa b

    Look how talented you are–riding with your feet up in the basket ;)

    These photos are making me so jealous & want to head off to a beach!

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

    alissa b

  55. Ash

    i LOVE your overalls/red sandal combo!! and look how happy your hubby and baby are :) what a lovely trip :) and I agree with you, I think I am happiest by the ocean as well! That's why, in 5 or so years, we are selling our house and moving to the coast!

  56. awwesome pics it looks like so much fun!

  57. A.

    Hilton Head is so beautiful. Really close to where I grew up. These pictures made me so trunky for home!

  58. Rebekah

    We loooove Hilton Head!! My family goes there every other summer for a week. It's the best, and so beautiful! Your pictures look fabulous

  59. I love your overalls as well, please share where you got them! Also, please share your photo secret… I agree… always perfectly exposed and so crisp. Do tell…!

  60. Great pictures! They are so perfectly exposed! Would love to know what Camera you use! :)

    And how you did the stunt in the last photo! :)

    Look who's Wearing (LwW)

  61. stacey

    Not sure if someone already asked this but what color nail polish are you wearing? I love it!!

  62. I agree on the whole ocean thing. I want to live near water so bad I am selling my house, packing up my family and moving to the lake, which isn't the ocean but for us Canadians it's better.

  63. I was just in HHI with my family in July and OHHH MY we had the scariest experience ever while riding bikes in the dark. They should really consider putting down path lights!

  64. Hannah

    As I am living in Land-locked Switzerland, these wonderful beachy photos have given me great pleasure…and an even stronger desire to go on a beach holiday ASAP. I also feel like I'm turning into a giant freckle, you're not alone on that one ;-)

    -Hannah xoxoxox

  65. must.have.icecream.now!

    Lovely pictures :)

  66. Mara

    Now, that I have seen you photos I realy feel the need to run to the seaside. And I love,love your photos! They are so optimistic and happy! I am glad I found your blog and I proudly visit it every morning to make my day better.

  67. aww love these photos! I did a couple semesters of college in Hilton Head at the USC extension campus there – it was great!

    It is so annoying to drive there though as the signs are brown and tan like all the trees!

    Looks and sounds like y'all had the best time!! :-)

  68. {B}

    loving the overalls. josh has reeeeally white teeth. very nice!

  69. i've heard such great things about HH! looks like you're having a blast. i love how josh and e are matching in that first photo. and, i want your overalls.

  70. Debra

    That image of your Hubby's Parents holding Baby E and the looks on their faces is really beautiful. So much love in that picture. I love the way his Mom looks at his Dad.

  71. Ainsley

    cute cute cuuuuuuute

  72. Eleanor is the most. adorable. baby. EVER. That sailor dress! Those glasses! Cute overload! And there's nothing more fun than a cruiser bike ride down the beach with family+baby in tow! :D

  73. That sounds like so.much.fun!!! So glad you had an awesome time!

  74. I hate it when I get sand in my diaper.

  75. Kaye

    Your husband's photo is in a Strayer University envelope!

  76. Leslie

    Your pictures and your life are always such an inspiration, Naomi! Thank you for sharing them :)

  77. I still don't get how you can just "sit" on your bike like that without falling?!

  78. oh my goodness, this looks amazing. and you're stunning in every single pictures, as always. i like the fancy bike trick with your feet up :)

  79. Caty

    You and your little girl have the CUTEST outfits! Great photos!

  80. Ivy

    That is so close to us! We live in Charleston…and I must say – I think it's the best place to live (I am biased). Looks like a fun trip – the pics are great!

  81. You guys are so cute. Such a sweet family. I just read all three posts and I love how the most recent, part 3, looks as if the type is floating above Eleanor's head in the picture. Very pretty.

    If it makes you feel any better, I pulled a half-eaten crayon out of my daughter's DIAPER once. So, at least you caught Eleanor's "meal" while it was still in her mouth;)

  82. You guys should move to Charleston. I think you'd like it. :)

  83. M

    i love your sandals! please tell me! where are they from!?

  84. Kristin

    It looks like you had so much fun!

  85. Kirin

    Gorgeous!!! Where did you get your sunglasses? I love them!

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  87. Where oh where did you get your overalls!?

  88. Amelia

    My friend once told me this beachy tip and I have been forever grateful. Baby powder. Rub it all over the sandy sticky bits, and it magically dries off and then you can brush it off. Your welcome!