hilton head island, part I

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a few photos from our weekend with josh’s parents
at hilton head island, south carolina….

  • our favorite part of the trip was biking everywhere together each day.
  • we tried what we think is the world’s best seafood chowder. so much so, we went again for a second bowl. (it was from here.)
  • we got caught in the rain one night on a bike ride to dinner. we biked home in the dark only seeing the bike path via the occasional scattered lightening bolt (scary.)
  • eleanor tried to eat sand probably one hundred times.
  • these days i can’t seem to get any sun, but i’m turing into one big freckle. :/
  • the water temperature was 86 degrees! it sort of made me want to become a mermaid and never get out of the water.
  • sand in diapers is so annoying.
  • i think i’m happiest when i’m by the ocean. and i think we’re going to need to reevaluate our life plan so it can somehow require us to live on the beach forever and ever. ;)
thanks for letting us crash your stay, ma + pa.
we love you both!
  1. Lori

    I've mentioned this on here before, but whenever I see your MIL's pic on your blog I remember. I was a missionary in Josh's ward when his family lived near Jacksonville. I loved his mother so much. At church her comments were always so insightful, and she is wise and had great things to say. Looks like a great vacation. Love your suit.

  2. So fun to see you in Hilton Head. I used to work in Sea Pines during college!

  3. Beea

    Random reader who is going to figure out how to start following this – you can get sand off of baby skin using…baby powder. It dusts it right off :)

  4. Madison

    Ok, where on earth did you get that nail polish? I'm loving it.

  5. That last picture of you on the bike is amazing! How did you balance? I seriously LOVE it.

  6. Mri

    Eleanor is so cute ! You have such a beautiful daughter :)

  7. Sofia

    I love your blog.

  8. Look at all these folks wanting to know where you got your clothes! You should open an etsy shop called As Featured On and sell all the items we've been lusting after. I'll start by buying those overalls! ;-)