eleanor reading. (+ our giveaway winner announced!)

eleanor has discovered that books aren’t just for chewing!
this week she has begun flipping through the pages on her own
and taking her time to look at the pictures.
it’s so much fun to read with her.
makes me glad we were able to have a book themed baby shower
before she arrived. especially as she’s growing fond
of her little collection. thanks again to all our friends
who gave us such great books!
and before we go into the weekend,
congratulations to our giveaway winner below.
jessica, your friend is very lucky to have you as a friend! so sweet.
please email me your contact info- naomi.megan{at}gmail.com

thank you to all who entered!
have a wonderful weekend!
  1. ashley

    So cute! You idea of a book themed baby shower is a great idea!

  2. Gosh, she is insanely cute.

  3. Chelsea

    Oh Eleanor…stealing my heart! That is one precious photo. xoxo

  4. Your baby shower is my favorite thing ever! I'm not even married yet but I've told all my friends for MONTHS that I want a baby book shower! (someday)

  5. Such a precious picture!!

  6. Alex

    What a great habit to start! Precious. I see she has one of my favorites…"Love you Forever"

  7. Jen

    Hello! I have been enjoying reading about your families adventures. I have great memories of my parents reading to me and I loved my books. Looks like Eleanor loves her books too. This is such a cute photo!

  8. i love that photo! xx

  9. that is the most adorable thing ever. I can't wait for my son to learn how to flip through the pages!! haha. So far I've only given him cardboard books though….:)

    Notes She Wrote

  10. Alivia

    She's too cute!! Have a nice weekend, dear!

  11. book baby showers are such a good idea. the babes need more than just diapers and toys, and books can get expensive, so perfect idea :)

  12. Sarah

    your baby is so cute :)
    may i ask you a personal question? did you work something before eleanor came and if yes, what did you do?i read that you dance, was (is)this your job? did you make some free projects or did you work something else?sorry for curiosity :) greetings from germany

  13. Emily

    so glad to see she has "Love You Forever"… my mom read that to me and my siblings when we were little, and now i have it to read to my little girl. it is a precious, precious book.


  14. Allison

    Love you Forever was the first book I bought when I learned I was expecting my daughter! I have loved it for so long, and still can't get through reading it without shedding a few tears!

  15. L

    what a beautiful photo!:) love it.

  16. Love You Forever is my absolute favorite children's book. My mom would read it to me every night when I was younger. So many good memories. :)

  17. Already reading-what a smart girl!

  18. Linka

    That is the sweetest photo! Love it. My little one is turning pages and babbling. I can't even read the words because he's talking over me. I love it. so precious

  19. Bimba

    Naomi!!!! quiero saber cómo puedo participar de tus sorteos, vivo en zul, un pequeño pero hermoso pueblo de Argentina.
    Me gusta tu blog!!!

    Un beso muy grande.


  20. Aww! Those pictures are adorable :D

  21. Autumn

    She is adorable. My Mom always had a huge library for me as a child and read so much to me…I know that is why I love reading!

  22. Your baby girl is gorgeous! I lover the way that she sit with those books :D

  23. becca28

    "Love You Forever" is my favourite book of all time. MY mumma (grandmother) used to read it to me (and sing the lullaby to me), so of course I got it for my friend's baby.

    And I love the idea of a book themed shower. Reading is such an integral part of a child's development.

    Great blog!

  24. little

    the way they explore books is so cute to watch!

    love, little.

  25. Annalee

    I've always adored the idea of giving books at a baby shower- too darling. Also, congrats to the winner. Her comment was really touching, what a sweet soul!

  26. Sonja

    Awww that;s adorable! She actually looks so engaged in the book too! :o) Cute!
    I spot some awesome books in there! That's such a nice baby shower theme, i like that!
    hope you 4 are having an incredible weekend! :o)

  27. First time for commenting on your posts, which i've been reading for several months now and am just loving this blog!

    My littlest is doing the same with books now. There is the occasional need for tape, but I think it adds character to the pages! such a joy! Keep us posted on the ones you like most! I'm going to feature the ones with our favorite illustrations (and names) soon!

    I think there should be a combined spot for all mother/bloggers to catalog the books we like and share them all in one place! Now who wants to head this up? hehe


  28. Eleanor, you are too adorable :)

  29. Rachael

    So adorable!
    I'm currently a Nanny for a one yr.old boy, and I wish he was like that with books! Currently he's in the stage where he wants to touch anything and put them in his mouth. You may have experienced that as well!

  30. Nadja


  31. I just love your blog! Faith, Family, Love, photography, Fun

  32. What a great picture! My son, Max, loves to read! Influencing them at a young thing the best we, as parents can do for them. They can NEVER have too many books!

  33. Whitney

    I love how she is sitting there looking at the book! What a big girl :)