diary by kingsley: my family went to the beach without me, their A+ pup.

“hi friends,
mom keeps saying they would have taken me along if i was allowed to fly during hot summer months (stupid airlines and their policies against snub-nosed dog breeds). i mean, we all know how much i love the beach (see here and here and here).
but to be honest, i think i got the better end of the deal. i spent 10 hours every day playing with my doggy friends while the family was away. mom and dad were able to check in with me on the webcam and i even got an A+ on my report card from doggy day care. mom couldn’t believe it when she picked me up (she has a hard time letting go of memories like this and this — someone please help her forget already.)
love, kingsley
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  1. Gaby

    Wow, A+… Go Kingsley! I'm sure he missed you though :)

  2. Such a cute dog! I love the Kingsley posts!

  3. ~BB~

    I was just thinking, not more than an hour ago, that it had been much too long since we had since a diary from Kingsley. Great job on the A+ Kingsley!!

  4. congratulations on the A+ Kingsley! I'm sure you've been a good dog at the daycare! :)

    the LDR blog.

  5. Mrs. Ham

    i seriously love him! we had one too, but we gave him to a family who was home all day. i couldn't lock him up. to hard for me. his name was Augustus, Gus for short!


  6. Yay for A+ Kingsley! I think this is so cute from his point of view! Love it

  7. Yay for A+ Kingsley! I think this is so cute from his point of view! Love it

  8. Sarah

    I love getting report cards when I take my dog to the groomers. Mine's not an A+ doggie though. She's more of a B+ ;)

    – Sarah

  9. colleen

    i love kingsley diaries. and the throwback to him tearing up that white couch and how innocent he looks. he's a keeper that one!

  10. Mandy

    Kingsley is such a trooper! He really deserves that
    A+!! Love the diaries

  11. nova

    Aw, it sucks he couldn't come along, but it's safer for him not to fly. It would be terrible if something happened on the flight!

  12. puppy kingsley and the couch cushions!!! i remember that. i can't believe he has turned his life around. good for him.

  13. Melu103

    haha i love it every time Kingsly
    writes on the blog! he cracks me up

    good job Kingsly!! <3

  14. Kingsley is adorable! I need a four-legged friend in my life asap. Ha! The couch!

  15. Sini

    You rock Kingsley! Our Léonie was in daycare too, I wish they would have given a report card too.. :P

  16. Aw Kingsley – well done superdog – you are awesome.xxx

    P.S. Just had a look at your naughty streak posts and felt compelled to tell you about my friend's dog who wrote off his car from the inside out when he was left inside for 30 minutes of alone time.

  17. Looks and sounds like a great time.

    Can I just say something, without sounding creepy hopefully? You've always been beautiful, but definitely are one of those women who just get better and better. You look so gorgeous and confident in these photos.

  18. Kingsley, I am so proud of you! An A+! I'm also happy you had a good time playing with all of your friends! :)

  19. so cute. kingsley is such a good doggie! :)

  20. Haha I know how it is for them to go from adorable and well behaved one minute to destroying everything the next! Kingsley is adorable though!

  21. that couch post is one of my favorite kingsley posts. just cuz he's looking at you like "what? you're surprised?

  22. Cortney

    I know it's a joke entry, but it is definitely a good thing that he didn't fly during the summer- snub nosed dogs in general are at greater risk of dying during a flight, and it increases exponentially during the summer months. Many airlines have policies where snub nosed dogs can't fly if it's over 70-75 degrees. It's sad he had to stay behind but he's definitely safer that way!

  23. Kingsley, you are seriously hilarious.