1. leigh

    Oh my!! You look like you've stumbled out of a magazine! Stunning picture! Love that swimsuit, please let me know where I can find it.

  2. um, how cute is your beach look?

    love the red lips & yellow suit – you are so classy.

  3. stella

    taza could you post a pictures of eleonors nursery because im now 26 weeks prgnant and im decorating my nursery

  4. oh my! what a beautiful photo! and the bathing suit is gorgeous!

  5. Sher

    you both are precious beyond words! and i truly covet your yellow swimsuit, so pretty:)


  6. Your swimsuit is perfect, love it! You both look very happy :)

  7. Aya

    Wowie! This could be a vintage photo on "The Sartorialist." What a vivacious and gorgeous lady you are, Naomi!

  8. The bathing suit is lovely, but I NEED that lipstick! What shade, please?

  9. your swim suit is to die for

  10. Lolo

    You look stunning in that bathing suit!


  11. aw have fun! i love your bathing suit. I saw one at modcloth just like that in red :)

  12. You adorable girls! <3

  13. Olivas

    I like your swimsuit!!!!

  14. Lorna

    You both look absolutely stunning!

  15. Taylor

    Yall both look adorable!

  16. M.R.

    Have fun!!


  17. SO CUTE! I love your swimsuit! It's really classic and vibrant! Also, little El is adorable as always! <3

  18. Danielle

    Beautiful, sweet, and stunning! You guys belong in a magazine! Have a wonderful trip.

  19. ummmmmmm cutest picture ever!!!!

  20. It's quite phenomenal how little variation there is in so many comments here, even down to the specific words used. They must be vetted, amirite?

  21. Sum

    You are SO gorgeous, Naomi! Baby E is adorable! I love how you two are always matching! :)

  22. i answered this earlier but the comment might have gotten lost up top, but the swimsuit if by Popina Swimwear.

    also, @bremen42, nope! there is no vetting here. all comments are published, nice or not nice.


  23. Sarah G

    this is a gorgeous shot! and i also have to say (even though its been said many times) i LOVE your swimsuit.

    (also, i love red lipstick at the beach <3)

  24. and you look incredible!

  25. both of you are adorable! I love seeing your beach trip, reminds me of home!


  26. Care

    this could be in a magazine! great shot!

  27. Alex

    You are just GORGEOUS. That swimsuit is to die for! And Eleanor is cute as always! :)

  28. simply beautiful.
    craving some soft shell crab now.
    I would love to see you do a fitness and diet routine post baby! You look amazing.
    I'm glad E gets you, to capture all her sweet moments.

  29. currently in love with your swimming suit. I've been looking for one like that for ageeees. Really like the vintage feel.

  30. you look amazing in that swimsuit!eleanor too! it took me more than a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy body

  31. Man I love this photo – not only the vintage swimsuit – but of course the connection with a mother and child. Charmingly beautiful.

  32. how do you look that good after just having a baby!??! seriously. you are gorg!

  33. naomi! get out… what a cutie pie she is. ive been gone all summer and in just 3 months she has grown so much! she is growing into such a beautiful girl.

  34. such a cute pic and a lovely blog!
    sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  35. Kalani

    Ack! Where is the swimsuit from??

  36. You're so pretty with that beautiful swimsuit, and your adorable daughter Eleonor is as beautiful as you. I admire you a lot, not only for your fantastic blog but cause you're a very inteligente person that makes happy to the people. Thanks Naomi, you're a great woman!!

  37. Mri

    Oh it's so cute ! <3

  38. CV Love

    So cute