1. rachael

    if there was any good excuse to build a sheet fort, a hurricane is it!

  2. ana

    as a south Floridian who has been through her fair share of hurricanes I will be keeping you guys in good thoughts.

    Make sure you have a tank full of gas in the car & some cash out, just in case. stay safe indeed.

  3. i agree with @rachael. perfect fort building weather indeed. stay safe <3

  4. MellyB

    I know it's been asked a million times, but why do they give these demons such girly names? I think Helga or Maxine. Stay safe!

  5. amber

    praying every one in irene's path is safe!!

  6. Michelle

    Keep your eye on Kingsley – he'll warn you before anything else will. Be careful this weekend!

  7. I hope you stay safe and Irene doesnt destroy almost everything… keep save!

  8. bonnie

    eek! we get earthquakes all the time here, but then again, they're fairly small and our buildings are built for them. stay safe, naomi!

  9. We're battening down the hatches, stocking up on treats, cuing up Netflix, and, most importantly, reaping the last tomatoes from the garden before they get swept away. (Never mind that it's like 80 degrees, sunny and gorgeous out right now!)

  10. Mrsink

    stay safe! Sugary snacks are a must have for hurricanes. I grew up in the Keys and lower parts of Florida and we always had fun during hurricanes! (the lesser ones of course).

  11. oh my! stay safe! xxx

  12. Keep us midwesterners posted. Stay safe and eat all the candy….even is lady irene doesn't come ;)

  13. Yikes! Hope everyone stays safe! Don't forget to keep everything charged and have lots of games to pass the time :)
    As scary as these natural disasters are they are kind of a nice refresher to what is really important in your own life. Every tsunami we had and had to evacuate leaving everything behind it made me realize that all the things we had in our home weren't as important as I once thought. It really helped me separate the worldly things from the true essentials in life :)

  14. There was an article in parents magazine all about creating your own emergency supply box for your house.

  15. Tali

    I'm flying to DC tonight! I'm a little frightened, no lie. Stay safe, be strong, CTR!

  16. Stay safe guys! I'll be thinking of you and praying that it all passes as calmly as possible for you this weekend.

  17. Bonny

    You're awesome Naomi!!! I love the bungee corded trash can part. My brother used to live in North Carolina, and his roof used to blow off all the time…Stay fase.

  18. janel

    I'm so nervous for everyone, I hope everything goes okay.

  19. whimsy

    hahah. you are rad. i love it. my bro is in DC and i am pretty worried for them! wanna know something totally weird and creepy? i had a dream that we hung out last night. the three of you and my husband and i. crazy huh? promise im not a stalker!! just thought it was funny enough to share:)

  20. hannah

    try living super close to the north carolina coast! I'm at least 40 minutes away from morehead city, where the eye is supposed to hit. but we're prepared! i've been through so many hurricanes…but not any that are going to hit the east coast as hard as they're saying! it's going to be an interesting few days :)

  21. sinika

    Maybe your hubby will get a day off and you guys can watch movies and eat goodies all day? Hope everyone stays safe and sound!

  22. we're bracing for it in B'more as well! old man made fun of me in walmart with all my water, candles and supplies, but whatever, i'm staying safe!!! take care!!! i love your blog!!!

  23. The water? Bought out totally at the grocery…

    The bungees? Home Depot was like a ghost town…

    At least we've got the flash light and some pitchers and bottles we can fill up! And rope (I think) for tying stuff down.


  24. hopefully it isn't so bad! Stay safe!

  25. We are hoping that it misses us here in SC. We will be keeping you guys in our prayers!

  26. We suffered her wrath a few days ago here in Puerto Rico. It was pretty crazy weather indeed. My last post is about her actually:/

  27. Kelsi

    I've been through many a hurricane, and a few earthquakes, too. Neither are fun. Stay safe! Praying for everyone out east. <3

  28. Kate

    Love the blog btw. I just moved to Eastern Market from Nebraska for the semester (We literally arrived Saturday!). It was my first plane ride, my first metro ride, first time in a big city and now my first earthquake and first hurricane. This is really an interesting experience. I keep looking out for your family and Kingsley, but no luck yet! Good luck with the storm!

  29. buhdoop

    Didn't y'all also get hail in August like a week or so ago?

  30. this made me laugh, you're too cute.

  31. Hey there :)

    I've been studying the hurricane in my meteorology college courses and if Irene follows its current path then the worst of it will be rain, but wind shouldn't be TOO bad.

    Good luck & be safe! <3

  32. Sending a little prayer your way..stay safe! :)

  33. We're battening down the hatches here on Long Island, NY in advance of Irene visiting late tomorrow… stay safe, and good luck weathering the storm!

  34. kristina

    so scary! keep that little precious girl safe!!! and of course all of you too!!!

  35. I hope everyone is safe. xx

  36. Eeny

    Hope you'll be save.

  37. Good luck and stay safe!

  38. I love that you bungee corded the trash cans to the fence! That made me laugh.

  39. I love that you bungee corded the trash cans to the fence! That made me laugh.

  40. A couple of days ago we got Irene in Puerto Rico, so stay safe and good luck.

  41. What, you just bungee corded the trash out! That is pretty smart and cool!haha Hope you guys stay safe :)

  42. Hannah

    the weather is terrifying at the moment! thoughts to everyone in areas affected



  43. Devin

    oh gosh, stay safe! keepin' fingers crossed that it passes quickly!

  44. i know pretty scary…be safe too!

  45. life is so calm over here on the West Coast. I vote you move here, ok?

  46. taylor

    stay safe!

  47. I hope you guys are staying safe and it isn't too scary there!!

  48. i know all about earthquakes being from christchurch, new zealand! glad everyone over that way was safe x