wily brunette comes to visit miss e in d.c.

our dear old friend miss meg came to visit us from nyc over the weekend
and you better believe little eleanor was simply smitten her entire stay.
more photos to come, because you know i took a gazillion.
thanks for coming, meg. we already miss you so.
  1. Every picture with Eleanor wearing sunglasses is so cute… well, basically every picture of her.

  2. Brissa

    she really is the most darling baby ever.

  3. That last photo is the best! Everyone looks so genuinely happy! Congrats on such fun times <3

  4. I love her blog so much! She + you + Eleanor are adorable. I'm jealous!

  5. how fun. i love meg. i hope i'll get to meet her one day.

  6. Mallory

    she looks so much like you in that last picture! She is adorable. Yay for friends coming to visit!

  7. so cute with the glasses! I love your little girl!

  8. "e" is a little model … just like her mama! xo

  9. LOVE that last pic of you 3!! You all look so incredibly happy!!!

  10. becky

    I found Meg's blog through yours and my, it is one of my favourite internet finds EVER. I check it daily for snippets of her amazing talent and down-to-earth honest wisdom. She is such an absolute gem and it is so nice to see two of my favourite bloggers (and one of my favourite blog babies!) all in one picture.

  11. Alex

    That last picture is so great! And Eleanor is rocking those Ray Bans!

  12. can eleanor be any happier? i think the answer is no.

    although i also think that if meg came to visit me, i'd have the same reaction.

  13. i love meg's blog – so this is so fun to see two of my fave bloggers hang out. sweet pics, too!

  14. Bridget

    there are a lot of beautiful smiles in this post. thats what im sayin.

  15. amy

    that last picture of eleanor is the absolute cutest picture in the entire world. she is such a beautiful baby!!

  16. Paula

    i love Meg :) so cool that y'all are real life friends!! :) :) Miss E is too adorable! <3

  17. i love seeing my blogging favorites united in reality!

    seriously. two most favoritest blogs ever.

  18. i want in on the joke in the second picture! xx

  19. pure joy in that last photo. LOVE it.

  20. nicole

    you two could be sisters!

  21. you are so beautiful, no wonder you baby is so as well :)

  22. two great ladies in one post!

    ya'll are beauties!

  23. Oh Eleanor. She's so photogenic, I love it!

  24. Rachel

    The three of you gals are true beauties!

  25. Helen

    Ahh Eleanor is so adorable with her big grins! You must smile all day long with such a lovely baby in your life :)

  26. Eleanor has the prettiest smile! Just like her mama!

  27. Erin

    I adore Meg's blog! Neat to find out that you all know each other. :)

  28. kelley

    it literally amazes me how cute your little lady is. she is so expressive!

  29. In the first picture, it looks like little E has a glowing mohawk! She always looks so happy when visitors come and see her. It's adorable, of course.

  30. You honestly have the cutest baby I've ever seen……..AND I'M NOT JUST SAYING THAT! She is soooooo delicious I just want to eat her little cheeks!!

  31. Awww, look at that last picture! I bet that Josh took it. And I conclude that this man knows how to entertain you ladies. Look how he makes you smile… :)

  32. Taylor

    Eleanor looks like such a happy baby! She is precious. All your pictures are lovely, you all look so happy :)

  33. Autumn

    They are so cute together!

  34. Briel79

    No wonder I didn't run into her on the streets of NY this past weekend when I was visiting! Hehe. I was also in DC last Wednesday and unfortunately didn't run into you either. I had fun in your cities though! :)

  35. Hannah

    Eleanor is just so precious and so happy!!! Her eyes really smile.

  36. E is at such a cute fun happy stage and you capture it so well in all of these pictures!
    ps. i think she has Reid Family eyes :)

  37. so cute! when i look at these pictures i can only feel happiness ;)

  38. Haha! Eleanor's smile! So contagious. What a doll.

  39. These pictures are too cute!

  40. Eleanor has such an adorable smile.