this week…

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this week i get to see my dear friend claire marry her best friend chris!
isn’t she the cutest? oh gosh, i’m so happy for her!
this week i also get to spend every single day with my family! woooo hooooo!
and i can’t tell you how much i’m looking forward to seeing all their faces.
this week (well, today) i’m also flying solo with a baby (and i’ve got the middle seat) so maybe cross your fingers for e and me and hope folks are friendly on the plane? ok, thanks.
see you in a few hours, utah.
  1. I'm taking my first solo flight with Gwynnie very soon! Hope it goes well. Safe travels and have a wonderful week!

    A Collection of Passions

  2. Maddy

    how fun! i hope you have a good time. maybe the flight will be less full than expected, or a good samaritan will give you their window or aisle seat? maybe :)

  3. Dianna

    good luck!

  4. Heeeeey I know Claire! We have sane last name!…. Well, maiden name. I'm missing her wedding cause we just moved way away:(

  5. lisa

    I've flown solo with my little guy a few times, and I have yet to meet any angry passengers. I think people generally are understanding when they see a mommy flying alone with a baby. Good luck!

  6. Autumn

    Good luck with your baby in tow! Weddings are the best thing to visit :)

  7. Good luck on the flight, and have a great time with your family!

  8. hope you have a blast ! & gd luck on the plane but I hope you won´t need it :)

  9. Have fun on the air plane!

  10. Welcome home! Utah is my home as well. Salt Lake City is just such a beautiful city.

    If you're ever feeling homesick you'll have to check my blog for lots of Utah photos. Have a great flight. Enjoy your stay.

  11. Bethany

    Yeah Utah! (:

  12. great photo – you two look so happy! good luck on the plane, and have an awesome time with your family!

  13. Ash

    yikes! middle seat- you are BRAVE sister….but I doubt you have much to worry about, with little e's face and those scrumptious cheeks, who could be upset flying with her??

  14. kwistin

    yay, utah! gosh, that's a fabulous photo.

    i met claire a few months ago because chris and i had a few classes together, and you're right; she's adorable! they're so great together.

    did you not LOVE their wedding invitations? cuz i did. :)

    good luck with baby on the plane!

  15. fingers crossed.

  16. Absolutely beautiful photo, you are both beyond stunning!
    Congrats to your friend!

  17. AJD ∞

    Um. Your friend's hair? AMAZING. Enjoy that middle seat. Who knows, maybe no one will be sitting by you!

  18. oh jeez, good luck! you can do it. and have so much fun with your family :)

  19. beautiful picture

  20. Keli

    Good luck! May I ask what color your lipstick in that photo is? It's amazing.

  21. I'm crossing my fingers for you and Eleanor is the cutest baby in the world I can't imagine anyone being mean to the two of you.

    Fashionable Collections

  22. paige

    such a great website! yall look like such a happy family! xox
    ps-has anyone ever told you that you resemble mandy moore!?

  23. Gaby

    good luck on the plane and i hope you have an awesome time! utah in the summer must be gorgeous!

  24. Safe travels! It doesn't sound like your husband is going with you; good luck to him surviving a week without his beautiful girls!

    ~ Angela

  25. yay for utah!

  26. good luck with E on the plane! Love the picture because I love friendship, laughter and cupcakes :)

  27. Chelsea

    flying with a baby is cake.

    Flying with a toddler is another story.

    I hope she just sleeps the entire time on your lap like Conrad did when he was 6 months old during his first plane ride!

    Your bangs are super cute in that pic btw!

  28. this sounds like such a fun little trip! i love, love, love nothing more than to see people get to marry their best friend. gives me goosebumps :)

  29. Utah sounds fun! Good luck with the flight, it's so nice that you get to treasure this moment with her! It's just another first of many things :)

  30. hi! i just found your blog today through smile and wave and i love it!! you are seriously SO adorable!!! thanks for sharing your life with us :)

  31. Flora

    Wow, good luck with that middle seat!

  32. I have a question. Which I have asked before on your blog and will no doubt post in vain again, as I know that you'll sweep it under the rug and never answer and delete immediately because you don't want to think about these things but I'll just give it a shot…

    I ask this because you're Mormon but seemingly kind and open-hearted and aren't totally anti-feminist.

    What if Eleanor turns out to be a lesbian? Will you still accept her? Or will you shun and reject her because she doesn't fall within your church perimeters of what one should be in this life?

  33. tRiSh

    Have fun! Enjoy! Celebrate! =)
    Don't cry too much ;)

  34. naomi:

    congratulations to claire! btw, I love you with bangs :)

  35. Oh my goodness I hope you have a good flight! Middle seat!? You are brave! Good luck!!!

  36. Baby's first plane ride! Good Luck!

  37. i'd spend it on the bathing suits or the 50's black beaded cocktail dress! LOVE!

  38. Ana MF

    Good luck on your trip! Love the picture! Girl friend + cupcakes = perfect combo!

    Ana @ My (Newly)Wed Life

  39. love utah just moved up to salt lake with my hubby for his new job…hope you have lots of fun with your family!

  40. Teri B.

    my girlfriend is getting ready to fly from Sydney, Australia to Seattle, Washington alone with her 17-month old! Best of luck to both of you.


  41. Gotta love her hair!

  42. you look so lovely in this photo! im dying to trade you for your hair ;)

  43. kristin

    I'm curious. How did you get a mobile-friendly version of your blog? I've tried to figure out how to make my blog (also blogger) mobile-friendly, but haven't had any luck. Mind sharing your secret?

  44. Aw! She IS cute! Witnessing two friends be married is just the best…it's powerful. And marrying your very best friend — as you know — is such a privilege and a blessing.

  45. Calli

    best friends turned lovers, that's so sweet. Best wishes to them :)

  46. Have a wonderful trip! I just wanted to say you have the most amazingly beautiful lovely blog EVER!

  47. @kelli, sorry! this picture was taken a few years ago. i have no clue the shade of lipstick i was wearing.

    @kristin, you can set up the mobile friendly version of your blog in your blogger settings through

    @ 002267b4-b1b5-11e0-a846-000bcdcb8a73, i will always love eleanor.

    thanks everyone!

  48. kristin

    Thanks for the tip, Naomi! And I just wanted to say that your blog is fabulous; I love reading about your precious little family.

  49. The '40s nylon dress and that adorable collar. LOVE Greedy Seagull!

  50. Your blog always makes me smile, it is one of my absoulte favourites! x

  51. I love your hair color!

  52. Aw Claire, and Chris. I love them! I actually would have gone to their wedding, but I'm in Maryland in between semesters, dealing with the heatwave. (You are so lucky) I hope their wedding was fabulous, and hope you and Eleanore had a blast.