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the other week when we drove to philly for the day, we stopped by terrain in pennsylvania on our way. oh how long i have dreamed of checking out that beautiful little garden spot and try out their cafe. the entire experience did not disappoint. such beautiful indoor and outdoor space, and absolutely delicious food. (we are still talking about that bread and lavender butter…and the gnocchi too, oh my!) we left dreaming about our future family garden, both flower and vegetable. someday, right? someday….
  1. It looks so amazing! What a neat place!

  2. How heavenly!! I, too, can't wait for a little garden someday! And to maybe figure out how to make that delish sounding lavender butter:)

  3. janel

    I love gnocchi! The lavender butter sounds good too! Love your pictures as always! I hope you guys has a lovely weekend!


  4. .rae.

    What a beautiful little spot. I love how your photos go perfectly with the whole rustic setting of the place.

    Little E is getting cuter by the minute by the way. :)

  5. Wow that place looks amazing! I love the hanging glasses of flowers!

  6. Laura

    the place really looks like it's worth visiting:) lovely x

  7. colleen

    gnocchi is the best. thank you for sharing this – it looks divine.

  8. Ms.S

    the place looks cozy.. :-)
    I love the hanging glass pot.


  9. looks like paradise! wonderful place

  10. becky

    It looks like the kind of place that is pretty common in England–conservatory cafes, but oh my, your food looks a million times better!

  11. bread, lavender butter and gnocchi. sold. hopping on a philly-bound plane riiight now.

  12. A friend told me about this place and I've been meaning to check it out! The photos look gorgeous

  13. this is so beautiful! and absolutely charming, it seems just so lovely! i'd love to check this place out on my way back to vermont in a month!

    and you should try growing cherry tomatos and peppers, easiest things ever & both can be kept in large pots =)

    autumn jordan

  14. naomi:

    it looks so beautiful! if i'm ever in philly, i'm definitely stopping there. thanks for sharing!

  15. WK

    Your little E has the most original onsies and I love you accessorize! Baby fashionista- love it!

  16. oh wow…you weren't kiddin'…this is gorgeous!

  17. heather

    a friend of mine who works for anthro corp. has visited terrain several times for work dinners and he still raves about the lavender butter! i must go!

  18. wow, that place looks incredible! little E's onesie might just me the cutest darn thing ever too :)

  19. E's outfit is too cute, she's always such a happy baby! I can't wait until I too have a garden someday.


  20. Oh my goodness, these photos are GORGEOUS! I dream about our future garden, too. :)

  21. How funny! I was there, visiting from Paris, on this day! I can just barely see my back in the café shot :) Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  22. Mallory

    Wow, I totally need to try this place out! Looks beautiful (and delicious)!

  23. Katie

    I just started reading your blog – your family is adorable and your photographs are beautiful. Terrain is so pretty! You're lucky you live so close! The food, decor, and flowers look lovely.

  24. E is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. I know you know that, but figured I would tell you anyway :)

  25. terrain! that looks like… the secret garden in restaurant form! how wonderful. and that onesie e is wearing is adorable. i really want one and i don't even have a baby.

  26. beautiful photos… as always!

  27. {B}

    You did NOT go to Terrain!!! I sooooo want to go…but Philly's a bit far from Phoenix!

  28. I LOVE terrain! What a great trip idea!

  29. Mrs. C

    Oh lavender is so in right now! Just learned to make a blueberry-lavender mojio! And gnocchi…..yum! Happy weekend!

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  30. Olivas

    Ohhh!!! The indoor and outdoor space is fantastic!!!!

  31. L

    Wow! That's quite the oasis! I need to put that on my to do list!

  32. Lori

    You have one of the most beautiful babies on the planet. She is a doll. I am glad to see a closer shot of that onesie. I was admiring it your last post. Your blog is delightful.

  33. this place looks amazing! we live in baltimore and may have to make a trek up there. thanks so much for sharing!

  34. i love the surroundings of that place. it looks so peaceful.

    oh and baby elenor is the sweetest girl i've ever seen!

  35. How is it that I live here and shop across the street all the time and have somehow missed this?? Will be making it a point to go there ASAP!

  36. One of my favorite shops! so many beautiful things for the home and garden!

  37. my goodness, that is one adorable onesie! love those hanging terrariums, plus lavender butter sounds aromatic and amazing! i'd love to try.

    Two and Twenty

  38. Arianna

    I actually live really close to Terrain! It's so pretty, and the food is delicious! So glad you enjoyed :)

  39. Wow! looks like such a lovely spot!

  40. i would love to visit this little space.. it looks amazing, so gorgeous and beautiful. and i love flowers! :) wow.

  41. sara

    You should start documenting more of your outfits! You have such a great style!

  42. Mie

    Really beautiful pictures!!
    To bad i have allergies :(

  43. This really made me want to make some comfort food. It's rainy here and I think I need to bake something with lots of cheese and butter!

    A Collection of Passions

  44. I love these travel posts you have been adding to your blog lately. They are very interesting. I hope you'll be posting about more of the places you get out and see in this world! :-)

  45. looks like you had an amazing time!

  46. I'm so glad that your life is filled with beauty and inspiration :)

  47. Beautiful pictures, and I want a t-shirt like your baby's…is that normal? I am 23 years old..

  48. Jess

    Aww, I also dream of a garden, every Spring comes and goes and I have an excuse every time…LOVELY pictures :)

  49. oh, so pretty! i love the jars hanging down, and of course, all of the beautiful flowers.

  50. Tucker

    someday for me too. oh, i can't wait. and i'd love to go to terrain too. i've been stalking their website for ages. thanks for sharing.

  51. What a dreamy place to eat at! :) I love it! I must try this out!

    <3 Kelly

  52. 010

    such a lovely day

  53. Yana

    I have been meaning to visit this little gem for sometime now, but haven't made the time, until yesterday! I saw your post and had a lightbulb moment- It was my birthday and my husband and I had the sunday Brunch….omg delicious. The bread and butter was amazing!!

    So inspiring and lovely. Thanks for the push to go!

    :) ps- little E is just too much sweetness.

  54. Charis

    What a beautiful looking place…

  55. Johanna

    I'm in love with their online store and I've been dreaming of a real life visit! The cafe sounds wonderful.

  56. Nikki

    Where do you buy Eleanor's clothing? Everything is always so cute and unique!!


  57. Caitlin

    I love terrain! we visit there anytime we are in town. I actually just blogged about it too a couple of weeks ago!

  58. Gerrain is pretty much the best place ever. Their mac and cheese…heavenly!!! And the mushroom tart… oh man I wish I could eat there every day!! It also makes me pine for a house…someday.

  59. oh my! gorgeous photos of terrain! i love their woollypockets!