play date with evie.

while in utah last week eleanor had a little play date at the kiddie pool with the adorable 8-month old evie. of course our luggage was still lost somewhere between phoenix and salt lake city when we got together, but evie let eleanor borrow one of her fashionable bathing suits so we could still splash around…
here are a couple of photos from their play date that make me laugh out loud every time i see them:

anyway, we had a lot of fun with evie (and of course her mama, nicole.) it’s fun to think about these girlies growing up together. maybe if we promise to work on that ear grabbing thing (what is up with that? what am i raising?), they’ll end up best friends? ;)

  1. these photos are adorable! i bet they'll end up best friends , they look so cute together! :) & oh my god her ear grabbing habit is so funny! looks like you had an amazing day! xo

  2. oh goodness. my husband and i could not stop laughing! so precious :)

  3. I love Eleanor's sparkly headband. Cute!

  4. Joy

    Buahaha! How stinkin' funny!?!? Oh, man…I need a baby of my own. lol

  5. Emily

    I love her personality! You can spot it from a mile away (that's my guess…). She makes some of the funniest faces.

  6. she is heartbreakingly cute. love little babes in their swimsuits!

  7. Karen

    Definitely had me laughing out loud as well!! Super cute :)

  8. MellyB

    You're raising a fighter. The good kind. She was just doing the ear grab because Evie totally just blocked her from the puffs. Super blocked. Check out that face.

    I love babies.

  9. Gaby

    Oh my, the ear grabbing is too funny! And those are some very fashionable swimsuits! They look better than I do at the pool :)

  10. so cute!! i love the little bathing suits and her headband xxo

  11. Kelsey

    e is so precious! she always has the biggest smile on her face!! plus she's so funny with that ear grabbing, i was laughing out loud!

  12. janel

    How cute are these two! I also laughed out loud. Thanks for making me smile:)

  13. Ashley

    Oooh my goodness they are darling! what little cuties, i love E's in the first picture she is precious!!

  14. Cass

    Soooooo adorable!

  15. E is adorable both girls actually ;) the little ear grabbing is cute ;)

  16. mali

    Yep, definitely made me laugh out loud! Mostly, besides Eleanor having so much spunk and personality, she is like the girl version of my son. I think they are only a couple weeks apart. So similar in the hamming it up department! He does the ear thing to everyone. With me though it's double funny because I'm deaf and he has ripped my hearing aid out three times and counting (I'm sure), ha! Funny babes.

  17. eleanor's facial expressions are unreal. they're making me laugh out loud as well (along with the grabbing thing…and evie's reaction to said grabbing thing…).

    i think the 2nd photo is my favorite. she looks so relaxed. either that, or she was falling over…same thing, right?

  18. Olivas

    Oooooh! They are adorables!!! And E. is very amusing!!!

  19. colleen

    hahaha too funny. the last picture of them is very cute.

  20. What a couple of cutie pies! :-)

  21. Sher

    omigoodness, e is the cutest little itty bitty thing:)


  22. Really cute and funny pics, so hilarious the way Eleanor is grabbing Evie by the ear! such mischief, they are both adorable!

  23. Taylor

    Precious, stylish babies! The last picture is just too cute for words!

  24. HDancee

    they are so lovely!

  25. Meg

    that last pictures is SO adorable! i could see one of them putting that up on a big screen during a maid of honor speech for the other :)
    and i'm sure the ear-pulling is just a sign of affection!

  26. Kristin

    HAHAHAHAHAH I was going to say the first picture was my favorite, but then I scrolled down and saw the pictures where they look like they are wrestling…

  27. hahah, what cute and funny little babies.

  28. Breezy

    Oh so cute!!!!

  29. How cute, the ear grabbing photo had me internally laughing out loud at work.

  30. Maike.

    omg i just love to watch photos of eleanor! She's the cutest thing i've ever seen. BTW. i wrote about your blog on my site some time ago…

  31. naomi:

    ohmygosh that is too funny ~ these two little ones are too cute :) I love evie's red swimsuit!

  32. eleanor, you are a brute! haha. i love how evie is like "i'm just going to pretend everything is fine". this is adorable.

  33. Cassie

    oh, what's this? an ear?

    so cute!

  34. Man you and your husband make cute babies. I lover her facial expressions…they are so funny!

  35. those pictures are so adorable!!! eleanor has the cutest facial expressions! :)

  36. Alex

    hahaha I love the look on E's face in the second picture!!

  37. fawn

    What sweet little dumplings!

  38. Katie

    Too too cute!!! And the little swimsuits are just adorable…

  39. So cute! Brightened my morning!

  40. Maren

    Hahahaha that last ear grabbing photo is GREAT I laughed for so long, they're adorable

  41. lol soooo cute! these photos made me laugh out loud too! i especially love the one where Eleanor is licking little Evie's arm…adorable!

  42. I think this is the cutest blog posting I've ever seen!

  43. misie

    oh my goodness – her face!!! i love it – so presh!

  44. Silly little babies! I took G to a play date and they were allll about ear grabbing. Maybe they should make ear/teething toys.

    A Collection of Passions

  45. Inessa

    they are both so darling

  46. So sweet! Elle went through a biting phase (and NOT a toothless biting phase.), thank the Lord that's passed!

  47. I'm dying over that last picture. So precious!

  48. Kristie

    This makes me want a baby so bad right now.

  49. Holly

    ok, being very frank here… you know you have the cutest baby on earth, right? cuz, WOW she is all sorts of adorable! makes me want one so bad!

  50. Oh my GOODNESS! Eleanor keeps getting cuter and cuter! I can't get over these pictures. Love!

  51. Haha they're too cute together! Look at them grabbing each other and licking each other's arms…:)

  52. Ainsley

    first of all, little ladies bathing suits make me die!!!! seriously the cutest little article of clothing that i've ever seen, love!

    secondly, these pictures are hilarious! i said to myself "girl fight!" hahaha.

    what a couple of heartbreakers…

  53. This made me laugh out loud, literally. I especially love the one with Eleanor grabbing Evie's ear and Evie has like look on her face like, "What the heck, man!"

  54. Ha! These photos are too cute!

  55. omgosh these pix are soooo cute! love her cute lil bow!

  56. Erin

    LOL This is sooo funny! The girls almost look like sisters. :)

  57. HILarious! Oh my gosh they are such cuties :)

  58. Shelley

    Where did she (and you as well) get those baby suits? So cute! I need a new one for my little girlie.

  59. niki

    now this is just too ironic.

    my name is nicole(go by niki) and my daughter's name is evelyn(we call her evie).


    such adorable girls.

    honestly, (besides my own daughter-you know how we mothers can be) eleanor is the cutest girl i have ever seen.

  60. My word! That is just too much adorable in one photo {the first one in particular}. I don't know how you handle it.

  61. Oh these made me laugh out loud too. Thank you for this little pick me up. My daughter was born a month after Eleanor and I always get excited to look at your pictures and see what else is coming and what fun I have to look forward to!

  62. Libby

    the red and the pink bathing suit are adorable!! I'd even wear them myself!

    Libby on the Label

  63. The ear pulling made me laugh! I have eight month old boy girl twins and my daughter loves pulling her brother's ears. She's fascinated by them!


  64. No way!? I have a daughter Evie (short for Evangeline) who is a 1 1/2– we're in Utah and I've NEVER heard that name. Crazy! Crazy-cool.