photos from utah.

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eleanor and i are back from utah.
we had such a great time with family and friends.
but i can’t believe how quickly that week flew by…
it’s always difficult leaving…
1- brother + eleanor. 2- my family. 3 +4- making homemade pasta with the family.
5– my mama’s garden. 6- my mama’s chickens. 7- my siblings and me 8- a shot of the valley
  1. Alex

    What a gorgeous place!! [and family]

  2. I've been to Utah once, and it really is so incredibly beautiful! I'm sure you had the best time.

  3. MellyB

    Looks like the perfect summer vacation, minus a husband. Really, isn't family the greatest thing ever?

    We're the same. I have three little sisters and a brother but he hangs out at the other end. Summer with them makes life better.

  4. which city is this? :-) so wonderful photos ♥

  5. Your sister's look so much like you! What a fun family you have.

  6. it's like you guys are quintuplets! you could tell you're related from a mile away! : ) yay for family vacays…

  7. your mom has chickens! how fantastic is that. glad to have you back. :)

  8. it makes me miss home! beautiful

  9. Utah is so lovely in the summer. I'm glad you had a great time…there's nothing like spending time with family!

  10. Dawn

    I LOVE LOVE the first pic of E. So cute!

  11. Quadruplets!!! Such a cute family, and baby Eleanor in white, adorable :)

  12. Sephira

    I adore the first picture and the last so much. Both so beautiful in each way!

    And how wonderful you had a good time!

    xx Seph

  13. You almost look like a set of quadruplets with your sisters! Or at least two sets of twins!

  14. your family is adorable! i love the one of isaac and eleanor. glad you had a great trip and made the wedding :)

  15. ohmygoodness you and your sisters are like replicas of each other!

    what a beautiful family

  16. Olga

    wow, you look so simmilar to each other:)

  17. LRC

    this is such a beautiful post in so many ways :)

  18. You all are adorable! I love seeing pictures of your little brother… he has that mischievous look about him ;) That's the best!

  19. I am in LOVE with your mama's garden! MAGICAL!

  20. Erin

    Utah is such a beautiful place. You mom's garden is awesome. And you and your siblings look so much alike. :)

  21. I know you hear this ALL the time but E is quite seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen. So adorable it hurts!

    Katie x

  22. adorable family! love the first pic :)

  23. Kim

    Your siblings and you look so alike, a real "we are family feel", so great. Eleanor is adorable in that hat!

  24. :) I can't wait till I can go back and visit Utah. I haven't been living away for long, but I miss it already! Cute pictures. You and all your sisters are bea-u-tiful!

  25. Aw, it looks like a very sweet trip. And Utah looks beautiful. I don't think that I've ever seen pictures of Utah (or at least known that what I was looking at was Utah). But, it's gorgeous.

  26. Flor

    Glad you had a blast- you were in utah and I didn't even know (I'm a Utahn, too). Anyways, you and your siblings look very, very alike!! Thanks for sharing.


  27. wow you and your siblings look so alike! My sister and I get that all the time! Looks like you had a great time. I loooove home-made pasta!

    -Morgan (Born of the Sea ) <—my little blog

  28. Your little brother is ADORABLE!

  29. Sarah

    wow i thought your sister that has dark brown hair was you… and then i saw you! so pretty. :)

  30. Your family is so amazing, you all look alike, you all have such a beautiful smile and eyes.

  31. My time in Utah always flies by as well….too fast! Looks like you had a blast! Eleanor looks adorable in that first photo and you and your siblings all have the same great smile!

  32. eleanor is such a little charmer. looks like a fun trip home!
    hopefully a homemade pasta night is in our future soon? :)

  33. Picture one is awesome. SO so cute!

  34. i always love your family posts. pretty, pretty sisters…eleanor already fits right in!

  35. Mrs. C

    Oh I love making homemade pasta!! Tastes sooooo good!!! And seems like you had such a wonderful time. Love Eleanor's little sun dress. Too cute!!!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  36. Taylor

    looks like you had a lot of fun! you & your siblings all look so much alike!!!

  37. Liz

    LOVE your mom's garden! Too cute!

  38. Ashley

    So glad that you had a lovely time visiting your family! :)

  39. jenny

    Is it not the very best thing in life to be with your family with your new baby?? The joy that a new babe brings to the whole family is just precious. There is such joy in everyone's face!

  40. Cassie

    What a beautiful family you have! Looks like you had a great time!

  41. What part of UT are you from??

  42. aww looks like so much fun! what a beautiful family!

  43. Great pictures! I dream of having a garden like that someday. I'm sure Josh and Kingsley are happy to have you and Eleanor home. :)

    ~ Angela

  44. The top photo of your brother and Eleanor is so great! She is so cute in it- it just melts the heart :)

  45. Cassie

    It was nice meeting you at Claire's wedding… sorry if I was a little star struck. :) You are delightful.

  46. Daphné

    What a great place and family! You guys are all so adorable (and look so much alike!)

  47. Everybody seems to have said this already, but you and your family look so alike! It's adorable!

  48. Bri

    E looks so adorable in that white dress and bonnet! so glad you enjoyed your trip. That's quite a lot to travel with a baby :)

  49. You all look so a like!
    beautiful photos!


  50. Joy

    Welcome back! Glad you had a great time! I'm sure hubby in puppy are happy you're home, too! It's so cute to see photos pf your family and how much you guys all look alike…it's crazy!! :)

  51. Ash

    LOVE that last photo. Gorgeous.

  52. family time always goes too fast. you look great, by the way :)

  53. i love utah in the summer :) and i also love reading your blog, you have a beautiful family!

  54. Melu103

    Hey taza!
    i am Melina .. i been following your blog for a long time. I read everything since day one.
    i recently started writing my own blog so i now have a blogger user to comment on yours.

    Hope we can keep in touch <3

  55. Janni

    You have such a beautiful family :)

  56. Tarana

    lovely pictures from Utah! That homemade pasta looks delicious!

  57. Benthe

    Looks like you had an amazing time, what a lovely photos!

  58. So gorgeous. I've never been to Utah. Now, I want to go! That last picture is stunning.

  59. Oh your daughter is so delightfully sweet. She's lovely. And she seems so entirely in love with her uncle. :) :) :)

  60. Lissa

    your family is so beautiful! you are so blessed!!!

  61. claire

    Wow, you and your sister look so alike! x

  62. Kiasa

    Naomi! I was needing a bit of a pick-me-up and travelled to your blog. Thank heavens for all the beauty you share. Your little Eleanor is so beautiful. And your photographs are amazing. Did you get a new camera? ;0)

  63. Kristen

    looks like you and E had a great trip, and i love the scenery pics!

    later days,

  64. Where are you in the shot of the valley?!

    Cuz that looks like my home town view!

  65. Elle

    Wow. Utah is a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.

  66. Meghan

    I love that first photo with your brother and baby E. Definitely frame-worthy.

  67. Ellen

    sounds like a great trip! Glad that you are having a great summer as well! :)

  68. Stunning pictures!! I especially like the second one ;p x

  69. nadia

    Oh my goodness, that first photo is beyond darling. Happy you had such a wonderful trip! Family is always good for the soul :)

    xo Nadia

  70. How adorable is your baby!What a beautiful family as well

  71. janis

    i know you hear it all the time – but eleanor is just the most adorable baby. that first photo just slays me!

  72. Great photos! You all look so happy. x

  73. Oh, my! All the members in your family have the same cute eyes!

    Have a colorful day!


  74. Luciole

    Han !
    Vous vous ressemblez tous tellement !

    Ce sont de superbes photos de famille !!!

  75. aww your family is so adorable! you guys all look alike (:

  76. omygoodness, you and your siblings all look alike. adorable!

  77. I can't get over how much you and your sisters look alike! You have a very cute family. :)

  78. the girl on the left side looks like mandy moore :-P

  79. Ana

    These pictures are beautiful! They have a very "home-y" feel and it looks like a great place to grow up in…the chickens and the vegetable garden bring back lots of memories from my grandparents' house.

  80. This view looks exactly and I mean EXACTLY like the one from my house in the south of France…strange

  81. Lindsey

    you all look so alike! what a gorgeous little family!

  82. {B}

    Your mom's garden is gorgeous! I want one! Love the picture of the Valley…makes me miss SLC!

  83. your sisters look so much like you, how funny and cute this is.

  84. Louisa

    Just moved to Salt Lake City from DC. So nice to see the gorgeous pictures on your blog of my very missed city!