last week.

we hope you had a happy weekend! here are just a couple of moments documented around our house this past week…

i really love this little family of mine.
this man who is my best friend, this baby girl attached to my hip with just the right amount of chubby cheek to kiss kiss kiss all day long, and that bully of ours who keeps us laughing and entertained…

of course there are difficult moments during every day. of course. but this little family of mine, i just can’t describe how they make me feel. life is good when i’m with them. really really good. you know what i’m saying?
  1. You are so sweet!
    You have a beautiful family :)


  2. Chelsea

    agreed about the right amount of chubby cheek! you have a really adorable family. the first picture is so funny, it's tough being a baby! xo

  3. One can see that in every single pic; the love you have for them and how much they love you!

  4. amber

    your little family is precious!! e has the most adorable baby rolls :)

  5. Awww, what's wrong with Kingsley? Was he grounded or just bored?

    You do have a beautiful family. I swear miss E. must be the cutest baby ever.

  6. Sher

    i can totally understand! you have the cutest family, seriously:)


  7. Jackie

    what a beautiful family! :)
    p.s.. those teal sweatpants in the last pic.. where are they from? i must have them! haha

    [email protected]

  8. those pillows are adorable!

    and i still don't even know how it's possible for one little child to be THAT cute….

  9. colleen

    love those cheeks! and mister kingsley, of course.

  10. i know exactly what you're saying. baby girl is the cutest one i've seen in a long time, and that's saying something, working in a nursery at my church. and lucky you, married to your best friend :)

  11. Tina

    I know what you are saying. Family is everything, and even though there are difficult days there's nothing like knowing they are there with you…..and you really have a very beautiful family :)

  12. I feel ya! And the salad and smoothie look like perfect summer meals.

  13. tRiSh

    This is really important to remember the good things like you do with those beautiful pictures. Of course there are difficult moments, who doesn't have any? But when the good ones make up for the less good ones, then it's ok.
    I really enjoy watching your little family so I wanted to thank you for sharing your precious moment with us, strangers.
    Always, <3
    tRiSh (pellamac)

  14. naomi:

    yay :) love the last photo!

  15. Alivia

    Know what you mean exactly. I feel a similar way around my friend family; can't wait to have a little one like yours one day :)

  16. i dream of having such a life like this. so so lovely, thank you for this. i always get a little jolt of happy when i see you have a new post, naomi. :)

  17. I love reading about your little family – thank you for sharing! Out of curiosity…where did you find your dining table? I'm trying to find something that's equally unique looking, but I'm just not having any luck.

  18. Olivas

    Ooooh! Your family is adorable. You are very fortunate!!!! I hope to have the same luck!!!
    Sorry for my English!!!

  19. Emma

    I'm a newish reader and I just wanted to comment and say that you and your family are incredibly beautiful. Your daughter is honestly one of the most adorable babies I've ever seen <3

  20. I absolutely love your family, you guys are so adorable and everytime I see a picture of Eleanor it makes me squeal because she's just so cute!

  21. Charis

    Eleanor is so gorgeous! x

  22. Rhianne


  23. You have simply the cutest little family! That salad looks yummy and cute baby Eleanor is just so adorable in each shot! Family is one of the most important things in life! Looks like you had an amazing weekend! <3

  24. MellyB

    Life is so good, isn't it? And look how big that girlie is! Sitting in her highchair almost at a half birthday. Time just never slows down. Stop it time! Let us enjoy these awesome moments.

    Time never listens.

  25. My little family (hubs, cat, me) make me o so happy too! E is lucky to have such a loving mom!

  26. in the last photo it's like she's having the realization "everyone's right, i am adorable!" xx

  27. Ana*

    she's a cutie.

  28. seriously is she ever not happy??? she is the sweetest thing ever!!

  29. Miranda

    SOOOOO cute! Those pictures of E put some sunshine in my Monday. I especially love the one of her with the block–what a doll!

  30. by r.

    oh that baby has the cutest cheeks and most beautiful smile. and that bully is beyond adorable with his little frowny face! :)

  31. carissa

    i love that photo of josh holding eleanor… her face is so amazing.

  32. She is the happiest baby ever! So precious!

  33. Mrs. C

    Ok the cutesy photos! Kingsley melts my heart! Ok so what's your fav thing you can't live without in the kitchen? See mine!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  34. Mary

    I know exactly what you're saying. I don't know what I thought growing up, about what having my own family would be like, but I didn't think it would be this wonderful or this perfect. I didn't realize I would love them so much or that they would make me so happy. It's crazy, this little family of mine, but it's just so good I almost can't stand it. Thanks for reminding me of that today.

  35. Morgan

    little E has the cutest smile ever!

  36. Caty

    Love the photos! She really does have the most precious little smile!

  37. Natasha

    I love seeing your photos because you guys all seem so happy, especially that precious little angel. Hope you have a good Monday.

  38. jade

    been looking everywhere for a green bedspread…please please tell me where you got that gem :)

  39. Laurie

    I totally know what you're saying! I love that you post happy things, it makes me happy!

    Your baby girl is gorgeous

  40. You are one lucky girl!!!!
    i envy you… :)
    BE HAPPY! All the best!

  41. Pilar

    I love all of these photos. You are so blessed!

  42. Laura

    oh the baby is so CUTE! :)

  43. oh me oh my…what a cute little girl.

  44. Oh my, your baby girl is darling :)

    Cute blog! Cute, cute cute :) Keep it up!

  45. darling girl! Your house seems so beautiful too! I hope you do a home tour, at least of a room here and there. I'd love to see your style in action.

  46. jamie

    no wonder you have such a sweet, charmed life – you keep things in perspective, cherish your loved ones, and are always grateful for your blessings! what an inspiration.

  47. Tatiana

    whose colorful bed is that? is it Eleanor's? it is so pretty and i love the color contrasting!

  48. Megan

    You have such a beautiful family!

  49. Keli

    too stinking cute.

  50. So adorable!!!

    You know, I love the photos you post on your blog, but I think the main reason I love reading even though I've never met you is your attitude about life. It took me a long time to realize that all I needed to be happy was to really look around me and be grateful for everything I have. And now every time I come here, even if I'm having a bad day, I know I'll get a little reminder of that. :)

  51. Chelsey

    Your baby is adorable!

  52. your man and the baby have same hairstyle ;)

  53. Love this post! It's the simple things in life, huh?
    P.S. Can't get over that picture of Eleanor in front of the mirror! Love!

    ~ Angela

  54. Hope

    Aww, you have the cutest little family, and Eleanor is just too darling for words!

  55. Taylor

    Cutest family of all time!

  56. Marie

    You all look happy. THAT is what really matters.

  57. Girl, that is where you are meant to be!

  58. I feel exactly the same way – about my family, of course. However, reading about your family makes me happy too. :)

  59. Dianna

    she's tooo cute for words

  60. all these cute baby faces (meaning both Eleanor & Kingsley!)

    Great photos, great post!

  61. Ainsley

    great photos! such a happy little lovely lady!

  62. Karissa

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  63. Alex

    Lucky lucky lady!

  64. Pia

    I wish we could be friends.

    And your family really is adorable.

  65. Linley

    what adorable pics of your baby girl and pup!

  66. Amy

    you have the CUTEST family! :)

  67. I can't imagine how you could not be in love with that little family of yours :o)

  68. Where did you get that bedspread?

  69. So cute!!! You need to enter her into a baby contest. Haha! So cute!!

  70. Heidi

    Yes, I know what you're saying. Those are some good peeps/puppy you have in your midst. Can't get enough of those baby photos. Is that an old photo or did you cut bangs again? xoxo

  71. .rae.

    Just want to pinch her cheeks through the screen! Adorable.

    Family time = the best time ever.

    p.s. i love the colour edits of your photos.

  72. Eleanor just gets cuter and cuter!! She has such a lil personality with her lil smile! Love the pics! Good for you having such an adorable lil family!

    Melanie's Randomness

  73. Eleanor just gets cuter and cuter!! She has such a lil personality with her lil smile! Love the pics! Good for you having such an adorable lil family!

    Melanie's Randomness

  74. jeands

    your baby is so adorable. :)

  75. Meghan

    I do know what you're saying. I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with love for my little family.

    Could you please do a little home tour of your new place? I love the little glimpses I get of it in the background of pictures, but I want to see more.

  76. lovely pics!!!

  77. Anna

    I'm not kidding, little Eleanor seriously looks like the HAPPIEST baby ever. Such an adorable little family you have. xoxo

  78. Darling, you might have the most beautiful child I've ever seen. EV.ER. Cheers to your lovely family!