in utah.

eleanor and i have been loving our time in utah so far this past week. time with the family, all those sparkly stars in the sky, and breezy weather that’s simply perfect. but you know, every day here has proven to be a new adventure. we barely made it to utah monday night thanks to a delayed flight which gave us 2 minutes to catch our connecting flight in pheonix. 2 minutes! i do not kid! it was like a scene from a movie– crazy lady running down the halls of the airport holding a baby and a big bag, and just getting to the plane door as they’re closing it completely out of breath. “waaaaaaaaaiiiiittt!” oh you should have seen me. i felt really cool.

and then of course, our luggage did not arrive until the following evening. and oh yes, us airways sure gave us the run around all day tuesday. “it’s 10:30 in the morning and your bag is on it’s way… should be there within 2-4 hours.” 6 hours later, “your bag is still here. will get it to you by six.” sometime after 7, “your bag is on it’s way, will arrive around 9.” let me tell you, that’s a really fun game to play when you’re traveling with an infant and sort of need the straight up truth as to when the bag is really arriving so you know to go buy more diapers already.

but the best (worst?) part so far is the part where my mom’s car broke down on the way to my friend’s wedding this afternoon. we were still forty five minutes away and by the time our cab arrived, i was supposed to be there 5 minutes ago. i ended up texting the bride saying i didn’t think i’d make it. talk about worst bridesmaid ever. but somehow, and seriously, i have no idea how, i made it in time. all thanks to a really speedy cabbie (and i thought those were only in nyc), a temple sealing that somehow got delayed by 15 minutes and some pretty great running in heels on my part. classic. but i made it! and it was beautiful! and i’m really thankful it all worked out.

it’s only thursday. hopefully the weekend will be more predictable and all the surprises are over with. i’m just saying…

happy thursday!

  1. fast taxis? in utah? i'm never found one. but i'm SO glad you made it. i almost missed my best friend's sealing – though in a less dramatic way.

    here's to an uneventful weekend!

  2. Kym

    Oh my goodness. As if flying solo with a baby wasn't nerve wrecking enough (just did that for the first time last week…ugh) 2 minutes?! I would have died. And the whole luggage fiasco would def make for one cranky mama :( That's crazy that your trip has been so nuts, hope the rest goes much smoother. They say bad things happen in 3's so you should be set now, right?

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  4. Flora

    US Airways is terrible! Glad you made it safely though.

  5. Mandy

    That has got to be the craziest trip ever! I'm so glad it all ended up alright. I also love that you're in Utah – I live in Salt Lake City! What part of Utah is your family from?

  6. Glad everything worked out okay. Airlines can be such a pain and I'm sure your friend was happy you made it. Love all your iphone photos and I read your blog all the time! Eleanor is just adorable! Enjoy the trip


  7. in.tin.

    Oh,my God.
    E. had a cuttest pants I have ever seen.

  8. Rachel

    Despite all the craziness, I bet it's going to be tough going home. I'm thankful I live near my family; I don't think I'd be able to leave them! Hopefully your return trip goes much smoother!


  9. Ash

    That's insane! I'm glad you made your flight and things have still worked out for you. So crazy. Hope the rest of your Utah trip is better!

  10. o.o That sounds super hectic, I have no idea how you managed to keep it all together and sound so optimistic now!

  11. holy gazoly. crazy time already! but i'm glad everything has worked out. enjoy the rest of your time there :)

  12. Wow an "adventure" indeed. Delayed luggage is the worst, and the run around? blah! Glad it all worked out…eventually!

  13. Kim

    Wow, I'm tired just reading all that, I hope you have some time to decompress out there in Utah! Best of luck for the trip back!

  14. HAHAHA Those are the BEST memories!! The crazy chaotic oh-no-whats-next moments!!!

  15. Hope you had a lovely time at the wedding! Eleanor gets more adorable everyday x

  16. Lyndall

    Whew! Goodness! I'm so glad it all worked out, and I hope the rest of your visit is a little less full of 'surprises' of those kinds ♥

  17. Lillie

    That sounds very Four Weddings and a Funeral…poor thing :)

  18. colleen

    you were just running everywhere! hope the next few days are a bit more relaxing.

  19. Milly.

    Wow! It really does sound like you're living in a movie, aha. One of those ones where the heroine has to overcome a hundred obstacles to get what/where she wants. Glad it's all worked out so far though :) These photos are so so gorgeous, she looks very happy up there! Hope Utah is lots of fun x

  20. Eleni

    Ha ha, I'm usually that crazy lady running late with hundreds of bags – no baby though, you are much braver than I!

    Glad you're enjoying your family time :)

  21. Emily

    I would totally say that you were a great bridesmaid. You rushed and got there whatever it took. What a crazy experience with the plane and luggage.

  22. what a cutie little elenor is…
    glad your both having a lovely time in Utah


    pebbz blog

  23. Alivia

    Had a dream let night that I was visiting a friend in Utah and I just realized it's probably because of reading your blog! :) hope your week's adventures stay as lucky as your wedding event, but less stressful :)

  24. Kudos to you for handling all those frustrating situations with a good attitude and a bit of grace. I was relieved to read in both situations that everything worked out for you (even if it was by the skin of your teeth!)

  25. Taylor

    glad you made it!

  26. Those photos are adorable, love the story about the airport sounds straight out of a movie. I HATE losing my luggage they're the worst at getting it back to you (any airline that is)

    Fashionable Collections

  27. just found your blog! that is a crazy story…glad it all worked out :)

  28. Alicia

    Oh, wow! What a week!

  29. wow that sounds incredibly hectic! Hope you are relaxing well now!

    That seems to be a habit with US airways! I just got back from Charleston a couple days ago and of course our plane was late in Charleston so when we got to Charlotte we had to power walk (not quite run) to our next flight where the people were waiting for us on the plane. Luckily we got our luggage.

    Hope you have a great time with Eleanor!

    -Morgan (Born of the Sea)
    Born of the Sea <–my blog

  30. LRC

    sitcom material! :)

  31. Dianna

    cant wait to see pictures :)

  32. oh gosh. I've had airlines play that luggage game with me before. Not fun! Especially because I had to catch a flight to Europe the next day…so I would like to know if my stuff is actually arriving please? Ugh!

    but you and Eleanor look beyond adorable in those pictures! I'm glad you made it to the wedding!

  33. Oh my. I'm sorry! I hate things like that! Way to have a good attitude!

  34. Ana*

    sweet baby Jesus! I am speechless.

  35. That's all hilarious. Glad you made it through. Missing a wedding would be such a shame.

  36. oh my god , i just LOVE these photos! they look so professional , but yet spontaneous! :) & hahah my luggage has never been *that* delayed but somehow i'm always the last person that gets their suitcase! oh well , so glad you made it to the wedding & can't wait to see some photos! have a wonderful day ! xo

  37. What a trip! you and car's do not seem to get a long. At least you made the wedding, it made it all worth it I'm sure!

  38. sounds like a crazy trip! enjoy it here in utah!

  39. Just discovered your blog, and am hooked. Pop by some time and enjoy Utah! Henry xx

  40. o man. what a trooper.

  41. Rachel

    I had anxiety just reading this post, especially about the airport sprint! I hope that the wedding was amazing – what did your bridesmaid's dress look like?

    Beach Read

  42. 2busy

    Whew! How exhausting! Relax for the rest of your visit…

  43. Erin

    ummm yeah… i think you could totally make a movie out of this trip. lol

  44. she is very cute!

  45. Teri B.

    Quite the adventure and I'm so glad you made it. I'd be devestated to miss a girlfriend's wedding… especially as a bridesmaid! Yikes.


  46. Yikes! Pretty much everything that could've gone wrong did! Very glad it worked out in the end :) I would've hated to miss my good friend's wedding!!

  47. AJD ∞

    your instagram photos make me want an iphone! haha… that's probably what instagram was going for when they invented themselves.

    any ways. utah looks LOVELY. i am smitten.

  48. The best part is you probably looked flawless doing all of this! Life sure is funny some times! I bet your friend was so glad you were able to make it to the wedding after all of that!

  49. that sounds exhausting. Hope the rest of the trip is a little less eventful.

  50. These photos with little miss on your shoulders are a boat load of cuteness!

  51. Sounds very stressful!

    You two look so adorable together.


  52. all i can really say is: …WOW. what an adventure!

    oh and maybe that you and your babe look too cute in those photos above!

    (where you able to ever make it to the rest of the wedding ceremony or the reception?)

    great post!

  53. Wow! Those are some experiences that make for great story-telling but I'm sure were totally stressful for you! Glad everything worked out. Enjoy the rest of your time in UT! :)

    ~ Angela

  54. Whoa – that sounds crazy! Running with a baby through the airport and then running to a wedding to get there just in time? Your life is like a movie or something.

  55. Us airways is the WORST. Every time I fly with them something happens. Seriously. Horrible.

  56. Heather

    You should get a damn medal for making it to that wedding. I would have thrown in the proverbial towel right after the car broke down. Have fun in Utah! xo

  57. Ainsley

    oh wow, talk about the runaround! I'm not going to lie… this post makes me miss living in salt lake! i hope you're having a better time now that you've got your luggage and made it to your friends wedding! better luck on the flight home!

  58. the fourth photo is priceless! :)

  59. those are the sweetest photos ever. ever ever.

  60. Awww! You lucky lady. This pictures are wonderful. The little one is so beautiful.

  61. Talk about an adventure trip getting there!! Lol. Glad you and Eleanor made it in one piece. ;)

    Also, your photos here are so cute! Great idea to do the set of four like this.

  62. Zizi

    just stumbled upon your blog…your baby is soo adorable :)

  63. I'm sure you've gotten this one before, but…who makes your glasses?