have a great weekend! (+ our giveaway winner announced!)

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it’s beautiful here in utah today.
makes eleanor and me thankful we are dodging
those heat indexes above 120 in d.c. today.
we’re sad josh and kingsley are having to experience it.
hope all of you back east are surviving!
and we can’t move into the weekend
without announcing our giveaway winner!
congrats to amelianne mary!
please email me to claim your shop credit!

have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Have fun in Utah! We would happily welcome you to Madeleine L'Amour and outfit sweet Eleanor in a twirly skirt.

  2. Okay, I know this is a long shot– but since I live in the SLC, I'm totally going to look for you tonight as I'm out and about. And If I should see you, I'll formally make our acquaintance. My daughter's your daughter's age. I bet they'd be buddies.

  3. dang. utah is beautiful. i've never been but i think i need to go someday.

  4. I just wanted to stop by and say this is my first time on your blog and i absolutely have fallen in love with you and your family! i wish you and your family nothing but love and happiness and best wishes :)

    i'll will be stopping by more often!!



  5. barely surviving over here! The heat is terrible. You two are lucky!

  6. steph

    if you happen to be in the alpine area, there's a snow cone shack called "snoasis" that is my absolute favorite. seriously! the best snow cones i've ever had. hae fun!

  7. .

    Yay! Utah my home sweat home! Im working in south carolina right now, and the heat is a killer!

  8. Andrea

    I love that I know exactly where this photo was taken. Ah, home. :)

  9. Lolo

    Lovely photo!
    I wish I was there right now rather than in the office working!

  10. Can't believe you are in Utah! I wish I could meet you so bad! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  11. Heather

    Just moved to DC from Utah and missing the dry air and cool breezes right about now. This humidity is no bueno.

  12. The heat is ridiculous on the east coast – over 107 here in NC! Glad you're able to escape for a couple days :)

  13. Utah is a seriously beautiful state. I loved traveling through there on my way to LA!

  14. That picture is so beautiful!

  15. That picture is so beautiful!

  16. That picture is so beautiful!

  17. Hey!
    I know exactly where that is too because I drive down that hill almost daily!
    What fun!

  18. I love Utah! :) My mom's family is there and I really miss visiting since we moved away!

  19. I could very well be wrong, but that looks so much like my drive from Spanish Fork/Mapleton area on the old highway up to Springville…its been a few years since I made that jaunt however. wherever it may be, it is beautiful! Almost as much as you and your sweet baby girl!

  20. utah looks so incredibly beautiful!

  21. I love the land of Utah!

  22. ohh i'm so jealous of you! i'm dying of the heat here.. i really wish for a cool breze to pass by!
    have a wonderful & amazing time there! xo
    & congratulations to the winner (:

  23. You are seriously one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. But one day I think you're going to look back at all your photos and regret the bun on top of the head and the uber hipster glasses. I know you *are* very hip, you're not posing. But more subtle glasses. . .and I know how it is to be a young mom with a young baby in really hot weather (my first was born in Las Vegas), when it would be complete silliness to blow dry your hair every day. So definitely continue the pull-hair-up-right-after-the-shower thing. But even just parted on the side and pulled into a low bun. . .it would just be so much more flattering on you. Maybe you're mature enough to not care about looking "hot" on a daily basis. I totally respect that, in fact, I applaud it. But looking just plain goofy isn't really cool either.