happy 4th of july weekend!

we hope you have a happy 4th of july!
we’ll be celebrating here in d.c. with plans of a BBQ,
red white + blue dessert party, parade,
church, some organizing around the house and
perhaps a sparkler or two —
or at least some san pellegrino sparkling water
if we don’t get our hands on some sparklers ;)
*polaroids from a day at the pool earlier this week.
eleanor is really beginning to love that water!*
  1. Hailey

    you have the cutest baby ever. seriously.

  2. Oh Eleanor is so sweet in her little sunnies!!

    Have a Happy Fourth of July weekend! :-)

  3. happy 4th of july! eleanor is a little love bug in that bathing suit.

  4. oh my. how i love those chubs.

  5. Such a darling hat and sunglasses on Eleanor! Too cute. Happy 4th!

  6. Lyndall

    I think your 4th of July plans sound perfect!

    (Isn't San Pelligrino water the best?)

  7. Ayan

    you guys are so adorable! have a happy 4th!!! eleanor is so big now! they're not kidding when they say they grow fast huh.
    xoxo, ayan

  8. Tae

    where are those adorable baby sunglasses from? and your swimsuit?? love them both!

  9. Gaby

    You both have the cutest swimsuits/sunnies ever! Hope you have a great 4th of july! x

  10. nina

    adorable photos! adorable family! adorable plans for 4th of july!

  11. Jen

    E is such a cutie. Jake hates his sunnies, I would really like to have a picture of him, wearing them, but no way =/

  12. e is just the cutest! she's got great style :)

  13. Kym

    oh my goodness, her little sunglasses! presh. and i am so smitten for babies in love with water… my son is a 6 month old fish! It's so adorable when they start to splash and giggle! she looks like she's on her way to that stage…

  14. Cute! Love her swimsuit! Happy 4th!

  15. Ashley

    and the cutest family award goes to…(drum roll please) youuuu!!! so adorable <3

  16. i don't know what i'm more impressed by – eleanor's sunglasses or your toned arms!

  17. Laura

    the polaroids are too cute, you're such an adorable little family! :) x

  18. ATTrio

    You guys are truly adorable! Little Eleanor is just too cute!

    Happy 4th!!

  19. Oh my goodness these pictures are so adorable!!

  20. hanner

    her glasses. they slay me.

  21. Em

    I can never get over how beautiful your family is! How blessed are you! Have a fun and safe holiday!

  22. LOVE your swimsuit!? where is it from??

  23. So cute, it actually hurts. She looks so happy!

  24. My goodness, how sweet her sunglasses are! :)
    Wishing a happy 4th to you and and your family! Have fun!

  25. Her sunglasses and little red bow on her swimsuit is just so darling! She looks super happy! What is it about babies and their love of water? My brother's two and he can't get enough of the pool! Happy 4th weekend! Hope you have a lovely time! <3

  26. Tink

    very sweet with the glasses :)

  27. Both of your bathing suits are fantastic!

  28. 2busy

    I'm lovin' her glasses. She leaves them on? Enjoy your holiday!

  29. She is going to be an adventurous little thing when she's older!

  30. Kaylan

    cutest pictures.. ever. have a blessed weekend!

  31. She is soo stinkin cute! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead :)


  32. janis

    ooh you got some pola film? exciting! e is such a darling + is going to be a mad fashionista just like her mama! :)

  33. would you mind advising what pool this is in DC? looking for one ourselves!

  34. Zoë

    that little eleanor is going to grow up, look at old photos, and see that she was the cutest baby, ever.
    superb documentation!

  35. baby e is adorable!! I absolutely love these pictures of her!! so cute!

  36. Chelsey

    I was at the mall in Orem yesterday and saw 2 girls who looked familiar… I asked myself "Where do I know them from"? Then I realized they were your sisters!! Ha ha… I don't even know you, or your sisters but recognized them from reading your blog. Your baby is so darling by the way.

  37. she is so precious, especially in those glasses!

    happy 4th :)


  38. her bathing suit is too adorable!

  39. Taylor

    y'all are the cuteeeest family ever.

  40. have an awesome time! i love the polaroids, but I am wondering, where do you buy the film? It seems so expensive since they stopped making it.


  41. YESSSSSSSS cool shades, Eleanor :)

  42. Looking great, Eleanor! Your shades are fab, and your swimsuit is so stylish–you're a true bathing beauty!

  43. colleen

    oh i love this! i'm headed to the pool today too – hope i look as good as you two ladies!

  44. ugh. that first photo did me in!
    happy 4th of july to your cutest little family!


  45. Wahy

    eleanor look so cute. x

  46. Anny

    LOVE LOVE the baby's sunglasses!

  47. Oh my gosh! She is getting so big and she is so cute!!! have a Happy 4th! We'll be celebrating with the great citizens of Provo!

  48. Those are adorable photos!! :) I love your blog! :)

  49. Heidi

    Tell hubby he's looking good in his shades too! What a cute little chubberina you have!

  50. What a little doll face!


  51. Rhianne

    she looks so happy in the water, I love it :) wonderful photos Naomi, I was wondering when you would get the polaroid out…

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend

  52. Dianna

    Eleanor & Nyah should be Best Friends :)

  53. just lovely! How do you do the polaroids?

  54. Charis

    Eleanor is sooooo gorgeous! x

  55. Anne

    AAAAaaa. Eleanor <3

  56. Eleanor is a rockstar! :-)

  57. ashley

    She is absolutely adorable! I love it!

  58. I constantly comment the same thing but it's so true, eleanor is the most adorable child ever. Seriously she is too cute.

    Fashionable Collections

  59. cutest baby ever <3

  60. That is the cutest baby swimsuit ever!! I love the little bow! :)