day trip to philly.

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last week we were in the mood for a little adventure…
so josh took the day off work on friday,
we packed up eleanor and kingsley into our car,
drove 3 hours and spent the day in philadelphia.
we toured and walked around
and admired all the flags, locals and history philly has to offer.
we also tried both pat’s and geno’s for our philly cheesesteak fix
and decided together that pat’s gets our vote.
(not enough cheese at geno’s!)
we love philadelphia.
looking forward to going back someday!
(and a huge thanks to all the philly friends that gave us
such great philly recommendations on twitter last week!)
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  1. janis

    What a fun spontaneous trip! Looks like a fun time. I wish such exciting cities were just three hours away from me :)

  2. I love how your baby girl is helping you unwrap your cheesesteak. Four hands are faster than one! Even if two are way tinier! Did you like Capogiro's? It was my faaaaavorite gelato place before I tried Pitango. Pitango quickly ousted Capogiro at first scoop of tiny plastic spoon!

  3. Ha! We went the day after! And tried both Pats and Geno's cheesesteaks. My family voted for Pat's too!

  4. Lauren

    I love your top in the last photo! So cute!

  5. Such a beautiful family.

  6. I love random roadtrip adventures! The food looks divine… my stomach started rumbling as I was going through the pictures!

  7. I love little city trips. I visited with my family a few years ago and we loved how Philly feels like a big city and a small town all at once–your photos make me want to visit again! Love seeing your cute family's adventures.

  8. Ugh that is one reason I love, love, love the east coast! There is always something to do. I can't wait to move to the east coast at some point in my life. :)

    Oh Jazmyn

  9. Lyndall

    That last photo of you and Eleanor is so beautiful!

    It looks like you had a nice time. I love how your outings are all about eating delicious foods!

  10. Taylor

    How fun to be able to go somewhere spontaneously! Obsessed with how adorable your fam is :) looks like yall had tons of fun! Have a nice weekend :)

  11. Looks like such a fun trip. A lovely and patriotic place to spend the 4th. I love exploring a new city:)

  12. The place looks so historic and cultured! I'd never thought about visiting there before, but now I just might!

  13. jamie

    your blog is giving me baby fever!

  14. Ashley

    Next time try Jim's cheesesteaks on South St. in philly….it's better then both of them. You won't be disappointed!!

  15. Looks like Kingsley is saying "come on Dad, buy us a cone!". :D Your family is SO cute! x

  16. Juliet

    I love seeing that you guys take Kingsley so many places. It is so hard to do here in Memphis! I tried to take him to the farmer's market today (which is held in a barn!) and he was not allowed in. How do you take him so many places? Does one of you always wait outside of places while the other goes in? I REALLY wish I lived in a dog friendly city! Any tips for taking him more places?

  17. I wish you and Josh would bottle your metabolisms and sell it for profit. I would be your first customer. :-)

  18. i love your blog! the cutest family ever ;)

  19. why she is never wearing shoes or socks? :-P

  20. but cute pictures ♥ love your blog

  21. @origamidumpling, our thoughts exactly! huge pitango fans.

    @juliet, we try to take him with us everywhere but like you've experienced, a lot of places won't allow dogs inside. so yes, we'll just take turns with him out front. we don't mind it at all because we love when he is with us.

    @christinaxyou, well, for starters, because she's 5 months old and doesn't crawl or walk yet. i don't think a baby being held needs something on her feet in the summer that will just fall off 5 seconds later. :)

    @ashley, we'll definitely try jim's next time! thanks for the tip!

  22. Laura

    Philly is such a fun day trip city – glad you guys had such a great time! And I totally agree that Pat's is where it's at – by just looking at GIno's storefront, you can tell they're trying just a little too hard to compete with the unbeatable original from across the street. Have a great weekend!

  23. I love that you guys did a day trip, especially with Eleanor! I never think to do things like that anymore. It's high time I did!

  24. i love your top! Where is it from?

  25. colleen

    i went to college in philly and i love when people go there and enjoy it, it's a fun city. and yes, pat's is better!

  26. i love your top as well! and i agree pats is better than genos! a philly day trip solely for cheesesteaks was one of the first things we did when we moved back to dc!

  27. C and M

    Great pics! The ones of delicious food make me anxious to eat things like that again someday. Both of my babies have had MSPI (milk and soy protein intolerance) so to nurse them I have to cut out all dairy and soy. I miss cheese!

    Do you have your baby forward facing in an Ergo carrier? I have one and didn't know it worked that way.

  28. Rae

    The crazy thing about blogs is that I have never met you in my life, but I'm still so invested in your brilliant little family.

  29. You guys were sitting a few tables away from me at Terrain actually…I didn't want to disturb your meal, and when you left you guys looked so tired from the day, so I didn't say hello…but Eleanor is even CUTER in person!! Thanks for coming out to Philly!

  30. I could cry! My husband and I recently moved from philly to Nashville and ive been so homesick for my city these days! Glad that it could show you some hospitality. It's funny because when we were there we loved making day or weekend trips to DC or NYC! right in the middle, perfect.

  31. Alicia

    Yum…Philly cheese steaks. Seriously one of my favorite foods!

  32. Cynthia

    Philly is wonderful isn't it. My husband and I lived there for 7.5 years before just moved in November. Pat's is so good! We just went for a visit this past week and our son had their cheese fries for the 1st time. Looks like you did a lot with your day trip.. and capogiro, yum!!!!

  33. naomi:

    your little family is so darling, i love all of the pictures. and i also love how you & josh have matching glasses, it's so cute :)

  34. Arianna

    Such a beautiful family :)

  35. amy

    So lovely! We're a Philly family, and it's nice to see our town through such lovely new eyes.

    But yikes! Your little one FFO in the Ergo…please don't! Our neighbor's daughter fell out in that position. It's just not made for it. Look at the Ergo website. There are tons of carriers that FFO safely…the Ergo's just not one.

  36. Jo

    oh so gorgeous! What a great little family you have there. Happy happy times!

  37. Looks like you guys had tons of fun! I am so glad you liked Pat's better!

  38. what can i say that hasn't been said already? hmm? looks like you better eat that ice cream quicker cause it's melting? ;)

    you guys are so darling! you could wear a paper bag and look great. i love e's onesie.

  39. what a beautiful family. i love eleanor's gaze at the gelato. that cheesesteak looks so good! yum!!

  40. Rhianne

    we've been watching man vs food and boy does the food you have across the pond look good, especially those cheesesteaks!

    I love that you and Eleanor have the same smile looking at the food :) and the family portrait is perfect.

  41. L

    What a lovely trip, and photos. Love your blog!! :)

  42. L

    What a lovely trip, and photos. Love your blog!! :)

  43. Chelsea

    love the shirt.

    what kind of baby bag do you carry??? it's so cute!

  44. Mags

    Aw man I'm so jealous of your cheesesteaks, they look so good! What's all that reenactment business with the period clothing?

  45. Grace

    So, I saw your title in my feed for bloglovin' and was hoping (fingers crossed) that you went to Pat's or Geno's for Philly Cheese Steaks glad to know you did! I went to Philly last month and took pictures of those places as well!

    Philly is so beautiful ;)


  46. oh wows, my brother's wedding reception was at Terrain! I hope you liked it…if Baltimore is in your future please try Woodberry Kitchen and Sophi's crepes… best to you four!

  47. Diana

    i'm so obsessed with your baby. everytime you post pictures of her it makes me giddy.
    can i have her?

  48. K

    this post made me so nostalgic! i go to school in philadelphia but am now interning at the met and living in nj. i feel so displaced. i can't wait to go to all of these places again in the fall!

  49. day trips are the best!! i was wondering if you had any tips for taking the dog on your day trip. did you guys just enjoy outside sites and restaurants with patios? we love traveling with our dog and it's hard in arizona this time of year to take her anywhere for the day (none of us can stay outside for more than a few minutes at a time).

  50. Tracy

    pat's is the best! i grew up around there and LOVE it! geno's is gross! so glad you chose pat's hahah

  51. Tracy

    pat's is the best! i grew up around there and LOVE it! geno's is gross! so glad you chose pat's hahah

  52. leelee

    Your shirt is darling <3

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  54. Such beautiful pictures. Oh, how I long to move back up north. I miss it so…

  55. Looks like a really fun time! I didn't know you could use the Ergo facing out? Gwyneth hates facing in! Must try this!


  56. Anna

    such a sweet little family.. its a blessing to watch your photos!


  57. Love these pictures! I'm a total Cali girl, but your blog certainly makes the East Coast seem appealing!

    P.S. How did you get your blog to look like a mobile version? I noticed it's different when I viewed it on my iPhone.

    ~ Angela

  58. kerry

    so fun! i love philly. glad you and E and the fam had a nice time there. i think it's such a great place to be a tourist–and the place makes me weirdly proud to be an american.

  59. hey naomi! your pictures are precious! & your daughter is beautiful.. in arabic we say 'Mashallah' when someone is that beautiful! ;)

    Could you let me know what kind of lens you use to take your pictures? I would really appreciate it!

  60. Amanda

    What is the name of the bakery in the picture? It looks delectable.

  61. love that last pic :)

  62. ok now i'm craving a philly cheesesteak! i need to take one of these day trips soon. :)
    loving that picture of your whole family! everyone looks so happy and cute.

  63. Dabay

    aww looks like you guys had a blast! i heard geno's is out-of-this-world and that M&M; creation looks divine! :)


  64. shelby

    i loooovee the gelato from that place! i went to college in philly and lived just a few blocks away. yum.

  65. Ayesha

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  66. Charis

    Looks awesome! Those smartie cupcakes look scrummy!

  67. Totally with you — Pats all the way! Lovely pictures; thank for sharing!

  68. shannon

    Pat's is the best! oh, i want one of those so badly!

  69. can i just say i LOVE her little facial expression where she's reaching for the bread? her little mouth!

  70. Mrs. C

    Totally agree with the PAt's decision!!! My husband took me to Philly a couple years ago and that was the big decision!! :)
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  71. What a fun little family trip! Naomi- where did you get your top from? I've seen it before & can't remember where…super cute!

  72. @the mrs.– my top is from anthropologie. thanks you!

    and to a few of you who mentioned the ergo, thanks for the advice. i was not aware of that and that is helpful to know. thank you!

  73. Rachael

    Love the idea of a spur of the moment trip! Because why not right?

  74. amanda

    i'm so in love with your blog!! and what a wonderful post this was! so cute. i've never been to philadelphia but i really want to go now! :)


  75. Tavia

    ADORABLE SHIRT! where is it from?

  76. Unknown

    I love everything at the Greedy Seagull. Everytime I see clothing posted on Facebook I drool in desire to finally be able to wear all the cute clothing items my high school friend Giana posts. Hope I'm the lucky winner to sport these totally cool fashions.

  77. Jenn

    I just happened to stop by and saw the Ergo pic–I checked first to make sure others had commented to you about it. :-) She should be old enough/stable enough to wear on your back, which is amazing! There are baby wearing groups in the area that can show you how to do it; probably a store like Dawn Price Baby can show you; or flag down another mom wearing her babe in an Ergo on her back and ask–I know I would be happy to show any mom how to wear on the back! If I happen to be that mom, I'll be sure to introduce myself! :-) The freedom is amazing and both my boys (2 and 4, yes 4!) love riding back there! Okay, I HAVE to get to sleep to deal with said boys in the morning!

  78. Too cute. You guys are totally making me miss the US and the 4th of July.. :)