claire gets married.

here are a couple photos from my iphone from claire’s wedding last week.
that temple sealing was unbelievably beautiful and i’m so proud of claire. i love this girl. she’s creative and talented and silly and always happy. she’s also such a wonderful friend, even when we live so far away from each other these days. friends like that are the best.
plus, to think of all the ridiculous double dates we went on together back in the day and to see us now, with our best friends as our husbands… who’d of thought? it’s pretty darn cool.
congratulations again, claire! now come move to d.c., ok?
  1. The dresses….the bridesmaids dresses….AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kristin


  3. Bonny

    Love the dresses especially yours and Eleanors…Where did you get them???

  4. your dress is the best thing i have ever seen, ever.

    eleanor's comes in at a close second.

  5. MellyB

    I love her dress! Lace, long sleeves, flowly not poofy. Beautiful bride. The whole bridal party is so fun with the non matchy dresses.

  6. Oh my goodness. You all look absolutely amazing. ADORE the lace detailing – perfection. And your lipstick looks fabulous. Your bub is growing so fast! X

  7. love this! E definitely steals the show though…

  8. Chelsea

    Oh I do love your lace dress!

  9. Chelsea

    Oh I do love your lace dress!

  10. Chelsea

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  11. looks like it was a very sweet day. i love love. ;) xx

  12. Tina

    wow just from these two pictures it looks like such a beautiful wedding! and your little eleanor is just the cutest, happiest baby i've ever seen!

  13. You look beautiful! And Eleanor is absolutely adorable, as always.

  14. how adorable!! vintage wedding at it's best.


  15. i'm in the same boat: i LOVE your dress. perfect for a little reception dress for a bride such as myself (when the time comes). where did you get it?!

    i love all of the dresses actually, and the bouquets are so pretty :)

  16. Allie

    I absolutely love your lace dress! So perfect! Plus Eleanor looks adorable!

  17. Lauren

    Your daughter does not miss an opportunity to cheese it up. What a sweetheart!

  18. LOVE the bridesmaid dresses and all that lace! Your baby girl is so sweet & so very cute :)

  19. you girls look so pretty. I love your dresses.

  20. AJD ∞


  21. Ash

    what beautiful collection of ladies and dresses! love all that lace :) and baby e looks adorable, as usual :)

  22. The bride, the ladys and the beautiful beautiful baby !!!
    I love your blog

  23. beautiful dresses….and Eleanor is super cute in polka dots!

  24. what a sweet bridal party! eleanor takes the cake, as usual :-)

  25. Steph

    I love all the dresses everyone is wearing! So pretty! Especially the baby :)
    I have been looking for red lipstick just like you're wearing, what brand is it??

  26. s a m

    I absolutely adore the mis-matched bridesmaid dresses all in lace. Different, yet cohesive. Classic, yet fresh. And you (of course) styled it perfectly, Naomi!

  27. i love watching my friends tie the knot! best feeling.

  28. Gorgeous lace and gorgeous dresses! Where did the bride get her dress?

  29. @bonny + @wildchild, i found my dress on etsy: and eleanor's dress is from babyGAP.

    @steph, my lipstick is ruby woo by mac.

    @christine, claire got her dress at a bridal shop in lehi, utah. i forget the name of it, but the woman who owns the place has a collection of vintage dresses in her basement. they are beautiful. it's also where i found my wedding dress a few years ago.


  30. she looks beautiful! and that dress you're wearing, YES.

  31. The problem with lifestyle blogs is that the author culls only the moments that make his/her life seem the most perfectly enviable to present to the world. Rarely is a glimpse of the real person ever seen except in overlooked tics that we as an audience may catch without the author's intention.
    Try "ceiling" instead of "sealing."
    Nice to know you're flawed like the rest of us.

  32. You look so great! What a fun bridal party. E looks cuuuuuuuuuute as ever.

    A Collection of Passions

  33. love love LOVE these photos :) her wedding dress is so pretty but oh my god i just love your dress! you look stunning in it! & the photo with the baby is so cute!

    to be honest i think what you're doing is sad. i don't think she's ever claimed not to be flawed or different than the rest of us. & what i like about this blog is that it's actually about both sad & happy moments of life. if you were a regular reader you'd see that she mostly posts about her difficult/sad times but in my opinion the reason she doesn't analyze them isn't to make her life seem flawless but to keep some things personal & not depress her readers. plus , how can you say it's not a glimpse of a real person? she's got a great family , supportive friends & a lovely baby. why wouldn't she be happy with her life? & i guess you got inspired from this quote? ; 'If you can't win an argument, correct their grammar instead.' ?
    anyway , i know this was long & might seem quite lame but it's not because i'm some kind of fanatic follower , it's just that people like you in my opinion have a very unfair attitude. anything can be said nicely if you try to.

  34. Officially the cuteset bridesmaids i have ever seen!

  35. Taylor

    freakinn LOVE all the lace! And E looks adorable, as always!

  36. L

    Beautiful dresses.

  37. aw I love all the dresses! So much pretty lace :) And little E, adorable as usual!

  38. naomi:

    beautiful! i love all of the dresses!

  39. E is amazing! You are one lucky momma!

  40. Jenn

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  41. Jenn

    The lace is gorgeous, as is everyone!! Congrats to your friend!!

  42. Ashley

    Oooh my goodness you three are gorgeous!! i love your dress and the bride omg she looks beautiful!!! Aw what a happy day <3

  43. I'm so happy that other readers take the time to defend this beautiful blog in these comments sections. I really love this blog and am always so inspired to be more positive, creative friend, sister, daughter, soon-to-be-wife, & hopefully-someday-mother through reading it! I hope salty blog comments never make it seem like this isn't important work that has an actual impact on others! It is & it does!

    And hooray for weddings! (I wish I had just let each girl pick their own dress! What a dream bride)

  44. Sara

    This is my first time commenting but the FakeName person is so lame I felt that I needed to comment. Ummm… everyone is flawed! ANT she didnt spell sealing wrong, its part of our religion not a ceiling!!!!

  45. the dress you wear is adorable!

  46. lai-mai

    aww I love your lace dress and eleanor's too!

  47. i love that someone thought you were commenting on a ceiling.

    "hey naomi, how was the wedding?"
    "it was great….and the church's ceiling was awesome!"

    i am laughing out loud.

  48. Sarah

    I love your blog please keep writing! Oh and I was wondering where you found that adorable flower headband for Eleanor? I'm expecting a girl and would love to find one for her. Thanks!

  49. Libby

    i love the look of the bridesmaids but…Eleanor gets best dressed in my book!

    Libby on the Label

  50. I love you dress code and bridesmaids seems like that they are made for each other. I love your blog.

    ladies dress

  51. Maren

    Oh how fun! It looks like you know my friend Katie B! What a small world. She is a doll. Oh, these pictures make me miss Utah!

  52. I owe you a big apology. Sometimes it can be just too easy to be mean on the internet when having a bad day. My comment has been bugging me ever since I wrote it. I always look forward to reading your blog, and hope you keep presenting such a sunny and light outlook to counteract the gray clouds that can creep up sometimes.

  53. oh my gosh!! I'm so impressed with this apology. I have never seen something like it on a comments forum.