bath time.

speaking of our play date with evie, i think this photo of the two girlies in the bathtub has stolen my heart. how darling can they get? i really truly hope and pray there is a sister (or brother!) somewhere for eleanor so she can experience moments like this on a daily basis soon (having four siblings of my own, i have to say, it’s the best thing ever).
  1. Super cute. They look just like my twins. :)

  2. Caylie

    oh my, cutest thing ever.

  3. Megan

    I hope you get your wish for another baby Naomi!

  4. Jessica

    I'm the oldest of 8 kids, the first six of us being girls. there is nothing better than having sisters to grow up, and even a brother!
    From your last post I wanted to say my son was born 3 weeks after my best friends daughter and spent the first year and a half living next door to each other…They are almost 3 and although they live about 30 mins from each other they still lovveee each other!
    I think Evie and E will be friends for sure:)
    Our second son is due in october, I can't wait for him to have a brother to share all those fun moments with!

  5. There is nothing like the bond between brothers and sisters! I only have one sibling (my brother) but we grew up to be best of friends.

  6. Mallory

    So cute! I too can't wait until the day when I have a few little munchkins splashing around in the tub :)

  7. Oooooh I definitely wanna squeeze them! I can't believe E is sitting up so well on her own. My babe is so lazy about it, she just wants to lie down (or eat her foot)!

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  8. colleen

    this is super cute. have a wonderful weekend naomi!

  9. colleen

    this is super cute. have a wonderful weekend naomi!

  10. ellen

    I hope they're roommates in Heritage Halls!

  11. my siblings are one of the best things that ever happened to me. i'm so glad i was born into a family with my brother and sister, as we've become best friends over the years. i hope you get your multiple baby wish :)

  12. Laura

    :') SOOOO CUTE!

  13. precious!! Why are baby butts so dang cute?!

  14. Del

    They look like they're holding hands…so stinkin' cute.

  15. Dani

    I so agree with you on the having a sibling! I hope Makena gets a little brother or sister one day too!

  16. Leslie

    Looks like you and your husband need to get busy. ;)

    Seriously, adorable photo. My boys are 17 months apart and they are SO cute together.

  17. shandey

    it looks like little Evie remembers baby E always grabbing her ear so she is taking a stand and blocking E before she can strike again! hahaha! too cute!

  18. Amen. I have pictures of me and all three of my sisters in the bathtub together. I doubt there was a lot of cleaning going on but that was hardly the point.

  19. My favorite thing about having kidS (plural) is the way they play together. My baby girl's big brother helping her down the slide at the park, the boys taking baths together, it's just fantastic. I love the way my baby girl's face lights up when they go to see her after a nap, or when they help get her out of the carseat. Siblings really are the best thing ever.

  20. They are so cute :) coming from an only child, I completely agree. I still get a bit sad that all of my cousins and friends have brothers and sisters, it's a lonely life :(

  21. Ashley

    aw what sweet girls!! having sibling to grow up with is the best i hope little E gets one soon too!! She is going to be the best big sister ever!! <3

  22. Breezy

    ooh look at their little bottoms!

  23. Is it twisted that I LOVE bath pictures and naked baby pictures for that matter? I can't get enough of my little naked nugget. I can't wait until she can get in the big girl tub… and with friends is even better. So precious :)

  24. are they holding hands?! this is too much. i can't even tell which is which but once again, eleanor is making my heart melt.

  25. Shalyn

    Ahhhh you're making me have baby fever!!! :) This brought a huge smile to my face. There is nothing cuter than a naked baby bottom…but two!? Hahaha, even better! I hope you have another baby soon :)

  26. this is the sweetest picture ever! i can't wait to have these moments with my little bird

  27. Corina

    Cute! What an adorable picture!

  28. Taylor

    It looks like little twins :) they are preshhh

  29. Taylor

    <3 your blog so much! It makes me crazy happy!!!

  30. So sweet! My parents have a photograph of me, my sister, my best friend and her brother all squished in the bathtub. I really cherish that picture.

  31. Um, I think you and Josh are obligated to have more babies. You produce such good-looking children! :)

  32. Kelly

    So sweet! Hopefully, no ear biting in the bath!

  33. Alina

    Whats the name of the App you're using?

  34. Just precious. I know the first time my girl had a playdate with a baby her age, my hormones went into overdrive. We are so not ready (physically, mentally, financially) for a second baby yet but I wanted nothing more that day than to go home and make one!

  35. Katie

    Aww! What sweet girls!

  36. @alina, i used instagram to take this photo on my phone.

  37. SOOO cute!! I hope there is a sibling for E too :D Siblings are the best! I have five and it is awesome.

  38. Carly

    so, SO adorable. :)

  39. How freakin' adorable is that!??? Oh my gosh, so cute!! They're so darling! ;)

  40. Such a tender photo! So adorable

  41. Aubrey

    I couldn't agree more! This pic is adorable!

  42. I completely agree. It's so awesome to have siblings to play, laugh, and cry with. I'm due with my second any day…can't wait to see the interactions between my two. Best wishes growing your family.