a few photos from our weekend with meg.

the weekend was wonderful in every way.
good food, great conversation, nice weather and a happy baby.
i love me some meg time and i can tell eleanor feels the same.
this evening i’m feeling really thankful for good friends
who mean the world to me. friends that challenge and inspire me.
friends that i feel i can confide in because they’re trustworthy,
they listen, and even if we don’t see eye to eye on many things,
they’re there for me, because they’re just good people. simple as that.
i certainly need to be better on my end when it comes to friendships
but i just wanted to say thanks to all those friends who are so great.
and especially to meg… because your support, love,
encouragement and trust over these last however many years
means a great deal to me. and i love you.
  1. Maddie

    Cutest baby girl ever! :)

  2. janel

    Good friends are hard to find, it sounds like Meg is just that for you. E looks so cute in these pictures! She's such a good mix of you and Josh.


  3. Alivia

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  4. Friends are the family we get to choose, and it appears as though you've picked some great ones over the years. What a blessing! Great pictures, especially the one of E in her red head scarf, giggling on the table.

  5. Bobbie

    ah the last picture is just too priceless! such a cutie!
    :) Bobbie

  6. How insanely cute is your baby girl?! You should have 120329403 more, haha. Looks like you had a fun visit!

  7. You girls in your white lace tops look so cute! Love the weekend pics as usual!

    A Collection of Passions

  8. Mrsink

    What a sweet, loving post. I love all the photos…Looks like a great time!

  9. Caty

    Her little red bow is DARLING!

  10. Ms.S

    Everytime I read your post, your food pic post always makes me hungry! and I think you have the happiest-cutest-baby!! seriously! her smile always made me smile..


  11. I'm so envious, two of my friends died within the last eight years, so full weekends like that are a thing of the past for me, you are right, family and babies and friends are what makes life truly wonderful.

  12. oh she is soooooo cute ♥ ♥

  13. colleen

    i wish i could still wear a red bow like that! and yes, friends are the best. i'm glad you have such good ones surrounding you.

  14. Good friends are often hard to come by.

    Lovely photos and I need to make peach pie now :)

  15. this looks like so much fun! and meg is a doll. thanks for posting the link…her blog is grand.

  16. oh oh oh. this made me well up.

  17. naomi:

    sounds like a lovely weekend :) little e is soo so cute, i can't stand it!

  18. the food, the friends, the laughter….sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! i love the photo of the building with the greenery growing up the side! thanks for introducing us to meg – love her blog!

  19. Jena

    Eleanor had got to be the happiest baby I have ever seen! Such a pretty, joyful girl :)Well done you guys- I'm sure it is the direct result of being part of such a happy and loving family.

  20. leigh

    That last picture is fantastic. Her expression is priceless!
    Cheers to wonderful friends!
    Love, Leigh

  21. Erin

    precious! all of it!

  22. Aw, I'm so glad you have good friends. My girls are the only way I survive this crazy world.

  23. well eleanor just gets more gorgeous every single day!

  24. The onsie in the last photo, does it say Somewhere in the middle? where did you get that?


  25. Stace

    i've been following your blog for awhile, but haven't ever commented…i just have to say your little eleanor is just gorgeous!

    …and that margherita pizza looks divine :)

  26. Can I just hang out with you and your friends and eat pizza? :) PS – You have a beautiful family!

  27. lauren

    eleanor is quickly becoming my favorite internet baby.

  28. Laura

    Your lil baby girl E makes me want to have a little baby girl just like her! She is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, her smile just melts! Is she wearing a somebody in idaho loves me shirt? If so that is amazing! I grew up in Idaho and now live in Cali and miss it for the world! Love your blog thank you for posting!

  29. I love this. I love watching two of my favorite bloggers post about their shared weekend together. I love reading about the different perspectives :)

  30. Goodness! She knows how to work the camera doesn't she! So smiley! :D

  31. Kate

    You guys actually do have the cutest baby! Little E! What a gem :)

  32. You have one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! I love that she not only smiles with her lips, but with her eyes :) Also — I love the coloring & look of your photos. So charming. Great job (on the baby & the photos ;))!

  33. Alex

    You're both [and Eleanor, of course] so beautiful! Glad I discovered y'alls blogs those few years ago :)

  34. what sweet sweet faces that baby makes!

  35. Oh my goodness! Miss E makes the funniest faces, I swear, but picture #8 it's priceless. She is actually posing for that picture! So adorable!

  36. Before the picture fully loaded I knew those cookies. Meg is a good friend to know what to bring down.

    E gets cuter and cuter. So so lovely-

  37. I love ALL of the photos! Each of them seems simply priceless. You're blessed to have so many great friends & such an amazing family! I mean I always show your blog to people I know as an example of how families should be like, like not abandoning their dreams to settle down but keep being their selves and keep the child in them alive & yet making the best family ever. Btw i still can't get over Eleanor's face in the photos when she has the red headband with bow on – she's just too cute! have a wonderful week ! xo

  38. L

    Aww..look at that precious bebe!

  39. Emely

    Seriously could you have a cuter baby?!

  40. I'm sure you hear it daily but seriously I think Eleanor is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. xo

  41. Kristin

    Ah! Totally with you on the awesome friend thing, they are the best! They completely revitalize my soul whatever mood I'm in. P.S. You need to enter Eleanor in like "The cutest baby in the world" competition or something. I'm speechless from her cuteness.


  42. Asty

    it is true that seeing Eleanor makes me wanna have a baby girl right away haha
    anyway the way Eleanor smiles at the 8th pics is just like Josh does!

  43. Jami

    So cute! I have the same shirt as Eleanor (well, hers is a onesie, but you get the idea).

  44. lovely pictures, felt like i was experiencing a little getaway looking at them

  45. Whitney

    oh goodness. Eleanor's faces are SO cute!
    Looks like a fun weekend :)

  46. Dorothy

    She brought you Levain cookies! Wow, you do have good friends.

  47. Connie

    Where is that dock!? I used to live in Arlington but never heard of that cute place…

  48. Dani

    E is uber adorable!

  49. Such a precious little girl! so beautiful! x

  50. Looks like a beautiful weekend! E is quite seriously one of the cutest babies I have EVER seen! That little smile is just magical.

    Katie x

  51. I have to tell you…I am recently married and we talk about having kids. Probably not for a couple of years still. It's a wonderful and yet scary idea at the same time. Are we ready for that? Will we be good parents? But seeing E on this blog makes it look sooooo much more wonderful and infinitely less scary. Pictures of little E are giving me baby-fever :)

  52. Is that Annapolis? I live there!

  53. Could your baby girl be any cuter?! I love Meg's blog :)

  54. Marina

    May I ask what kind of camera you use? I love the quality of your photos.

  55. The outfit E is wearing in the white dress and red ribbon is adorable and your peach pie looks mouthwateringly delectable!

  56. Beautiful pics! And beautiful family! Congrats! I live on the Hill too! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

    ~ Melanie

  57. Eeny

    Oh cuteness… Eleanor is so sweet. Seeing pictures of her always make me smile. The little red bow is so darling on her.

  58. Aw, did you and Meg intend to both wear ruffles? It's cute.

  59. i love the photos!cutest babe ever!

  60. I think I squee every time I come to your blog. Thank goodness for friends; they're so hard to keep in touch with but most definitely worth it!<3

  61. Mary

    I didn't had time to read your blog for such a long long time, so i was really surprised seeing you 2 having a baby girl! She's so beautiful! I think, she's the cutest baby girl i've ever seen (: Congratulations!

  62. You have to be the most stylish mom ever.

  63. everything looks devine!

  64. Ahh! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :) I love the photo of Eleanor playing with the water bottle while Meg is holder her. So cute!!

  65. Richard

    Where did you get those delicious-looking pizzas?