4th of july weekend, through photographs.

1– beautiful flags all around the hill
2, 3, 4– practicing our moves for these photos
5– red, white and blue dessert party with friends
6, 7– adorable little ones in the parade
8– kingsley enjoys the bubble machine more than the parade
9– two of our favorite little friends on the hill
10, 11- fireworks + sparklers for the second night in a row
(and thanks to hannah for the last photo)
and ps. i promise that the sparkler i’m holding in the last photo
was a full arm’s length away from eleanor. we really were
extra careful and i’m a good mama (well, for the most part).
as josh’s shirt points out, safety first. you know?
  1. you're so lucky to be in DC for the 4th! Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  2. colleen

    love it all. looks like a perfect holiday.

  3. Beautiful photos ! Those desserts look delicious :) I just made my first strawberry shortcake with the strawberries we picked. Can you believe it doesn't exist in France ?!

    Bisous :)

  4. Loved the sparkler pictures—very creative!

  5. Wow, these photos are great! The one with Kingsley and the bubbles is too cute. I love what you did with the sparklers. DC must be the best place to celebrate the holiday!

  6. love that last picture of you 3!!

  7. naomi:

    love all of the sparkler photos! they're my favorite part about the 4th :) and feeling so jealous about all those strawberry&blueberry; desserts!

  8. Kingsley with the bubbles and your family sparkler portrait are just too cute! Looks like you had a fun 4th! :)

  9. Ash

    looks like a blast!!! oh I love parades :) and your outfit in the last picture?? as Rachel Zoe says: I DIIIEEEE! now go have a happy week :)

  10. jamie

    i saw a girl wearing that same dress of yours in the last photo this weekend through a cafe window and had to pause to admire how beautiful it was. your babygirl's fourth of july outfit is soo cute, and that picture of the little girls stopping to pose with your husband – i. die.

  11. First and foremost I would never doubt that you are a GREAT mama and an inspiration too.

    Glad you enjoyed the 4th. I adore all of the pictures, especially the flags, sparklers and your adorable friends on the hill. I love kiddies in glasses!

  12. Taylor

    Looks like you had a ton of fun this weekend! Your family is so precious! The red, white, & blue dessert party is a great idea! Love it :-)


  13. Bridget

    you negligent mom!!!

    just kidding. i'm just making fun of the other commenters who the disclaimer is for. cause they're out there. don't we know it.

    looks like a fab 4th weekend.

  14. Love the little peeks into your life! It's so lovely! I love the sparklers and patriotic desserts!!

  15. hanner

    hunter's freaky face in the third picture!! aaaahhh!! and i didn't think you were a bad mom—eleanor was loving it. she'll thank you for it when she's older.

  16. hanner

    hunter's freaky face in the third picture!! aaaahhh!! and i didn't think you were a bad mom—eleanor was loving it. she'll thank you for it when she's older.

  17. Allison

    I thought Mormons didn't drink caffeine. Why are you drinking Coke?

  18. MellyB

    Oh yeah, I can tell little E is terrified in that pic.

    Girlie, you would be a terrible Mom to deprive that new little human the joys of a sparkler on the 4th.

    I don't think babies can singe arm hair anyway. magic.

  19. alex

    i wore that anthro dress on the fourth, too! great minds…

  20. don't you LOVE an excuse to dress patriotic!? i do!

  21. Is the 4th of July your second fav. holiday? Looks like you had lots of fun! I love all of the pictures!

  22. Gaby

    love the sparkler photos, they're just brilliant!

  23. That looks like a ton of fun!

    My family and I haven't done anything for July 4 in awhile…

  24. AJD ∞

    i love that you pointed out your husband's tee! that's the first thing i noticed about these photos! hah!

  25. oh these photos are simply amazing! specially the one with kingsley and the bubbles – so cute! you're so lucky to live there & have the opportunity to participate in so amazing celebrations! once again – SO jealous of your sparklers! the last photo is super sweet btw (: have a nice day! xo

  26. you know it's bad when i start recognizing articles of clothing worn by you and/or josh; "ohhh i remember that shirt of his"…"oh i love that skirt of hers."

    i need a hobby.

  27. Dani

    My new favorite blog/couple… But I've seen you guys somewhere before. I live here in DC (my whole life) and I don't forget faces but Josh looks too familiar. Anyway love the blog you guys are just too darn cute!!!

  28. Leslie

    I can't think of a more appropriate time for Josh to bring out the "Safety First" T-shirt than the 4th of July. Well done! Great photos.

  29. Janni

    Great pictures.
    The desserts looks so tastefull! :D Yummi :)

  30. Nicole

    What a fun weekend! My love and I went out of town just the two of use for a romantic 4th of july getaway and ended up having to come home early because I broke out from an allergic reaction to shell fish (which I didn't know I had!) lol
    We had a good time though! :o)


  31. Tina

    very cute pictures as always. you really post the cutest pics of the web

  32. one day i will have a family as cute as yours. too cute!

  33. I heart your dress/skirt (??) in the last picture. I'm always inspired by your style, of course it never turns out the same when I try to imitate it haha! Beautiful photos and family!

  34. We were at the parade on 8th st too! What did Kingsley think of the roller skaters? Our Golden Retriever was frightened! The little princesses were so adorable though.

  35. Aw! I loved the Fourth when I lived in DC. Glad you guys got to enjoy it! Great pictures!

  36. nina

    such nice photos! :)

  37. hello.

    sounds like you had the perfect recipe for a holiday weekend! love the sparkler photos by the way! :)

  38. Next year I will convince my husband to take me to a parade!

    You and your little family are always so cute and so festive!

  39. Krista

    The sparkler pics have been all over everyone's blogs the past couple days and I must say… yours are the best! By far :) Looks like a fun holiday!

    Lazy Saturdays

  40. I'm dying to know where you got those baby sunglasses from in the post on July 2?

  41. Grace

    Looks like you had such a fun time! I love your sparkler pictures!


  42. Sarah

    It breaks my heart that you felt like you had to apologize. Thanks for sharing these little pieces of your life. Your style inspires me, and reading your take on life is such a lovely little part of my day. Wishing you all good things…xo

  43. Monique

    wow looks like you guys had a blast. so impressed the baby stayed up for fireworks!

  44. Pip

    is that a pavlova Taza? impressive!

  45. Torrie

    I know you hear this all the time, but I just love your photography. There's such feeling behind each picture, and it makes me want to look around and see what kind of beauty I'm missing out on in my own life. Thank you for your inspiration!

  46. I love how effortlessly you mix patterns!