bath time.

speaking of our play date with evie, i think this photo of the two girlies in the bathtub has stolen my heart. how darling can they get? i really truly hope and pray there is a sister (or brother!) somewhere for eleanor so she can experience moments like this on a daily basis soon (having four siblings of my own, i have to say, it’s the best thing ever).... Read more

play date with evie.

while in utah last week eleanor had a little play date at the kiddie pool with the adorable 8-month old evie. of course our luggage was still lost somewhere between phoenix and salt lake city when we got together, but evie let eleanor borrow one of her fashionable bathing suits so we could still splash around… here are a couple of photos from their play date that make me laugh out loud every time i see them: anyway, we had a lot of fun with evie (and of course her mama, nicole.... Read more

claire gets married.

here are a couple photos from my iphone from claire’s wedding last week. that temple sealing was unbelievably beautiful and i’m so proud of claire. i love this girl. she’s creative and talented and silly and always happy. she’s also such a wonderful friend, even when we live so far away from each other these days.... Read more

“ma ma.”

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on monday, our flight out of salt lake city was delayed about an hour or so, so eleanor and i sat down on the floor of the airport together near our gate. i was standing her up on my legs to face me as i held her arms and talked to her. a few minutes into our chat the biggest grin came over her face and she looked up at me and said clear as day, “ma ma.” i think my heart stopped.... Read more

photos from utah.

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eleanor and i are back from utah. we had such a great time with family and friends. but i can’t believe how quickly that week flew by… it’s always difficult leaving… 1- brother + eleanor. 2- my family. 3 +4- making homemade pasta with the family. 5– my mama’s garden. 6- my mama’s chickens. 7- my siblings and me 8- a shot of the valley ... Read more