you should know…

just how much restraint it takes on my part
to not post 1,0284 photos of eleanor every single day.
i simply cannot get enough. so glad she’s ours forever.
  1. Chelsea

    her little smiling mouth is so sweet!

    Post away!!!! <3

  2. Alison


  3. naomi, you know what? im thinking about buying an i-phone to be able to see all pics of E through instagram.
    i adore your lovely daughter!

  4. That smile…man oh man she is cute!

  5. more photos would be fine with me! That baby is TOO CUTE!

  6. Angie

    She is such a happy baby. I don't think I've ever seen a baby who loves life so much.

  7. leahrae

    I seriously just can't get over how cute she is!!!

  8. kirsten

    she always looks so cute and sweet. i dont know how you refrain from posting more photos!

  9. i'm usually not into blogs that just post baby pictures, but i think eleanor is the cutest and i wouldn't mind more pictures!

  10. Annie

    I don't blame you! What a cutie :)

  11. you have a precious beautiful daughter! congrats!
    I know what it's like having a ton of pics, I have a 3 month old who i can't get enough of! Just wanna eat those little cheeks up!! ;)

  12. Janssen

    She is BEAUTIFUL. And I don't say that lightly.

  13. Rachel

    I so know what you mean. Our baby boy is a little older than Eleanor, and I'm pretty sure every blog I've done since his birth has mentioned him, if not included a photo of him! Your little girl is so adorable!

  14. she looks just like you. such a stunning girl!

  15. I say go for it – she is so adorable.

  16. Bring it! She's the cutest, happiest looking baby! I've actually giggled out loud at some of her cute expressions. :)

  17. Please don't stop!! she is just so ridiculously beautiful!!

    that smile gets me everytime!! you are SO blessed! ;)

  18. Tatiana

    you don't put enough!! don't know what you're talking about..

  19. Rinda

    This kills me. My little baby girl, Claire, is due in two weeks (although I'm sure I'll be close to two weeks late like you were) and this picture just makes me want to hold my little baby so badly. Look at those little belly rolls!

  20. Alex

    I've said it before, but she's just always so happy! Seeing these pictures of her with that BEYOND adorable little smile make my day better :)

  21. Your Elenor has the kindest eyes. I'm sure she will grow to be a beauty inside and out!

  22. Oh, please post more! If I had a baby girl as adorable as yours, I would absolutely brag about her, we love the pics! xoxo

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  24. You should know that we actually kind of wouldn't mind 1,0284 photos of eleanor every day, since she is the cutest thing since the Gerber baby. Actually, she is the new Gerber Baby. Is that weird?

  25. Dear Naomi,

    Seeing 1,0284 photos of eleanor every single day would be ok with me.

    A loyal fan

  26. Sonja

    Awwwww! Wow! I can understand why! Whe is THE cutest baby ever! Seriously! I keep saying it, but I can't help it…I'll probably keep saying it some more

  27. Amanda

    please please please do post 10,284 pics every day. She's the absolute CUTEST most PRECIOUS baby I've EVER seen. And I'm NOT just saying that. Her expressions are priceless!!! She makes my day!

  28. Laney

    wish you would! She is an angel.

  29. Those pictures are so precious! Love what a proud mama you are!

  30. I just started working at a daycare, and there's a baby on Fridays that looks JUST like Eleanor. I almost called her Eleanor by accident! It's like I am BFFs with your baby, because of your blog. I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say we are very protective of your little angel. She has such a sweet disposition that shines through in photographs.

  31. You guys must be doing something right because that is one of the most joyful babies I've seen!

    By the way, I don't know how you coped with going beyond your due date with her. I'm at 39 1/2 weeks with our little girl and cannot even fathom having to wait another week or so to meet her. How in the world did you manage?

  32. taryn

    Seriously!! She's so cute!! I can't get over those two photos! Congrats! :)

  33. MEGMAR

    you should post them!!

  34. Do you want to give her tummy blubbers all day long? :) I've had 5 kids…and yours is about the cutest I've seen. Enjoy!

  35. you should know…we want to see all those photos how precious is her smile???? love her.

  36. you should know…we want to see all those photos how precious is her smile???? love her.

  37. Liz

    Totally understandable! She is so beautiful. And I LOVE her eyes–she has smiley eyes, just like you do!

  38. miaT

    Every time I open your blog & see a picture of your amazingly beautiful, gleefully grinning baby, my heart goes pit-a-pat. I wouldn't mind in the slightest if you posted as many photos as you can take of the little angel.

  39. That is a ridiculous amount of cuteness.

  40. Oh man when I have a baby I am going to be OBNOXIOUS AS HELLLLLLL.

  41. kwistin

    i'm glad that she smiles as much as you seem to. it's a lovely little gift.

  42. Nuna

    Anyone who has a baby as cute as yours will post 1,0284 photos or MORE!!

  43. she looks so… clever! as if she thought "i know you all think i'm cute. well, i am"

  44. Clearly I am not the only one who would be upset if you posted 1,0284 pictures of your adorable child. She can't help it if she steals the show. Roll with it. ;)

  45. She is too adorable… I don't blame you. I don't think we can get enough of her either…so I say: bring on as many photos as you can post!

    She is a CUTIE PIE

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  46. okay this is painfully cute. please post more. what a giggly little peanut! I love her gummy smile.. so hilarious and happy!

  47. What are your nicknames for her?

    My daughter's were



    Ella Bella

    Every baby needs some cute nicknames

  48. jones

    I cannot wait to see your *year in photos* oh my gosh.

    perhaps, little N will meet little E out on the streets of DC someday and giggle away!

  49. stella

    you can put 1000 photos of her i wouldnt blame it
    she is the cutest baby i ever seen

  50. miriam

    I say practice LESS restraint and post away! I love seeing her cute face and rolls!! :o)

  51. wonder how your kid will feel about all this public documentation of her childhood -easily our most embarrassing memories when we look back right? i only say that coz there're like 3 photographs of me before the age of 16. and i cant help wondering why nobody bothered.

  52. Bonny

    Please!!!! post more she is soooo adorable that we want to see her that much. I bet you can't wait to go pick her up first thing every day. She is the cutest baby ever.

  53. Fran

    More pictures, please! :) I have an "Eleanor," her name is Caitlin and she is now 20. She introduced me to your blog!
    How I wish I had a blog when Caitie (and then her brother and sister) was born, to have a record of all those moments. You are right, you will never get enough of your lovely girl!

  54. Libby

    you SHOULD post 1,0284 pictures a day! She is sooooo cute and so happy looking!

  55. This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. LOVE IT.

  56. aaah that face just gets me every time!! she is so unbelievably cute, you must be the proudest mama ever…

  57. Lorna

    Arrrgggh I would struggle too! She is so cute it hurts to look!

  58. Wendy

    Giant smiley face. :)

  59. those belly rolls are my favorite! :) She is SO adorable!

  60. Emil

    Not forever, only for about 14 years.

  61. Ashley

    I've never seen a happier baby! WHAT a doll!

  62. Anna

    She has the best smile.

  63. Trish

    No need to restrain yourself. She is ADORABLE.

  64. OMG your baby was born prepared to be a blogger! look at her smile she is the HAPPIEST baby girl I have ever seen :)

  65. I can't get enough of these pictures – she's such a cutie! And growing up so fast!! :)