we’re going on a bear hunt…(or rather, to the zoo!)

on saturday we took eleanor to the national zoo to see the animals. i don’t think she really cared for much besides trying to eat my snow cone, but josh and i really enjoyed ourselves. the weather was beautiful, all the animals were out and about and the gorillas put on quite the show for us!

this tiger in the last photo made josh and i laugh so hard. he reminded us of kingsley when he’s scratching on the front door because he needs to go potty or wants to play outside. this tiger would not stop scratching at the door and looking through the window. i think he wanted dinner. and a friend.
*ps. anybody else obsessed with the children’s book, we’re going on a bear hunt? i think i could read it every day to E, imitating how my own mother read it to me (she’d chant the words in the most animated voice ever) and never grow tired. i’ve probably already read it one hundred times since february. i love it so.
  1. Lauren

    little did you know about e and the soon to be member of the family (panda) when you snapped that photo! too funny! xo