this day was so busy.
but it feels great to cross things off your to-do list.
and reach milestones with your baby
(we’re sitting up all on our own now!)
and unpacking that last box felt pretty great, too.
we ended the day catching up with our new favorite show,
the voice (go dia!), on hulu in bed while eating ice cream.
i would like to end every evening this way. ;)
all day i kept dreaming about taking a nap.
i’d look at the floor or corner or back seat of the car
and think, “i could fall asleep right there in 2 seconds…”
but naps? who gets to take naps around here?
kingsley does. and eleanor (when she’s not fighting it.)
so bed looks mighty fine right now…
and that’s where i’m off to.
enjoy your night!
  1. Sounds like such a good, full day! Busy, but good! Naps?? No. They don't happen around here, either. ;)

  2. the look on eleanor's face says, "oh hello mommy! I didn't see you there!" haha!

    Ice cream is always a good way to end a day. I'm glad you are finding ways to relax when I'm sure you are super busy! Goodnight and have a great weekend!

  3. Lyndall

    I sometimes daydream about napping under my desk at work, ala George Costanza, haha. I hope you have a nice long sleep in your cosy bed :)

    And yay to Eleanor sitting on her own! She's getting cuter and cuter.

  4. This is completely unrelated to this post, but I just read your FAQ page, and I'm so glad you're not sharing your birth story. I've never understand why people share them because they are so personal! I'm all about blogs and openness, but some things should be between you and your family and close friends. I really appreciate that. xo

  5. janel

    Having a new baby is hard sometimes. When I had my first I couldn't get anything done! And your blogging still! Your Amazing!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day :) the icecream looks lovely btw!

  7. omg that face!! your daughter is like a magical little gerber baby. simply gorgeous :)

  8. i love dia! and your beautiful photos. <3

  9. i know that feeling! only sometimes i actually do go ahead and lie down. & tell my husband i'm not napping, just "resting my eyes" xx

  10. I feel you on the naps. And I tried to end my night with cake, but the cake had gone bad *cries* Yay for unpacking that last box! Always a happy feeling!

  11. Adorable picture of Eleanor! Hope your sleep is full of good dreams…and restful of course.

  12. Elinore

    Your baby is just beautiful, as is you. And I must say what a great name.. from a fellow Elinore if spelt differently!! Love reading your blog!!

  13. colleen

    on my tired days at work, i daydream about sleeping under my desk, or in the bathroom. gross, but true. so i completely understand where you're coming from. hope you get a good night's rest!

  14. sara

    Your baby is adorable!!! But I'm sure you already knew that!!
    What kind of ice cream is that?? It looks homemade… share a recipe perhaps??

  15. Sarah

    Ooooh ya. I didn't sleep when my baby slept because up until 4 or 5 months old she always wanted to be held when awake. Now that she's curious and crawling I can now get stuff done when she's awake and SLEEP when she sleeps. It's awesome =)

    – Sarah

  16. Katie

    Ice cream in bed while watching a show sounds perfect!

  17. Flor

    how sweet- enjoy your rest! there's nothing like a nice sleep after a long day's work.

  18. renata

    i made cupcakes tonight and i am so so so happy, despite the fact that i will sleep 6 hours because here is already 1 o' clock…

    eleanor looks so so much like her daddy :)

  19. sweet dreams Naomi!

  20. That first picture is insanely cute. Is the second shot of y'all's ice cream?

  21. your daughter. is. beautiful!

  22. I work from home and every day I just want to lay down on the floor in my home office and take a nap, but I don't because I would feel guilty. Meanwhile, my baby boy (4months) is snoozing away in the living room with the babysitter!

    Yummy looking icecream! I always try to end the day with a little something sweet (maybe a little too much sometimes). :)

  23. MellyB

    Girlfriend, are those peaches in your ice cream? I don't even care if it isn't, lie and say it's so.

    Perfect summer treat. Yup, I'm going to recreate that in about thirty seconds.

  24. Colleen

    I can never resist showing my husband photos from your blog. He just said, "It's that cute baby!"

  25. what a sweet photo of your baby! she is so expressive

  26. I love evenings like those. my husband and i end our busy evenings by relaxing together, unwinding and watching our favorite show.

    Cant wait to see pictures of your new place!

  27. What a sweet girl you have!

    Hope you get some extra good rest!

  28. Gina

    wishine you a weekend with a lil happy nap or two for yourself :)

  29. Melany

    i love the voice, and dia too! her style is so cute.

  30. she's so precious!

  31. did you know "the voice" was originally a Dutch show :D? yeah sometimes my country has great ideas. i love little E's face, she is the most adorable baby i think ive ever seen.

  32. Two great photos! Long time reader, first time commenter, I think you have the most adorable baby I have ever seen, and if she were mine I would take endless photos too!

    Sweet dreams!

    The Naked Rose

  33. holymoly… she´s the cutest!!!

  34. she's sitting up on her own now?! i don't think that's allowed. she is not allowed to grow up this quickly!

  35. Hannah

    Perfect way to end a Thursday, actually any day would be ideal ending with ice cream & telly in bed. Hope you have a great Friday & thank you for sharing your fantastic blog.

  36. abby

    how can you not fall in love with those sweet baby rolls and wide eyes? eleanor is so lovely!

  37. Ha ! I'm melting like ice cream. Eleanor is so precious :)

    Bisous ! Fais de beaux rêves :)

  38. Luisa

    Eleanor is so cute.
    I just can't get over it. Everytime I see a picture of her I'm swooning!

  39. Kristin

    Gosh, she's so adorable! And having you two as parents, I'm sure she's got the sweetest disposition too!

  40. yay for sitting up! im waiting on that day that our baby can sit up..she is now just learning how to roll over! :D

    Nap/ psh I can only nap when baby allows it hehe

  41. oh my! that cute little face.

  42. dede

    Ending the day with Ice Cream is the perfect ending to a busy day…
    We are coming to your fair city next week…can't wait to take it all in. Where would be the one place for dinner that we should NOT miss???
    Happy Friday

  43. Yummm! That ice-cream looks amazing! I love finding new & peaceful ways to unwind before going off to bed. Enjoy catching up some much needed ZzzZzz (:

  44. That sounds like an awesome evening to me! Eleanor's face is so hilariously adorable in that picture. I think every time I click on your blog and see a new picture of her, I inhale and hold my breathe for a few seconds…because that's how I deal with overwhelming amounts of cuteness.

  45. Bonny

    Eleanor is just the cutest!!! How do you ever get anything besides baby girl done?

  46. I know that feeling… I want to nap because I am tired, but also because napping with my son is by far, one of my most favourite things to do ever. It's not even the napping together. It's the waking up together that kills me with love. xxo!

  47. What a great day! And yes….go Dia! ;)

  48. i can't wait until my little boy starts to sit up on his own! c:

    +i'm a dia fan too!

  49. Shannon

    Congrats on your move, the new queen sized bed, and E sitting all by herself! What a trio of things to celebrate…not that your household has been lacking celebrations recently!

  50. Yay, Eleanor! What a huge milestone! :)

    We are also big fans of The Voice over here. Have a great weekend!

  51. H.

    We've been watching the voice too- Totally voting for Dia as well- she's my favorite :)


  52. How do you ever get anything done when there is this amazing tiny being to be with???

  53. Kristen

    I HAVE to ask — are your glasses from Warby Parker? They are adorable! (:

  54. Gorgeous picture and that ice cream looks lush! x

  55. Lily

    Hang in there new-mama. You're doing an amazing job :)

  56. b.tsu

    it is quite possible that your baby is one of the cutest babies i will ever see.

  57. She's so yummy! Love her! I like Dia too!

  58. L

    So cute. Lovely blog!!

  59. Ugh. Iris fights napping too!

  60. KO

    Give it time… eventually she'll fall into a predictable routine and you'll be able to squeak a nap in here and there. I NEVER thought it would be possible with my little guy, but he's a great napper now (18 month). It gets easier… it really does.

  61. okay, the first picture of eleanor is to-die for!

  62. your little eleanor is such a beautiful bub. love the photo of her. very sweet. and the ice-cream looks so good! :-)

  63. Hailey

    You have the cutest baby ever.