tennis, then dinner.

last night the boys played tennis
and the girls prepped a little dinner for afterwards.
it’s a lot of fun having friends and new friends here in our home.
last night was a great evening. looking forward to more…
  1. MellyB

    That cake says, "Hello summer, why don't you stay a while."

    Looks like you ahve a great new dining room which means you'll probably have to throw a dinner party something like every eight days or so.


    Babies on daddies shoulders are one of the little things in life that are just meant to be.

  2. that cake looks gorgeous!! what kind is it? I know what you mean, our apartment is definitely too small to have numerous guests over so I can't wait for the day when we have a dining room table and even a guest room!! amber xo

  3. so good!
    and amanda is divine, isn't she?!

  4. Kristen

    those curtains are beautiful! looks like so much fun!

  5. that cake looks soooo yummy :-)

  6. Looks like E was the star of dinner :) The first picture of the guys is fantastic—they're perfectly in sync!

  7. i love this picture of community being captured in your images! what a fun meal too!

  8. aw…what a sweet post! Yay for new friends! We had a lovely time and I think it's only proper to let everyone know that the cake was SO delicious that I even had some for breakfast this morning. Yummmm.

  9. Rinda

    Hey, I know Cree and Amanda! Glad you met the best of people at your new place.

  10. Coco

    Where did you find a recipe for that cake?? It looks amazing!

  11. That looks like such a fun party!

  12. That cake looks unbelievably delicious! YUM! <3

  13. renata

    yum yum that cake!!
    my boyfriend always make one like that for my birthday ^_^yay for happy thoughts haha

  14. Kylee.

    Oh that looks divine!

  15. Sarah

    How fun! Having company over, especially when you move into a new place, is super fun. That cake with the raspberries on it looks sooooo amazing =)

    – Sarah

  16. colleen

    that cake! i love summer desserts so much. looks like a great night.

  17. Anna

    That food all looks so delicious! Especially the cake! YUM!

    And the babe.. as always, looking so so adorable! xoxo

  18. I love those curtains: very classic. My grandmother had lace curtains in the dining room, which is proof enough.

  19. That cake looks delish.

    And for sure, that's a Daddy's girl right there.

  20. It looks like you had such a great time. Your dinner looks delicious, especially that cake. I love this third photo with E in it…she looks like she just said something really interesting.

  21. Mrs. C

    Greet job to the ladies! The meal looks delicious! I made an easy meatball recipe….you should check it out!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  22. Heather

    Yummy dinner. Makes me want to have a fun summer dinner with friends too.
    Ok, I've got to know, where do you buy your daughters clothes?

  23. That first picture made me laugh out loud! Great shot!

    And the cake looks divine!

  24. Oh God, I stared at the second picture for like a minute, because of the cake. I am sure it tasted great.
    And of course the baby girl is at the head of the table ;)

  25. that food (and esspc. that cake!) look beautiful. cool tennis pic

  26. omg… the dinner looks so delicious!!!

  27. looks like so much fun! that cake looks delicious!

  28. Oh I am so jealous of your beautiful big table!

  29. we played tennis yesterday. my first time since playing since i sprained my ankle. can't wait to play again! so fun!

  30. Nicole Marie taught me how to play tennis yesterday and is helping me learn more today before we do a shoot!

    And yum to that cake…it looks majorly delic.

  31. I love that first tennis photo :D
    And that cake ! YUM !
    Eleanor is adorable as always :)

    Bisous !

  32. That cake looks just like one that I made once! Looks like much fun.. and Eleanor is so precious :)

  33. Uh, i would have thrown together a salad and some burgers but this…WOW. You made a spread and look at that cake….

  34. ohh look at that cake! i love these kinds of evenings with friends, new and old! the best. just the best.

  35. How sweet! This is just so lovely :) There's nothing in this world that i love more than friends and family!

  36. Ash

    how fun! having small dinner parties is always my favorite :) It's nice to get your friends together and spend time cooking/drinking wine ;) The boys looked like they were having fun too!
    PS may I have that cake? yes?! ok, thanks!

  37. janis

    oh amanda is so sweet! i like her a lot. looks like a lovely evening :)

  38. Looks amazing! I love dinner parties!

  39. Rachael

    That little girl of yours is so cute! I know you probably hear that all the tine, but she is!
    And also, I want to eat some of that cake!

  40. Bridget

    something about that first picture reminds me of an 'ok go' video. love it. and that cake. i'll take that too.

  41. of course eleanor has the table's full attention. of course she does.

  42. ag.

    Love that tennis shot!! And the little one?! Obviously a show stealer, SO adorable!

  43. Alexis

    That food looks YUMMY!!! You must share what you made for dinner. I wanted to dive into that salad, well I wanted to dive in mouth first to everything on that table!! And I love that smile your daughter has:)

  44. That meal looks like a picture from a magazine; great job! Looks like a fun night. :)

    ~ Angela

  45. so fun! Amanda and Cree are from my ward in Mi. Fun you connected while they are in DC :)

  46. Peach

    too cute

  47. I love that shot with of the three guys playing tennis. So fun!

  48. Nice photos!
    Your blog its the best!!!

    Carol from Brazil

  49. Breanna

    What a beautiful evening with friends. It's so wonderful to get together with people you love, is it not? (And if you have an adorable baby there, so much the better!)

    Those curtains are divine.

  50. Haven't checked on you in over a month and wowza {baby} things have grown! Seriously could eat that baby up. Motherhood looks fabulous on you as well cyber friend!

  51. How fun!

    We took a page from your NYC dinner book and finally tried Grimaldi's!! It was so delicious!!

  52. Amy

    Gorgeous! I love your green and red crockery pieces, especially that butter dish! And the cake stand! I'm going to look out for one like that now… And I love the lace curtains too. I can't wait to have lace curtains in our place. Love your style x

  53. Looks like a wonderful time! Love that raspberry cake and the sweet photos of Eleanor!

  54. s + b


  55. Oh my goodness, look at that table full of glorious food! It looks so delicious. I am a big supporter of the footed cake plate, it's nice to see one being put to use so beautifully. YUM!

  56. Just loved the table (I repinned on Pinterest). You guys look like you're having so much fun!! E is just gogeous!!

  57. Kristin

    I can't believe I'm just now finding your website. Love it!

  58. Wow–love the photos!

  59. n.jamar

    that cake is so beautiful! I'm definitely ripping off that idea.

  60. that pie looks amazing!!

    – juliet

  61. mbobm

    that cake looks like heaven!

  62. ooo look at that lace! so pretty naomi!