1. Sephira

    haha no it was not just you :P
    And it sure does look pretty cool and she just looks so cute and precious!!

    xx Seph

  2. :) I love the matching stripes! Adorable.

  3. girl, before i ever clicked that link i was hoping it was the miley skit.

  4. andrea


  5. my daughter and i totally have "complimentary" ensembles as I like to call them. and hair accessories too. go for it now as they'll quickly realize that dressing like their mother may or may not be something they want to be part of. Matching marinieres are particularly cute.

  6. I did that too, ALL the time! I had this one top my friend had too, so sometimes we would both wear it to school.

    Btw, I think Eleanor is so lucky to have all these pictures of her as a kid. I love looking back at old pictures, because my mom was kinda a camera freak, and it's nice to see what I've looked like trough the years. I know she'll appreciate it in a few years. Plus, she's ones of the cutes babies I've ever seen!

  7. I "accidentally" match my daughter all the time. It's fun when they are this young!

    You and Eleanor are too cute!

  8. i found a vintage mother/daughter dress set at an antique store once. i almost, ALMOST bought it.
    until i realized i was 19 and had no daughter.
    …but even then, i almost bought it.

  9. That's one of my favorite SNL skits of. all. time.

    Also, the two of you are adorable :)

  10. Mallory

    I love the Sunday's when my husbands tie is all matchy-matchy with me and my daughter.

  11. Liza

    This is adorable.


  12. No you're not alone. We are all in this together! Little E is growing so fast, she's so cute! x

  13. Kristie

    I love it. I do it on accident w/my son. Someone else is always pointing out how we are both in navy and white stripes. I guess I just can't help myself. Your darling is perfect. Congrats on the move. Your blog makes me happy!

  14. oh ya,
    matchy matchy is where it's at at age 8.

    oh, and the miley skit is hilarious! thanks for the reminder.

  15. colleen

    look at her face! she is so pretty! and if i had a daughter i would probably do the same.

  16. Arianna

    Not just you! Sometimes, my best friend and I still do that. Haha! So cute :)

  17. my husband, boys, and i always match on sundays at church. at first we started it out as a joke because my mom always matched colors with my dad, but then it just stuck.

  18. Nicole

    Love the photos!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  19. Sky

    That was totally me too! Even sometimes in college…

  20. Having a daughter is the BEST! p.s. love that skit, so funny :)

  21. Lol oh yes, I remember those days!

  22. Janie

    Oh you're definitely not alone in this department! me and my tot, we be matchy matchy too! :)

  23. She is too cute, I love the face! haha

  24. Liz V.

    I too loved being matchy-matchy as a child. And I still love it, in fact.

  25. larissa

    I don't have a child but I have a husband and I make him be matchy-matchy with me. And when I have a child, we will all be matchy-matchy.

    And I totally was that child, too. Always planning out my outfits with my friends because then we'd pretend we were twins.

  26. Emily

    I definitely did the matchy thing on purpose in elementary school, not on purpose in college with roommates (we'd end up wearing similar things without having seen the other person), and now again, on purpose with my daughter. :)

  27. Agreed! I used to coordinate with my friends too:) and good heavens your baby is cute!!!

  28. I like matchiness too! You have an adorable little girl! Just came across your blog, and love it!


  29. I've only gone as far as to match one our bathing suits… I dig periodically matching it up!

  30. i LOVE that you posted a miley skit from snl. LOVE it. i also love that you match your daughter, it's way cute. c:

  31. Celia

    aww so cute!! :)

  32. hanner

    chwhatever dad.

  33. I don't think there is anything better then matching…. with stripes involved. So cute.

  34. Sonja

    AWww! That's adorable!

  35. Sharon

    I do this with my 8 month old girl, we even have bathing suits that compliment each other which I swear was not intentional (but maybe in the back of my head…)! Might as well enjoy the sweetness of it now! :)

  36. My best friend and I would coordinate what we would wear on the phone every night for the next day at school. it usually worked well because we both basically only wore Gap clothes so it usually went: "ok lets wear the pink flowery leggings tomorrow and the purple flowery ones the day after". so much fun. I have a feeling when I have a little one I will also get way too into matching clothes! xo

  37. Rudi

    Your baby is getting prettier every day!! She's seriously rising to the top of my "Cutest Baby-Ooogle-Oooglge-Ohmygoodnessssss-look-how-ceeeeooooootttee!" List!

    love, rudi

  38. Awww, I do that too! Yesterday, all 3 of us (4 yr old and 3 month old) wore coordinating stripes! Sometimes unintentional. Like I accidentally put my daughter in her "big sister" shirt and my baby in her "little sister" onsie the other day.

  39. amber

    love the matching!! i totally used to do that :)

  40. LCR

    ohhh… I (and every other commenter, i'm sure) will confirm that this matching trend is sooo cool;)
    You and little Eleanor are the cutest.
    -L (long time reader, first time commenter.)

  41. Jenna E

    I love that picture of her!!

  42. Jenna E

    and yes matching was and still is cool. Remember friendship bracelets and necklaces? I am sure there are matching mommy and daughter charms out there! That would be sooo cute!!!

  43. Before having my baby girl, I always thought it was so strange when some of my friends were matchy with their little girls. And now I do it and do not care what anyone thinks! Why is it so fun? Love it.

  44. Crystal

    I have three girls, and sometimes I'll start packing us all into the car and realize that I matched us without even noticing it! And I'm always delighted. :D

  45. Ms. Dee

    Suuuuper duper cuteness!

  46. i still make plans to match my best friend.

  47. Kelsi

    My Mom and I used to match all the time, and I look back at those pictures, and I don't like to admit it, but I totally think it was so cute! :)


  48. Sarah

    I personally think rocking the matchy-matchy look is absolutely adorable. Might as well keep it up while she's too young to notice!

  49. Caty

    I saw this on Instagram! Love the stripes on you girls!

  50. I have three kids and I LOVE matching them on Sundays! I feel a little dorky sometimes, but I think it's adorable. You can only do it for so long!

  51. LOVE that miley cyrus sketch!!!! hahahaha love that you linked it!!!

  52. Bri

    You two are adorable!!

  53. Silvia

    So cute! <3

  54. I WISH I had a little girl to match with!! I like coordinate with my son, but it's not the same :)

  55. WhitMc

    Really cute! My best friend and I used to dress as "opposite twins." It was very clever. We would even trade one of our shoes so we would each have a black shoe and a white shoe. I don't know if that would go off as well with you and the baby though.

  56. Liz

    never seen a more beautiful blog with heart than here. o gosh, i love you.

  57. Alexis

    I did the same thing with my bestfriend! And I match both my children sometimes. It is always on accident, but still. I also know a family in my Ward who matches ALL of their children to eachother. They have 6 almost 7 kids and ALL the girls wear the same dress to match ALL the boys who wear the same sweater vest outfits. I'm pretty sure the older kids do not like dressing like their younger siblings anymore. Though they are all 12 years and younger:)

  58. I know you get ten thousand comments a day. You probably won't even read this.
    But I would just like to say,
    I am seventeen years old,
    I go to American Fork High School
    and I know of so many girls my age, who truly look up to you.
    You find beauty in the little things in life.
    You teach that it is okay to be home, it is okay to be a Mom.
    It is something wonderful, not something that ties you down.
    Thank you. You are making a difference.

  59. molly

    sometimes I will find that my boys and I will be matchy-matchy. accidental but super cute :)

  60. Haha that is super cute!!!
    xo, Kate

  61. *laughs* That is SO cute! For what it's worth, I'm 33 and proudly suffer from Matchy Matchy Disorder. At this stage, it's contained to my own clothing/accessory choices, but I dare say that if I am ever fortunate enough to have a beautiful lil girl like Eleanor, I'll be coordinating with her too ;)

  62. i cant wait until my daughter can walk..then were going to walk around dressing alike!!

    [email protected]

  63. Love it and I guess I am going to have to make you a pair of those pants, Naomi;)

  64. Rachael

    If I had a daughter, I would totally do the same! So cute.

  65. Holly

    i'm pretty sure you're top is from anthropologie, and i'm pretty sure i have the same one!! yay! we can match too!

  66. isyana

    *raising my hand guilty, i always unconsciously match my clothes with my baby sali. and consciously buying mini version of my shoes. ;D

  67. hello.

    haha! i still do that with my kids without thinking- and they're in middle school-oy!

  68. did we coordinate outfits? I hope so, I want to think we did. I do distinctly remember you having some super sweet shoes from payless that I lusted after. :) At any rate, we must have been best friends because I just found a picture booth of us the other day while moving that says "best friends" at the top. And it's on my list to send it to you. It was going to be a surprise…but I guess I just sorta ruined that…:) xxxooo

    p.s. the house and baby daughter (and mama) are absolutely lovely. I just about melt at every picture of that tiny sweet pea. How do you stand it?! :)

  69. baby eleanor is truly so darling! she already has charisma even so young!

  70. Annie


  71. I totally did that too! And how fun to know be able to do it with your daughter. :) Enjoy it now – she'll never let you when she's older!!

  72. _albina

    We also have matching dresses, and it is very cute.

    My Elizabeth is about 5 months older than E. Would be great to meet her and you some day.

  73. Liz

    Personally I find matching clothes to be quite fun and cool still. :p And to do it with a kid is like "Mommy & Me", which is totally adorable! :)