sarah in d.c.

one of my bestest friends ever, sarah, came to visit on saturday and it was such a treat to have her here and meet little e. sarah’s been dancing in LA for the last little while, so it’s been killing us both to have her so far away and not around to meet baby girl yet. but she was in new york for a few days to see her boyfriend’s play, so she took the bus down for the afternoon to spend a few hours with us. it means so much to me that she was willing to ride the bus to and from nyc all in one day! i speak from experience when i say that is no fun, let me tell you. so thanks, my dear, for doing that for us!
i’ll post more photos soon, because i got some darling ones of sarah and eleanor together. but this photo made me laugh so hard when i uploaded it so it gets its own little post… sarah, you are crazy and i love you. come back soon.
  1. So adorable! Isn't it the best to have friends who are willing to drive or ride really uncomfortable buses for long distances just to see you? I'm grateful that I have a few friends like that.

    I have to comment on both of your tops: LOVE! I'm in love with the colors and details! (And the matching stripes again…minus Eleanor though. haha!) ;-)

  2. LR

    Oh, the bus IS terrible. I rode it from Atlantic City to NYC one time- no idea what I was in for. Sounds like she's a great friend!

  3. i love her top… reuniting with friends is so much fun.

  4. Liza

    Best friends rock. This picture made me so happy.


  5. your top is adorable lady!

  6. Chelsea

    love your outfit!

  7. stella

    I love your blog but your posts are not very often
    PS.I admire to you
    eleonora is beautiful

  8. anthro needs to start commissioning you to wear their clothes. i'm thinking they should send you, like, each season's collection for free so you can model it…and then send everything to me when you're done.

  9. That picture is fabulous, and so blog entry worthy! I also reconnected with a long-distance bestie this weekend and it was divine. Yay!

  10. Sarah

    Aww it's always special when good friends come to visit when they don't live close. It feels like a little piece of home coming back. Your friend has a good name ;)

    – Sarah

  11. lauren

    Naomi, where is that fabulous shirt from!?

  12. aww that's awesome.

    …and what a great excuse to visit Cali, too ;)

  13. Allie

    Your outfit is to die for! Such a cute post also!

  14. Caty

    Can't wait for the photos. Very cute shirt!

  15. AJD ∞

    i love funny BFF photos. this one is hilarious!

  16. taza, you're just an inspiration. love you & all the goodness, happy moments you create and capture.

  17. oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh. i love this so much it hurts. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  18. Love your outfits – I must admit I am a bit biased as I own the stripy one your friend is wearing. Love your skirt too where is that from? xo

  19. Aren't friends the best. Friends and family make the world go round. I have done the bus from NY to Charlottesville, VA and it's not fun.

    Sidenote- you both look incredibly chic. All we need is E in her little stripey tee.

    PS- Do you know where Sarah's top is from?

  20. isabug

    I took the bus down to DC this weekend too (and am slowly getting used to it) :) It's so fun to have a girls weekend!

  21. you two are beautifullllll. really like your tops!!

  22. Lindsay

    Something about seeing a bestie is always good food for the soul. So glad you got to "eat!"

  23. LOVE the striped shirt! Actually, you both look fantastic!

  24. The both of you are so adorable!

  25. Sammy

    Where'd you get that shirt?!? I LOVE IT!

  26. @sammy, thanks, it's from anthro. i don't know where sarah's is from. will check with her. xo

  27. Okay, you are stunning.