reason #038 why i love summer.

seeing baby girl reach out and try to eat a watermelon?
pretty cute, summer. pretty darn cute.
cancels out the sticky humid weather, shattered iphone screen,
accidentally locked ourselves out of the house with an overheated bulldog,
and not getting much done on our to-do list week that we’ve been having.
it really does just keep getting better and better. you know?
  1. Nicole

    way to keep it on the bright side!!

  2. Iman

    but even in the midst of insanity, there are blessings to be found. :) Will say a prayer. Keep looking up! :)

  3. you've had a lot of challenges this past month, hang in there, Easy Street is most likely the next turn. xx

  4. Nicole

    way to keep it on the bright side!!

  5. Monique

    glad your enjoying the dog days of summer! yummy watermelon is just perfect for days like this glad the baby likes it!

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time today. You and your family are adorable! You've inspired me to document the little things. Such a treasure.

    Notes She Wrote

  7. It really does. Our daughter is 16 months old and we absolutely delight in her EVERY SINGLE DAY. LOVE this stage. :)

    Your girl is just precious!

  8. colleen

    so sweet. must be so fun to see her discovering new things every day!

  9. Liv

    When my daughter was E's age, she loved to try new flavors. But then she'd get this look on her face and my husband started saying what she must have been thinking:
    "There's very little milk in this!"

    It must be so amazing to try watermelon for the first time! I know my babe (and my dog) love it!

  10. Katie

    That picture of her eating the watermelon is so dang cute!

  11. way to think positive! Sometimes special moments come out of what seems like chaos.

  12. PJ

    You uses to be a dance teacher, right? Are you a stay at home mommy now?

  13. nina

    this post-photos are soo sweet! :)

  14. janis

    ahhh! summer is my absolute favourite too. i just went on a nice evening bike ride with my fiancé – there really isn't anything better!

  15. She is precious!!

  16. That little girl is really too precious…

    And boy, what's going on with you lately? :( Broken car, broken Iphone, locking out of the house… :(

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that this will get better soon!!


  17. Laura

    aw she is pretty cute! x

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  19. Eleanor is a very sweet baby, I follow the step by step, the growth of very fondly. I love a big smile.

  20. Charis

    Simply adorable!

  21. what a doll…

  22. Yeah, I've been having one of those weeks too

  23. Yes, so far this year the weather has been extremely icky in dc.

    For the iphone you might want to try ens tech. I haven't used them personally yet, as I haven't had the opportunity. Their yelp reviews are great. good luck!

  24. Hdub

    buy a new iphone screen! you can watch you tube videos to install and I bought my screen for around 7 bucks on amazon…way better than buying a new iphone….cheers. Love your style.

  25. Love it! Way to keep such a positive attitude, too. :)

    ~ Angela

  26. Haley

    is that a bumbo? those are the best! how cute is that little gal with her melon!?

  27. Cole

    Seriously probably the cutest baby girl I've seen! She makes me want to try for a girl to add to my bunch of boys. lovely pictures!