a birthday, anniversary + first father’s day, oh my!

fake pola from a few years back. tomorrow is my birthday, sunday we celebrate 4 (FOUR!!!!) years of married life as well as husband’s first official father’s day. did you catch all that? we have a lot to celebrate around these parts this weekend. so i’m off to find myself a cupcake or two before we really get this party started… enjoy your weekend!... Read more

diary by kingsley: i guess she can stay.

“hi friends, it’s me. kingsley. i’m sorry posting has been light these days in my diary. mom lost one of my favorite chew toys during the move so i haven’t been feeling like myself much lately. i’ve also taken up sunbathing on my new front lawn so that takes up most of my time these days.... Read more

eleanor + grandpa.

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grandpa and grandma davis have been in town the past few days and E is loving all the attention. here she is with her grandpa davis. they’re so cute together it kills me. ... Read more