this day was so busy. but it feels great to cross things off your to-do list. and reach milestones with your baby (we’re sitting up all on our own now!) and unpacking that last box felt pretty great, too. we ended the day catching up with our new favorite show, the voice (go dia!), on hulu in bed while eating ice cream.... Read more

lots of photos from my phone. from the weekend.

the weekend proved to be exciting, terrifying, good, bad, draining and magical, all in one. is that even possible? i think so. it was so up and down. we enjoyed celebrating my birthday, our 4 year wedding anniversary and father’s day, but there were a lot of moments in there that weren’t so hot. and i’m just really glad the weekend is behind us.... Read more

baby girl on the big bed.

these are from a few weeks ago, just after our new mattress arrived (i don’t think i’ve ever been so excited about something before- i do believe we are slowly moving up in the world, so long full sized mattress! hello queen!) anyway, i just can’t stop looking at these photos of eleanor on the bed.... Read more

happy 1st father’s day!

i have this teeny tiny suspicion that eleanor’s first word will be “dadda”. she’ll probably share her first secret with him, too. and i wonder if at some point she’ll begin to ignore me when her daddy comes home like kingsley does (he is so obsessed with josh it’s like he forgets who gives him the *extra* treats around here.... Read more