my giggly baby girl.

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oh eleanor dear, whatever did i do before you came along?
thanks for thinking i’m the funniest person on earth (for now),
and for your giggle. oh gosh, how i love love love your giggle.
  1. Kait

    So darling!!! Is there a sweeter sound than a baby's laugh?

  2. Ahhh, she is just adorable <3

  3. claire

    This is adorable. Such a happy little girl. x

  4. WhitMc

    Best sound ever! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Adorable! My daughter is the same age right now as well. It is delightful isn't it!?

  6. n, this makes me so excited to have a baby. oh goodness, i can't take the cuteness.

  7. tRiSh

    she's too cute! happy girl alright!

  8. Sephira

    Oh she is so adorable!!

    xx Seph

  9. Leah

    Oh my gosh. That is so freaking cute. Kate giggles from time to time, but not like that!! Darling.

  10. just could post eleanor videos on a daily basis and i wouldn't tire of it….just sayin'.

  11. for reals, best thing i've seen today! nothing is happier than a baby laughing!

  12. angie

    eeek! she is sooo adorable here. i love a baby's giggles.

  13. I'm studying for my last exam..and this made the thing better. :) cuuuuute!

  14. Could she get any sweeter?! Precious!

  15. Gaby

    So cute! Nothing better than a baby's giggle :)

  16. Emily

    So cute. :) I saw your video of kingsley when he was 7 weeks old hopping around playing with the pigs ear. I couldn't stop laughing. thanks! :D

  17. This is by far the most adorable thing I've seen in a loooonnng time!! She couldn't be cuter!!! xoxo

  18. Aw! I've been trained to listen to sound patterns and accents and lilts etc. and she is definitely trying to copy and anticipate your sounds – so cute! You can really hear it at 0:10 (you) and 0:12 (her) and then the sounds right after too where she repeats it to practice it lol! adorbs!

  19. Caty


  20. Kathy

    oh my gosh. this is the cutest thing i've seen all week!

  21. Abbey

    Oh, she is so darling! A baby's giggle is the sweetest sound.

  22. Katie

    HA Ha! That made me laugh out loud, not quite as adorable though. :)

  23. kwistin

    this is precious! thank you for sharing her giggle with us. i don't know of any happier sound in the world than a baby's laugh.

  24. oh my gosh she is so darling!

  25. Super cute, my kids loved it too. Convinced them a baby sister would be fun to have around after all.

  26. OMG so precious :) she's gorgeous!

  27. Sarah

    It's just the best thing ever when they start to giggle!!! It just makes you feel so special when they think you are the coolest mom ever. Motherhood is awesome and you have a super super adorable baby =)

    – Sarah

  28. Nicole

    She's adorable!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  29. omg what an adorable baby laugh!

  30. Kym

    I just watched this with my son in my lap (he's 5 moths) and he was so fixated on it. We watched it like 6 times. He thinks Eleanor is pretty funny. loved it!

  31. Camille


  32. Renée

    Aww so cute! xo

  33. Sini

    so cute!

  34. Naurnie

    are you kidding? that is the cutest ever. she seems like such a happy girl, and with such a sweet spirit. you and josh are lukcy!

  35. jenny

    oh my goodness. the laughter of your baby could send someone to the moon. I think that hearing your own baby laugh IS Heaven. Now… I'm not one that can say she knows all about Heaven. But if I could put money on it… I'd put money on the fact that a baby's giggle is part of Heaven.

  36. amy

    you just made my day! my favorite thing to do is watch baby videos on youtube! I love the one of the little boy who giggles every time he rips a piece of paper. And then he laughs so hard he tips over…

    So cute!

    amy @ glass confetti

  37. .

    oooooh my goooood, what a cute blog. and your baby, oooh, she's soooo sweet! i'm speechless.


  38. Erin

    O my goodness! She is so precious! If I wasn't a total stranger, I would pick her up and give her a big kiss on the those chubby little cheeks! So cute! You are a lucky mamma. :)

  39. Awhh those chubby little cheeks when she giggles!She's soo adorable & it's so funny to hear you trying to make her laugh , i think it's awesome how children bring out the childish side of their parents. She's so precious & ahhh you're one lucky mummy! (:

  40. Someday

    Is it possible she is doubling in cuteness each day?

  41. Alex

    Baby giggles are pretty much the most precious things ever!!

  42. Maria

    She. Is. Too. Cute!

  43. So cute!

  44. Janni

    She is so cute! :-) It must be adorable to have such a cute baby :)

  45. Oh my she's a happy baby! I love those baby giggles :)

  46. Rachael

    That is adorable!!! You're two very lucky parents!

  47. Anna

    What a darling baby girl!

  48. ashley

    SO CUTE!

  49. Crystal

    I check your blog all the time but don't usually leave comments – but that is just the cutest thing!! our little boy is 10 wks today and I can't wait till i get some giggles out of him! Enjoy the DC heat – I have the fire going today down here in NZ

  50. Emily

    Oh so cute! She is absolutely beautiful. My baby has just started to laugh too and we love it! I think they are very close in age. Feb 4 is her birthday. It's been fun to see the same happenings little E is doing with my girl.

  51. Beccy

    I really really love your blog. You and your family are so cute. Your a really really beautiful woman :)

  52. joolee

    she's so darling! and my daughter (11months) is sitting here laughing along with her…

  53. Bless her and bless you for sharing. I may be hormonal, I am 35 weeks on Wedneday but this vid made me teary with joy. Can't wait for my arrival. So blessed x

  54. Oh I have no words for this amount of cuteness! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful snippets.

  55. Love this!! She is too too adorable – and when my 3 year old son heard the giggles on my laptop – he came over and waved hi!!

  56. Jenna

    Love this video! Made my day.