lots of photos from my phone. from the weekend.

the weekend proved to be exciting, terrifying, good, bad, draining and magical, all in one. is that even possible? i think so. it was so up and down. we enjoyed celebrating my birthday, our 4 year wedding anniversary and father’s day, but there were a lot of moments in there that weren’t so hot. and i’m just really glad the weekend is behind us.
here are a few photos of the better moments of our weekend according to my iphone, and yes… that’s our car all wrecked midway down (although not a better moment of the weekend, but fortunately no one was hurt, so i guess it counts as a good thing? although our car didn’t make it out so well…) what is it about our car luck around this time of year? hopefully we’ve paid our dues and this won’t be a reoccurring thing come june 2012.
onto some photos….

  1. Kate

    These pictures are so sweet! (Except for the car one, of course! So sorry to hear about that!) I love the coloring in all of them!

  2. Sorry about the car. But you have the most gorgeous loving family to make up for it! :)

  3. Sorry about the car. But you have the most gorgeous loving family to make up for it! :)

  4. Ashley

    I'm glad you guys are ok! What a bummer thing to happen during all the celebrating that was happening.

    As always though, little Eleanor is adorable and such a sweet baby.

  5. Lyndall

    Is it weird that I'm jealous of Eleanor's wardrobe? Baby girls get the cutest things. I want that dress in my size!

    I'm glad that you had a good weekend, aside from the car accident. ♥

  6. These pictures are adorable. Even the car one. I;m sorry about the accident; y'all need some good car karma!

  7. aw, car wrecks are never any fun, especially not during your birthday! good thing no one was hurt though! the baby pictures are adorable.

  8. These pictures are just so sweet! :) Thank you for sharing these little moments with us! and can i just say i wish E's dress came in my size!!

  9. Delaney

    Oh gosh, baby E is getting cuter and cuter by the day. Looks like you got in a little fender bender! Sorry about that :)

  10. loving your hair in that 5th picture. what a chic mama you are!

  11. Happy Birthday!! Congrats on your wedding anniversary. You are very blessed no one got hurt in the car crash. Love the pics of the little munchkin!!!

  12. Another car crash?! Geez, I'm still not over the beetle being gone. I'm glad everyone was okay! although, that birthday cake looks almost as dangerous as the car wreck! You guys really know how to live on the edge.

  13. oh my goodness, i'm sorry to hear about your car! i'm glad you're all alright :)
    aside from that, may i just say you are the cutest family ever? e is so so sweet, i just melt every time you post a new photo. what a little charmer she is! (and she is clearly so charmed by her daddy!)
    p.s. i love your hair-styles!

  14. amanda

    yikes, about the accident. really happy to hear everyone is okay, though. like my dad always says: cars are replaceable…people are not.

    the pictures are dazzling. i hope you enjoyed your birthday/anniversary/josh's first father's day!

  15. you have the most darling baby girl. you must want to bite those little cheeks all day!


  16. Katie

    The picture of you and Eleanor is amazing. You are beautiful.

  17. Leila

    Happy Wedding anniversary! I had my first wedding anniversary this sunday and I love being young and married!! Now I'll just hope I will be blessed with a cute baby, like yours, soon!!

    Love your blog and sorry if my english is not perfect ;0)


  18. lovely lovely pictures

  19. Maren

    Your baby is so cute!

  20. Baby E is the happiest, smiliest baby I have ever seen EVER!


  21. You are soooo beautiful! and your baby is so gorgeous!!!

    have a great day!

  22. Kylee.

    Oh shoot! I'm sorry about the car! what happened? So glad everyone is okay.
    Your pictures are so pretty. thanks for sharing! totally brightens up my day

  23. colleen

    glad no one is hurt! your little peanut gets cuter by the day.

  24. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…the facts of life. The facts of life! Sing it with me…

    Glad everyone made it out of the accident unscathed…and on the bright side, what a cool picture of Eleanor and husband with the cop!

  25. Eleni

    Urgh, I too am in Car Hell this week – the littel bugger s costing me a fortune and consistently disappointing me! Oh well, let's all look at another adorable picture of Eleanor shall we?…Ah, that's better :)

    Happy birthday!

  26. Rhianne

    oh no, I saw your car on twitter, how awful, I'm glad you are all ok though.

    The photo of the three of you together is lovely :) and I love E's dress, so cute.

  27. Ayan

    omg so cute!!!!!!!! you have a beautiful family!
    lots of love, ayan

  28. goodness. car accidents are unnerving as they are, i can't imagine how scary it would be with a baby in the car.

  29. naomi:

    so sorry to hear about your car (that's such a bummer), but everything else looks wonderful! baby e just to pretty for words and it looks like you had fun celebrating :)

  30. I love your hair like this!

  31. Coco

    Sorry about the car! But besides, that every picture is adorable, especially the ones with baby E in them!

  32. LRC

    : / i am so sorry about your car trouble.

    but that cake! the little dress w/the girls on it! it's all so wonderful :D

  33. Kym

    :( that's a bummer about your car. I'm so sorry. The last pic of Josh and E is adorable. It definitely captures the essence of father hood, I think :) As does the one with her little hand on his chin, so sweet. I hope you had a good birthday and anniversary!

  34. Eeek! No bueno! I've been happy to put the last two weekends behind us!

    And hoping that this one will be better… for all of us! :-)

  35. I swear Eleanor is the sweetest baby! I love all of these pictures (especially the one of you in glasses and baby Eleanor smiling!) and I'm so sorry to hear about your car troubles! At least everyone is safe and sound! <3

  36. oh no! i'm glad everyone is ok, but man you guys have the worst luck with cars. :( i still wince every time i drive over those big sewer drains coming up capitol hill after your experience.
    how's the wagon taking it?

  37. I'm so glad no one was hurt – how scary. Eleanor is so beautiful! My favorite photo is her examining her foot. :-)

  38. That last picture is fantastic but…. you knew that.

  39. sorry about your car! that's the pits.
    eleanor is so stylin. i love that dress!!!

  40. That has to be the most cutest picture ever. Your husband with the baby and the cop.

    Please upload that pic in MEGA size!

  41. Melissa

    What is the best way to post multiple instagram photos onto blogger? I love your frequent collections.

  42. PJ

    i second melissa's question — how do you dump your iphone photos onto your computer to publish on the blog? is there an easier way than emailing them to yourself, downloading and formatting?

  43. Alex

    Despite the unfortunate car wreck, at least you had special things to celebrate. AND you have that gorgeous little girl to stare at all day! :)

  44. @melissa and @PJ, i email them to myself and then take a few quick screen shots of them altogether to post. it doesn't take very long, maybe ten minutes? i'm not sure if there is an easier way- but that's all i know. :)

  45. your pictures are adorable and your style to die for! love love love this blog xxx

  46. Rudi

    So sorry about your car trouble :( That makes my head hurt just seeing it.
    But you looked gorgeous and your baby's dress was the prettiest little fluffy thing I've seen all day! It was a memorable weekend, at the least, right?

    love, rudi

  47. Oh my goodness, I will never get tired of seeing pictures of your beautiful baby!

  48. I just love all of your baby's clothing- so precious!


  49. The glass if half full: that was the BEST part of your weekend, thank God no one got hurt! Love your little lady and her cute little dress. Happy celebrations to you!

  50. Anca

    Eleanor is so smiley! It's adorable how she loves hanging out with Josh.

  51. Alexis

    I LOVE that dress little E has on in these pictures!!!!! I wish my almost 4 year old daughter was that small again so I can get that dress for her!!!! Do you have any cute little boy outfit ideas to share for my 7 month old son??? I am also jealous of her wardrobe.

  52. Lori

    I'm so sorry to hear about your car. That will put a damper on a weekend of celebration. Crossing my fingers that this is your last car trouble.

  53. Zoya

    E's dress is adorable. Where is it from if you don't mind me asking.

  54. Happy Happy Birthday! What happened to your car???

  55. Anna

    Little E's dress is so pretty! I love it!
    I'm glad no one was injured in your car wreck. Those are always so scary.

  56. im not sure if you answer questions. but what are your tricks to taking your baby girl out in public? i know my baby is 3 months old and there is a small window of time where he isn't napping. is she able to fall asleep easy out an about? how do you do it when she hates the car seat like my boy? often times that takes up all the time. i'm pretty impressed by all the restaurant pictures with her. such a beautiful girl she is.

  57. i love reading your blog and your baby girl is the cutest. seriously like so cute! :)

  58. very cute…Love your little ones dress.

  59. not sure who asked specifically, but eleanor's dress is by Marmellata.

    and @denise murphy, we've taken eleanor out with us since she was just a few days old, so i think she's grown accustomed to the noise of a restaurant, etc. she really liked people and interacting with everyone, so i think she prefers it. (although she just realized she has volume in places with an echo so she likes "talking" loudly these days which might put a halt on our outings to a few places. i don't have her on a strict daytime nap schedule yet, so she falls asleep when she wants/ stays up/ etc. i should probably work on getting her onto a better schedule, but i've just let her schedule adapt to ours more or less (besides at night, when i put her down around 9pm every night.) i know all babies are different so yours just might prefer something else. sorry i'm not of more help!

  60. Love, love, love!

    Every time I see your little baby fashionista, it inspires me for whenever I have a baby…. One day… A ways from now… :) I'm gonna' make that baby stylin'! <3

  61. AH!!! She looks so cute in the dress! So glad it fits and looks so awesome!!! Glad everyone likes it, also!

    so sorry to hear about the accident though. Only a special kind of family can make a car accident look that chic.

  62. Lexi

    That first picture is fabulous – the dress, the green pot, her face!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  63. WITTY

    Who makes your glasses??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! If you could comment or shoot me an email ([email protected]) or comment back i'd really appreciate it! :)