1. Kate

    Her little toes! So precious.

  2. Amy

    Don't you just love watching your husband and little girl love on each other? It's my favorite thing in the world to see mine playing!

  3. do you ever look at her and think… dang, she's so cute I could eat her up and be pregnant again… hahahaa soooo cute!!! and curious – does she get SUPER sweaty in the carseat during the summer – especially with the humidity where you are… cuz it's pretty bad in socal for the babies here, my own included.


  4. oh my goodness…Eleanor is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Precious.

  5. that love between those two is so visible. very cute.

  6. adoraBLE!! Love the pics:)

  7. @supa flowa powa, YES. we think the ventilation in our car seat only encourages it… it doesn't breathe well. poor girl always have a sweaty back after the car ride. i'm surprised in socal you have that problem since the humidity isn't as terrible… so sorry!

  8. Pattie

    Oh my goodness to precious!! I know you enjoy every moment of it :D

  9. Bridget

    your people. love it. so sweet.

  10. Emily

    This is one of your simplest entries and perhaps also my favorite.

    So glad to see you relishing in your new life as a mama.

  11. Ah, so refreshing to see parents taking time out to really just 'be' with their babies! You guys are too lovely!

  12. My goodness! So precious :) I wish you guys all the best.

  13. Family is a wonderful gift!

  14. Precious! She is just staring at him with googly lovey eyes…you are blessed to have such a wonderful family.

  15. precious times ten. xx

  16. Alisha

    Absolutely precious!


  17. She has his smile <3

  18. Berni

    what a special moment you captured, adorable! x

  19. Jessica

    Super cute, She just keeps getting cuter!
    What kind of car seat do you use? I'm looking for a car seat for our baby boy due in october!!

  20. These are the sweetest pics…of course I think that's what I say every time I see Eleanor. She's so cute. Sometimes looking at your pics makes me look forward to being a mom someday :)

  21. MellyB

    I find myself saying that ten thousand times a week! "How did I get so lucky? Life is so perfect. My baby is the cutest, sweetest thing to ever grace this planet and the general population of earth should acknowledge this."

    Isn't being a family just the best thing ever?

  22. i'm thinking about how special it would be to have baby pics like this with my dad (i probably do somewhere) and how much i'd love to see them as an adult. suffice it to say, i think eleanor will really appreciate all the dad/daughter photoshoots someday.

  23. Dani

    YAY for your people!!!

  24. i love pictures of baby Eleanor <3

  25. So beautiful :) You are blessed beyond measure x

  26. Malin


  27. Hi, i follow your blog regularlly and LOVE reading it, while on my blog last night i came across a young girl named Alice Pyne, if you could possibly look up her blog then make a small post so that all of your followers will maybe read and learn about her. im just trying to spread her story. :} thank.
    btw you have a BEAUTIFUL family, especially kingsley.

  28. Precious. Truly. Your baby's smiles are the CUTEST.

  29. Precious. Truly. Your baby's smiles are the CUTEST.

  30. Taylor

    So precious, I can't get over it. :)

  31. Huddyma

    She's adorbs, as always! I loved the watermelon twit pic last night too!

  32. M a i

    I am so in love with Eleanor and your family pictures! :))
    Greetings from Germany <3

  33. So precious. Her little toes are just too adorable for words :)

  34. These pictures are the cutest (and Eleanor's baby toes are the sweetest little things)! There is so much love in your little family and I can not thank you enough for capturing that love and sharing it with us all. <3

  35. this is adorable! thanks for sharing.

  36. Emily

    we were just with our friends who's baby is 5 mos and i love seeing the joy and happiness in their faces too, whenever they look and interact with their little one. you can tell how much you love little e, it's so amazing!

  37. Alivia

    Ohhh sweet Eleanor! Look at how she's stretching like a dancer already :)

  38. Sarah

    Those kinds of pics are the best! I love the daddy daughter relationship. It's so different then the mommy daughter relationship and so wonderful to watch. I have a pic of my baby at about this age stroking my husbands face while she's in our bed. I melt everytime I see it. Mommyhood is awesome =)

    – Sarah

  39. daddy & daughter, what a beautiful moment! they look like they already have such a sweet relationship :)

  40. yup. that is about as good as it gets. ;)

  41. "my people" i love it.

  42. this is precious…father & daughter moment. i can't wait till i have a daughter!

    she's really beautiful… :)


  43. Lex C.

    aww i love you guys. i can't get enough of reading this blog

  44. Mrs. C

    This just melts my heart! Can't wait to have one! I've got some fun recipes up for July 4th (aka pretty pictures)

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  45. so sweet. isnt this just what life is all about!?

  46. And yes, E and Dash most definitely shall date, and probably wed, so then we can be friends other than over the internet.

  47. abby

    my heart just melted a whole lot.

  48. i love how in the last picture you can really visualize what your hubby will look like in 20 years… in a good way! I bet he will just get more distinguished :)

  49. I love reading your blog!!! I grew up in Midlothina, VA and would babysit your husband from time to time. I am so thrilled that the two of you have found each other you look so happy and in love. I am not sure if Josh would remember me he was about 6 or so when I left for BYU. He was and I am sure still is such a tender/kind spirit. I wish you continued happiness and joy!!!

    Melissa Anderson Wiedrich

    P.S. Eleanor is precious:)

  50. her foot in that first pic melts my heart!! maybe a future ballerina like her beautiful momma?? :) and because i don't feel like posting twice – in the first pic of her in the 'crepe post' above E looks so much like your brother (isaac?) has anyone else in your fam felt that way?

  51. jlc

    Your people are precious!!

  52. My heart just melts at this. Wonderful people, indeed <3