happy 1st father’s day!

i have this teeny tiny suspicion that eleanor’s first word will be “dadda”. she’ll probably share her first secret with him, too. and i wonder if at some point she’ll begin to ignore me when her daddy comes home like kingsley does (he is so obsessed with josh it’s like he forgets who gives him the *extra* treats around here. ugh.) i have this teeny tiny suspicion she’ll be a daddy’s girl. i already see it beginning…slowly, but surely, i’ll be the outsider in this family. and i guess that’s ok. because they’re pretty cute together. and you know, i’m all about cute things. ;)
happy father’s day to all the wonderful dads out there, to my own father and father-in-law who we love and admire so much, and a very happy 1st official father’s day to my love (and 4 year wedding anniversary today, too!) i like seeing you as a dad, josh. it’s super sexy. i love you.
  1. larissa

    you have such an adorable family. your daughter is so precious! i cannot wait to see my husband as a father, because i know he'll be super sexy, too. haha i totally get it =]
    i hope you have a wonderful family weekend!

  2. Lyndall

    She is such a mini-Josh too! I think E. is the smiliest, happiest baby ever.

    I hope Josh had a wonderful first father's day! ♥

  3. Bri

    awww, what an extra special day for your family! hope you have a lovely day celebrating :)

  4. Gaby

    Too cute! Happy father's day to your mister – he looks like the happiest dad ever. x

  5. the happiest (and probably cutest) father/daughter pair in the world.

  6. That photo is so sweet. I'm super super close to my mom but I4m a complete daddy's girl. You can definitely have the best of both worlds :)

    Bisous !

  7. Happy father's day :)
    Mostly the dauthers are daddy girls and the sons are mother sons ;)

  8. amber

    this is so sweet :)

  9. nina

    happy father's day and a happy wedding anniversary! you're family is so cute and nice, have a nice day!

  10. Happy Father's Day to you guys! It is wonderful to see husbands as dads, isn't it? I love it, too!

  11. she is probably the happiest baby on earth. seriously. and her dimples kill me! so cute.

  12. Your predictions sound so familiar!! My baby girl was saying dad from 6 months old! And she didn't start saying mom till she was almost one. And the whole ignoring thing? That was totally my baby!! haha them girls like their dads. Eleanor is THE sweetest thing!

  13. Meagan

    Okay. Love your blog SO much. And little Eleanor??? I may be obsessed with that adorable smile of hers. I know I'm partial to be a mommy of an adorable baby girl TOO, but Seriously??? SERIOUSLY??? Eleanor is BEAUTIFULLLLLLL!!!! I wouldn't expect anything less from you two making a baby! Happy Father's Day!!

  14. Oh my gosh she is such a bundle of cute! Happy 1st daddy's day Josh :)

    Saw a bulldog on Capitol Hill yesterday and did a double-take thinking I was going to get to meet Kingsley finally… but alas, this BD was SOOOO not as adorable as Kingsley is :) tee hee

  15. Happy first Father's Day to your hubby, and a very happy fourth Anniversary to you both–you have the best present in Eleanor! :)

  16. So sweet :) Happy fathers day to your husband!

  17. Happy Father's Day! E and Josh are such a cute little pair and yes I can totally see E as a daddy's girl. Spoken from a true one:) XO

  18. Kids shouldn't be allowed to be so cute!! :D Happy Father's Day!! :D

  19. Flor

    That baby is so adorable, and for sure she'll be a daddy's girl! Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be a mommy's girl, too- she has so much love for everyone :)

    happy father's day.


  20. so cute :)! happy 1st fathers day to your man!

  21. she is honest to goodness THE most beautiful little girl i have ever seen! i can't help but think so every time i see a new post of yours :)



  22. love this!! you guys are so adorable :)

  23. Those pics are priceless. LOVE the look on both their faces.

  24. Awww. I don't think there's anything that will break you three musketeers. You three are the cutest thing together. Happy Daddy Day Josh!

  25. Oldest daughters are always daddy's girls. It's just how the world works. But it's a beautiful thing.

  26. Oldest daughters are always daddy's girls. It's just how the world works. But it's a beautiful thing.

  27. colleen

    i love this so much. a first dad's day and you guys are still so much in love 4 years later. yay for you. hope your weekend was awesome.

  28. Betsy

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  29. Betsy

    I'm the first born daughter and one of three girls. I'm a daddy's girl, I love him so much. But my bond with my mum is something I cant describe. Actually it doesn't need words.. she just knows. You can see that E loves being with her daddy…. but in the photo on the right she is looking at you..

  30. a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. I know I'm going to think of my future husband in fatherhood as sexy too someday. Men and babies just go together in the cutest way. :)

  31. just stumbled upon your blog….love it! you have an adorable little family :) blessings!

  32. I just love the way Eleanor seems to be looking at him in the first picture… I just can't get enough of her! Happy Father's Day Josh! And I hope you had a birthday that's as wonderful as you are Naomi!! =)

  33. renata

    you rockstars!
    sooner than later you'll have a baby boy that is aaaalll for you, girl! ha! :)

  34. Sarah

    My Samantha's first word was Momma, then it changed to Bobba (even though she doesn't use bottles lol) and now she is stuck on Dadda. She said momma for only a week too and she's been saying dadda FOREVER! But it melts my heart seeing her with my hub.

    – Sarah

  35. Erin

    aw so cute!!



  36. Caddy

    What a sweet post with such cute photos!

    Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

  37. sweet post you guys are too cute!

  38. Mrs. C

    She may say dada first but she will be a momma's girl too! Hope the weekend of birthdays and anniversary was great!

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  39. Carly

    too cute! happy first father's day :)

  40. happy 1st fathers day!!! already an amazing daddy!

  41. I'm glad you have a positive attitude about Eleanor being a "daddy's girl" because when it hits, it hits hard!!! LOL!! My baby girl is 13 months old and she eats, sleeps and breathes her daddy!! She also happens to look just like him (of course!!). At least you have the dominant genes in the relationship!! : ) Truth be told, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world and I knew as soon as we found out we were having a girl it would be just this way. So, so sweet!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  42. Hannah

    aww this is so cute! ha i have to admit i am such a daddy's girl, but my little brother's have always been mammy's boys so i guess it evens out!! haha



  43. oh my goodness your family is adorable. and your man! fatherhood is totally irresistible.

  44. Emily

    You'll just have to have another and let it be a mama's boy!
    I have one, and it's great!
    Be thankful that E has a wonderful father in her life!

  45. They ARE very cute together. :)