1. you all look so happy :))

  2. Her smiles make my heart melt :)

  3. Heidi

    I love your darling blog and have been following it for a while now. I always thought your hubby looked familiar and then I finally put it together. I am from Jacksonville, FL and Josh was in my stake. He was much younger then me and friends with my dear friend Kristin Robinson. Anyways, small world and so fun to see your sweet little life!! My name is Heidi Russell, but my maiden name is Heidi Stansbury.

  4. e is adorable! these pictures make my heart melt :)

  5. your little lady is the cutest thing ever. I really look forward to seeing pictures of her (and of Kingsley!) every time I visit your blog :)

  6. Naomi, I love reading your blog. You use the tilt shift so well in Instagram. :-)

  7. howdie there… love your blog- really love your pics! can you tell me what iphone app you used for the pics in this post please, please? I want to buy a digital canon and two lenses- any recommendations? thank you for inspiring me.

  8. Eleanor is such a happy baby! May God keep blessing her.

  9. These all look so classic and wonderful. Baby Eleanor will love to look back at these one day! Personally, I wish there were more photos of me and my grandparents floating around! These are super special <3

  10. Monique

    Isn't seeing your daughter with her grandparents the best! So much love and laughter

  11. kelci r

    ooh your little eleanor is just the cutest thing in the world :)

  12. Oh my gosh! That second to last photo on the bottom! What a beautiful shot!

  13. Ashley

    I can't get over how Eleanor smiles in every picture! It's just the sweetest little smile.

  14. Pilar

    e is absolutely adorable. i love all of these photos! xx

  15. I love the quality about these photos. Grandma and grand baby look just so happy in the first photo on the left. Gorgeous.

  16. nicole

    E makes the cutest faces! You can tell she is adored by her g-parents, as she should be! They look so proud and happy. Super-sweet. Thanks for sharing. xo.

  17. hi there, i stopped by to say hello at shake shack last night. just wanted to thank you for being so gracious :) it was really lovely to meet you.

  18. @nicole, it's the instagram app for the iphone.

    and @vintage jeannie, thanks for the comment and for saying hello last night! was great meeting you! you're so sweet!

  19. Laura

    i LOVE the photos of your baby! :) so cute!

  20. 2busy


  21. Her smiles are TOO cute!!

  22. Lauren

    Your blog is NOT good for my health! I'm a newlywed of 2 weeks and all your precious baby pictures makes me want one! Congrats on having THE cutest little girl!

  23. Erin

    Beautiful pictures! I see many similarities in your grandmother's face and baby E's.

  24. Sara

    She looks like the happiest baby I've ever seen! Adorable.

  25. is little miss E always as happy as she looks?? she is so adorable!! i hope my someday-baby is as content as she is :)

  26. Nathi

    Your family is SO adorable <3

    the baby is just lovely :3 Congratulations (:

  27. Ok, ok, ok, I know your baby is cute but I still cannot get over pictures of her. She's so precious! Love her cute smile. She's not helping my being baby-hungry! :)

    ~ Angela

  28. cute pics! hey random question, what app do you use to take those pics? love the effects!

    Better tell ROMNEY and YOUNG that EDWARD MEESE talking about DUKE seeds and " THE DUKE".
    And both don't even " care" anymore…and that means
    " Carmen".

  30. You seriously have the cutest girl! :) Last night I had a dream that we had come to U.S. and I was telling everyone that I have to go to Washington to take pictures from Eleanor! :)

  31. the last photos, the one on the left looks like it's plucked out of a movie. i love it!! xx

  32. these pictures touching me a lot ! the beauty of your grandmother and grandfather is unforgettable !!

    thank you a lot to share with us these beautiful moment…

    bye ! nadia

  33. wow could iphone pics be any better?! amazing shots, makes me crave the iphone 30x's more.

  34. Flor

    that is so precious. You're daughter is a love magnet- she gives love to everyone and gets love back :) Thanks for sharing- she really is precious.


  35. such precious and sweet moments you've captured! i love all the precious faces she makes :)

  36. i saw a tweet that you are going to philly. you must try:

    brown betty cupcakes in northern liberties (they just opened a new, bigger spot on 2nd!). that is right across from green eggs cafe, a good breakfast spot. honey's, another breakfast/brunch spot is a few blocks away on 4th and brown, but crazy packed if you don't get there before 9am.

    the race street pier just opened. it is now a little park that was once a dingy ol' pier.

  37. ps: you can also get lunch/dinner at honey's– i hear the burgers are good. i wouldn't know, i don't eat meat… but i do like their veggie burger! :)

  38. Whitney

    such a happy baby! love it!

  39. Such gorgeous pictures! It's so great to see such a sweet close family!!!

  40. So lovely :)
    this blog its the best ever! :)

  41. Chelsea


  42. Hi there! Madly in love with your blog and your precious family. I have been hooked on you for months! We are expecting our first at the end of January and I LOVE your travel system. When you have a moment would you mind sharing what it is? I have been looking an unable to find it online. THANKS!

  43. How adorable! Your family is so cute – I just love all your photos. :)