eleanor + grandpa.

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grandpa and grandma davis have been in town the past few days
and E is loving all the attention. here she is with her grandpa davis.
they’re so cute together it kills me.
  1. does everyone tell you she looks exactly like josh? that's kind of all i see when i look at her. (well, once i get over the cuteness of her constant euphoria and never-ending chub rolls, then i move on to the josh resemblance.)

  2. Oh, she is just the CUTEST! I can't get over the pictures of her!! And that smile!!

  3. claire

    Eleanor, you make me so clucky it's just not funny x

  4. aww how super adorable!! love her outfit too :)

  5. she is SUPER CUTE!!

  6. Lyndall

    Aww, so sweet! She is the happiest baby ever. I'm so happy for your little family, this season of your lives seems like it is so magical for you all!

  7. Maria

    She is too cute!

  8. colleen

    look at those thighs! love it.

  9. She is beyond adorable! Look at those little legs :)

  10. Renée

    she is so pretty! wow!

  11. becky

    Family is a truly wonderful thing. And that little girl of yours gets more and more beautiful.

  12. I really love the yellow stripes…so cute. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera/lens are you using? (I noticed your FAQ page is down!)

  13. Kirstin

    she looks like she is always so happy :) and I'm sure she is with such a loving family

  14. she is so cute ! ♥

  15. She's got the cutest face and thighs!!!

  16. Caty

    Ahhh, look at those chubby thighs! To die for. I love rolly babies!

  17. Abi P.

    Baby E is just so adorable! & her little rolls are soooooo CUTE!! :D

  18. oh my goodness! her little thighs are the cutest thing i have ever seen. so so adorable!

  19. Libby

    What is that jumper?! I love it so.

    Oh, and of course the little lovely inside of it is precious. Really-that picture just made my day. So sweet.

  20. Lol that face! She just tugs at my heartstrings :D

  21. omgosh! she is sooo cute I'm in love with her adorable outfit!!

  22. I can see why it kills you. It's killing me. And that outfit!!

  23. I can't get over how adorable her smile is! She really is a rockstar baby.

  24. Kayla

    you probably don't truly appreciate how awesome it is to have a smiley baby. take it from someone who has a happy but serious child– enjoy every single beautiful smile. and E's smiles are sure beautiful!

  25. Those rolls are too cute and she always has the most wonderful grin on her face. What a HAPPY BABY!

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  26. Hello…Love your blog!!! I will be in D.C for two weeks the end of June…would LOVE to get your top five places we should eat!!! Thanks so much!

  27. carissa

    whoa… that denim jumper/onesy is incredible!!

  28. she totally is your "mini-me" !! xx

  29. Erin

    You absolutely have the cutest kid EVER! (And I can see where she gets her good looks. Grandpa! *wink*)

  30. I MUST know where you got those little overalls. They are SO darling and now that I've seen them, Iris MUST have a pair! Ha!

  31. amber

    awww just love those chubby thighs!!

  32. so precious!

  33. Bonny

    I officially cast my vote for cutest baby ever born on this planet. It isn't just that she's cute, her happiness just makes her unbelievably adorable.

  34. Lauren

    I'm starting to wonder if Eleanor ever gets upset because she's always smiling!! She's SO cute!

  35. Mrs. C

    She seriously melts my heart! I only hope my kid will be half as adorable! What do you think of my new leopard coat from ASOS?

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  36. Adoooring this precious outfit on baby E!! I think I should keep a folder of her outfits for inspiration when I have a little one ;) and what a cherished moment that was captured with her grandpa!!

  37. Erin

    that denim jumper is to die for. love reading your blog!

  38. She is just so cute I can't get enough:) She does triple in cuteness every day.

  39. L

    SO adorable.

  40. Bridget

    i'm quite sure the girl does not stop smiling. and that if i saw her in person, i'd eat her thighs.

  41. very VERY precious.

  42. Brissa

    she is hands down the most adorable baby girl in existence. i love her smile. and those little rolls! oh they're so cute.

  43. jenny

    she is glowing. and so is he.

  44. caitlin

    You have one adorable baby.

  45. MoKa

    Unbelievable sweetness :)

  46. My goodness, I need to stop looking at pictures of your little one! It's making me baby hungry!

    ~ Angela

  47. Katie

    Those thighs kill me!

  48. cde

    I love that she has that huge adorable smile in all the photos you post. She's so charming, which I could only expect with such cute parents (and grandparents, too, I see!)

  49. just too adorable :)

  50. Maddy

    HER LEGS! AHHHH so cute. and that smile.. it's beautiful! and her little denim onesie is so cute :)

  51. Janssen

    Nothing is as cute as a smiling baby.

  52. Gosh. You are the luckiest mother and father in the world. I don't think there is a cuter baby in the world than E!!! I've already accepted that my children won't be half as cute.

  53. Wow — she is really looking like her dad!

  54. Alivia

    Her outfit. I love it.
    Also, she is just the cutest thing. Looks just like a perfect mix of you two!

  55. That is the cutest outfit I've ever seen. Are those overalls vintage?
    I was just spoiling myself today baby-clothes shopping with my 11-month-old niece, Scarlet. It is my favorite thing!

  56. larissa

    Those legs!!! AH! Love it!

  57. is she ever not smiling!!???

  58. Ali

    You have the cutest baby on the internet. For real! I wouldn't normally even comment on baby pictures, but I can't get enough of Eleanor! LOVE!

  59. isyana

    i think this picture will look good on your header, it matches your clothes.. ^_^

  60. bby E is a spitting image of your husband. holy cow!

  61. Alex

    Ok, I'm sure you get this all the time, but Eleanor is BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure you think so too, but it's always nice to hear it from someone else as well :) She's the perfect mix of the 2 of you. Love that she loves her grandpa.

  62. Ash

    Her smile simply kills me. I'm pretty sure all your blog readers love her as much as you do… ok not as much but SO much! THanks for sharing her with all of us. She is, honestly, darling.

  63. she is adorable!


  64. Becky

    If you look closely she has her grampas' eyes…

  65. I just read that Natalie Portman had her baby, which resulted in a conversation with another blogger about if it was even possible for her baby to be as cute as eleanor. The consensus is.. It is impossible for any baby to be as cute as Eleanor BUT we do encourage that they have a dance-off someday.

  66. so so sweet.
    that is one HAPPY HAPPY baby!!
    {and PROUD grandpa!}

  67. So Cute! She is very happy.

    Carol, from Brazil

  68. Kayla

    baby eleanor is the cutest little baby girl I've ever seen. Seriously, she's beautiful. Love her little chubby legs!

  69. Connie

    she is the most smiley baby! So adorable!! And my sons thighs are just like that, I love it (:

  70. too cute. loveeeee her outfit.

  71. I just simply love her little cute chubby legs!!!! how cute is this?? :)

  72. Rae

    Your child is perfect.

  73. Sophia

    this is sooo cute! I really like your blog :)

  74. So adorable! You can see the resemblance in their eyes! Beautiful!

  75. such a sweet memory :)


  76. i'm not sure who asked, but the jean overalls are vintage. they were josh's little nieces once upon a time made by Guess. i love vintage hand-me-downs! i think they're my favorite thing of e's.

    and thanks for the sweet words. i sort of can't get enough of her little smile. and her constant drool as she smiles open mouthed!


  77. I love how Baby E's eyes are always smiling; she looks like a very happy girl. I can see from her grandpa that the lovely smiling eyes run in her family! ;)

  78. Abi P.

    She is sooo adorable! I love seeing how much she has grown.
    and I agree with Jennifer ^ those smiling little eyes are precious!

  79. She resembles him that picture! I love seeing family resemblances. Have a great day!