diary by kingsley: i guess she can stay.

“hi friends, it’s me. kingsley. i’m sorry posting has been light these days in my diary. mom lost one of my favorite chew toys during the move so i haven’t been feeling like myself much lately. i’ve also taken up sunbathing on my new front lawn so that takes up most of my time these days.
anyway, mom and dad are thrilled because eleanor has finally recognized me and loves to try to pet me and pull at my mouth. everyone thinks it’s cute. i’m not sure if you’ve ever had anyone pull at your mouth, but i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it.
i hope it’s not coming across like i don’t care for eleanor… because to tell you the truth, she’s been growing on me. her diapers are interesting to sniff and once she dropped this cool rattle toy on the floor which i enjoyed playing with for the afternoon until mom realized it was missing. also, mom’s been feeding me extra peanut butter bones ever since baby E showed up. i think it’s because she feels guilty i’m sort of coming in second these days, but it’s cool cause i really like my peanut butter bones.
so i guess what i’m saying is, sure, she can stay. most people still stop us on the street to pet and play with me over ooohing and awwwing at the baby anyway…not that it’s a competition or anything…
  1. Carla

    Oh Kingsley is so cute!

    Carla xx.

  2. colleen

    i love kingsley diaries, and this one was solid! plus the progression of photos from his ears perked up to drawn back as she's laughing in his face. love it. glad to see everyone's getting along!

  3. Sarah

    Good boy Kingsley good boy. Too bad you are on the other side of the country because my dog Daphne is kind of in the same boat with my 8 1/2 month old baby. ;P

    – Sarah

  4. What a pair! They will be the greatest of friends… how fun for E :) You are such a blessed woman, Naomi!

  5. kingsley is quite cheeky. xx

  6. great series of photos. she's adorable!!

  7. So cute! I can only hope that my Siamese will get along with my future babies….seeing as she is the center of everything right now.

    But, it looks like Kingsley is handling it with grace.:)

  8. You're a trooper Kingsley and it won't be too long before you and Eleanor will be having the best of fun on that front lawn together.

    Count on this, she will grow to become your best little buddy ever….promise.

    x Felicity

  9. Alivia

    Oh, Kingsley, you are the best. What a good boy!
    I really can't get over how CUTE Eleanor is. I just can't.

  10. KateK

    So adorable!

  11. Ericka

    hahahaha awn! That was such a cute entry XD

  12. Awww. I love Kingsley. And adore miss Eleanor. What a sweet pair, they'll be the best of friends soon enough!

  13. So cute! My Jasper can relate. My little girl pulls fists of hair out of this poor guy, but he just licks her in return.

  14. Abbey

    Oh, Kingsley. You're such a good boy. :)

  15. Anny

    Super cute like always…but does she have a fow hawk thing going on, or is it just me?? Bc if it is…I'm in <3 haha.

  16. Oh they are adorable! Eleanor has the most precious smile!
    p.s. I'm so glad my baby isn't the only one with that hair! It's almost a mohawk except for the back gap where the bald patch is, right? You just can't avoid it :)

  17. Allie

    Both Eleanor and Kingsley are too adorable! She looks like she's having so much fun with him. :)

  18. Bahaha! That last photo made me laugh out loud! SO funny!

  19. Renée

    I always love reading his diaries, hehe. These photos are stunning and I think you all are so happy they come along :)


  20. Adorable. That 3rd photo made me smile. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  21. ok…the last picture. i cannot get over the last picture. it leads me to believe that, while last time i said she looks like josh, maybe she's 1/2 and 1/2 after all. ;)

  22. amber

    awww, so glad e and kingsley get along :)

  23. oh, how I love Kinglsley's diary! so much fun!

  24. Kingsley is the one who made me fall in love with these dogs. Too much cuteness for the world to handle, right there.

    – S from Following the Walkers

  25. Just wait….our dog was the first thing to make our Molly laugh. It was adorable. Their bond will be priceless!

  26. andrea

    Such an adorable post! Baby and puppy friendships are super cute.

  27. Ms.S


  28. Lindsay

    I sort of hate that you have the absolute cutest, most adorable, most smiley baby in the whole wide world. Seriously! When I have my baby, I just hope he/she is half as cute as Eleanor and I would be happy.

  29. Daniela

    owwwwn kingsley! you are my favorite dog in the world :)

  30. heee!! permission granted!


  31. Chelsea


    she is the happiest baby in the world. i love her little smile.

  32. The pictures of them together are too cute for words. I love the faces she makes at him!

  33. how cute. I'm glad they like each other so much! her face says it all. so so cute.

  34. Laura

    kingsley and eleanor are both so adorable:) !

  35. Ashley

    Kinglsey and Eleanor are so cute together. Could that little girl smile anymore? She seems like the most happy baby ever. =)

  36. Alex

    They are quite the pair!

  37. Erin

    I still ♥ Kingsley posts! ;)

  38. You and your family are so full of CUTE!!!! Both of your 'babies' are adorable! :)

  39. This is just adorable!

  40. Too cute! My husband is in love with bulldogs and really wants it to be our next dog. Kingsley is so adorable that he's helping my husband's case!


  41. kirsten

    i absolutely love the third picture! so cute!

  42. This post is adorable. You write so beautifully, even when it's Kingsley! :)

  43. Ive worn that skirt most days this summer. the best!

  44. Good vote Kingsley! Eleanor AND peanut butter bones!

  45. Helen

    awww Kingsley is the cutest! My 2 dogs are getting used to having my niece here everyday, she's crawling now and she always crawls over to them and grabs their paws haha. It's so cute.

  46. Melina

    This is by far the cutest of Kingsley's diaries yet! Also… E's face in that last picture… made my whole week!! Too cute!

    xx Melina

  47. Kristin

    Haha. Sooo cuuute. Love Kingsley's diary entries. Dogs are practically human in my mind.

  48. Banshee

    That last picture is killer. I love reading about your happy little family!

  49. Denise

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  50. Dear Kingsley, I almost thought I saw you pouting in that 2nd pic with your lip sticking out :) looks like E is your fan!

  51. Betsy

    love the last photo.. its almost like she is a little ninja!

  52. Silvia

    Gosh, these pics are just… wooooow!!!
    Kingsley, such a good boy you are.

  53. Peppie

    I just saw the cutest baby EVER! :)

    ♥, Peppie

  54. Kelsey

    look at Baby E roar!