crepe night with one of our favorite little families.

on sunday we drove up to maryland to visit one of our favorite little families and enjoy some sunday night crepes with them. kids don’t come cuter than these little barefoot friends. and i don’t think eleanor has ever been so popular or had so many little hands wanting to hold and take care of her (my arms were thankful.)
as for kingsley, he was on cloud nine the entire visit. i know this because upon arrival home, somebody snored loudly for 8 or 9 hours straight. kids sure know how to make a dog feel old and out of shape. ;) and he ate up every minute of it.
thanks for a great evening, nyborgs!
  1. Oh my gosh, Eleanor's face in that first picture is too precious!

  2. Karen

    Teenage Eleanor is going to whine so much upon seeing that first picture. Precious!

  3. I agree; Eleanor's face in that first picture is priceless!
    ~ Angela

  4. All of Elanor's expressions are too cute (and funny)! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time with friends and food.

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend! As always, your pictures capture the emotions wonderfully.

  6. i'd totally wear e's romper in my size. love that last photo!

  7. Ash

    that sounds and looks like an awesome time! I bet Eleanor is the star of every outing :)

  8. colleen

    i *really* loved this post. i grew up in northern virginia and i love your trips out to the burbs (even if it is maryland ;) glad kingsley had a good time and eleanor's faces are priceless!

  9. MellyB

    Crepe night? How do you find these amazing people? I need crepe friends! Crepe acquaintances would do as long as I could sneak in their house for dinner every once in a while. Awesome.

  10. Mandy

    Aaww, these photos are so cute! :-) The last one is really adorable, a little barefoot-gang! X Mandy

  11. Rachel

    I love this post! What were the fillings used in the crepes?!

    Beach Read

  12. I love that Kingsley was snoring!! He always makes me laugh, I wonder if my cat can snore?

  13. Ah! Thats totally my neighborhood, and I totally used to babysit those kids before I left for college. Its a small world.

  14. when i realized i had reached the end of the pictures in this post, i sort of wanted to cry.

    translation: if you want to post 100 photos of eleanor next time, i would be totally fine with that.

  15. Eleanor's face in the first picture is PRICELESS. That's the cutest little family. They're darling.

  16. Such cute kids! Kingsley looked like he was having heaps of fun :D

  17. Taylor

    Eleanor's face in the first picture is toooo cute! She's so precious!

  18. so cute!!
    Il love your family, you are so adorable, I want to say you a lot of beautiful thing but my english is not very good.
    every morning I see you blog,and my day is more beautiful, thank you a lot !
    nadia from France
    à bientôt !

  19. Kait

    So sweet! Soon enough you'll be taking pictures of little Eleanor running with Kingsley like that!

  20. Amy

    So adorable! Kingsley looks completely in his element and Eleanor is as cute as ever!

  21. Yum yum I love crepe nights! Looks like such a fun time!

  22. Alex

    Love the look on Eleanor's face in the first picture!

  23. Mrs. C

    All these kids are so beautiful and look so happy!! Screams summer! Hopefully Nutella was in the crepes ;) Check out my homemade Nutella peanut butter brownies :)
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  24. Buaha ha haaaaaaa… Eleanor loves this. I'm repeating a dozen other comments, but that first photo is priceless.

  25. so so so precious! i love when kids hold babies. so sweet!


  26. Nicole

    Eleanor's face looks like she's saying "SNARF!"

  27. your baby is just the cutest! and i am going to guess that those little bubble overalls were hand me downs because I had the same ones for one of my little girls and they were my favorite things EVER! are they "guess" brand? LOVE!

  28. Ana

    Eleanor's face in that first photo is just precious.This looks like a really lovely trip. I think it's time for some crepes!

  29. Gerry

    I really like your blog.
    very lovely pictures as always.

  30. Haha, these are great pictures, and it looks like a lot of fun! :D

    Eleanor looks confused in her pictures, though, haha.

  31. Hahah oh dear E's face on the first photo – hilarious! She looks like an adorable living cartoon! We also had a crepe night yesterday with friends & it was great! & kingsley sure looks like he had a splendid day! have a wonderful week! xo

  32. janie

    e's face is too funny in the first picture! it almost seems to say "what in the world is that?!"

  33. Erin