baby girl on the big bed.

these are from a few weeks ago, just after our new mattress arrived (i don’t think i’ve ever been so excited about something before- i do believe we are slowly moving up in the world, so long full sized mattress! hello queen!) anyway, i just can’t stop looking at these photos of eleanor on the bed. but i guess any photo with eleanor in it is my favorite. you know how it goes as a mother…
taken with the instagram app on the iphone.
  1. Don't worry! We all love looking at pictures of Eleanor as much as you do! She's so precious! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Alyssa

    Goodness, those photos are beautiful.

  3. these look magical! I love them!

  4. Rachael

    Cute!!! Note to all parents: Putting a little baby on a huge bed, will be cut.

  5. Carolyn

    We just moved up from a full sized to a queen sized too…I think I'm officially a grown up!

  6. Oh, I'm looking forward to that day!! :) Those pictures are so sweet.

  7. Kylee.

    Those pictures are precious. I want to frame them. Even though she isn't my child.
    Don't worry. Won't. :)

  8. vintch

    so, so adorable. the lighting is perfect and look at her grabbing those toes! such a sweet pose:) thank you for sharing this little glimpse into your life!

  9. LRC

    Oh boy! A new mattress! I cannot wait to purchase one. We have a pillow top which is lovely but a nightmare for one w/back issues such as myself. I hope you love it!

  10. yay for a queen bed!! i mean you need it now that there's 3 in the bed :)

  11. these pictures are so lovely! she is beyond cute and the lighting is amazing x

  12. Katie

    I love these photos, isn't instagram amazing!

  13. Luisa

    I already loved those pictures when you shared them on twitter and I can't stop looking at them.
    They are so beautiful. Eleanor is just so cute and the pictures are perfect. The lightning is really great.
    I love that little bundle on the bed :D

  14. Awhhh! These are so sweet! Congrats on the Queen sized bed and on having one of the cutest baby girls ever! <3

  15. She looks content in her own little world on such a large bed! :)

  16. your daughter is beautiful! the husband and i are looking forward to do day when we upgrade to a queen as well! happy sleeping!!

  17. Rene

    these are beautiful pictures the softness of them are breath taking and Eleanor is so precious!

  18. precious. i love how soft they are…


  19. kristin

    beautiful and classic!

  20. colleen

    i really love these photos. what did we do before camera apps?!

  21. Connie

    I can't stop either- those pictures are beautiful!

  22. Holly

    Absolutly beautiful! She is lovely anyway, but the setting and the exposure of the pictures is absolutly magical….Lucky girl….

  23. Autumn


  24. When I was a baby my mother made the same photos from me:)

  25. Emily

    ahh so precious! and seriously, i don't think many things are better than an awesome new bed.

  26. My husband and I slept on an air mattress for six months when we relocated. I've never had a better purchase than our mattress! :)

  27. Big beds are the best! Especially when a cute baby is on them. :) Hope your husband enjoyed his first father's day!
    ~ Angela

  28. sometimes i think that instagram is better than my real camera.

  29. She is so cute! We totally slept on a full the first three years of our marriage. Congratulations on moving up!

  30. Cori

    ooh typo = visible html
    *red face*

    not my idea of perfection, lol.

  31. Cori

    Ok original comment {containing said typo} didn't post, which has lead to *even redder face*

    I intended to say, before all this kerfuffle:

    "Ah you can't beat the comfort of a new bed – throw in newly laundered sheets and that's perfection right there.

    Such adorable photos – love the dreamy (apt!) quality."

    …but I feel the sentiment has been somewhat lost in all this…

  32. yup … too precious! love.

  33. Those pictures are so simple, yet so beautiful!

  34. Hannah

    aww these are adorable!


  35. Alexis

    We still have a full size mattress in which we fit our almost 4 year old daughter and our 7 month old son as well as the two of us on sometimes!!! How I would LOVE a bigger bed.
    Those pictures of her are adorable!

  36. oh, i adore the lighting & a precious little muffin amidst such space! definitely framer-ers! xx

  37. Oh these photos are just so precious. I love the light. As much as you adore these shots now, I can just imagine how much you'll love looking back at them one day when your lil girl has grown up. How wonderful to have moments like these captured.

  38. Awww, so adorable!

  39. Sharon

    I love eleanor pictures. Wait until you get a king – you are not alone in getting excited about a new bed!! :)

  40. aimee

    these are dreamy. also, just got home from yoga class, and that is a stellar "happy baby" pose in photo numero two.

  41. Jess

    Such a cute picture of her.
    Just wait until you can get a king size bed now that is wonderful. We had my husbands parents old bed and after 3 years of sleeping on it we gave in and got something much better and we love it.
    There's nothing like a new bed where no one else has slept in. So its perfectly okay to be excited about this new buy for you.

  42. So incredible beautiful. Sigh.

  43. Rhianne

    the light in these is beautiful, lovely photos Naomi!

  44. These pictures are some of the sweetest, most beautiful I have EVER seen.

  45. So sweet! I love photos of babies on adult beds – it really shows how tiny they are :)

  46. This is so nice. She is incredible. I looked through the pictures of her and I am still figuring out whom she looks like more. What do you think?

  47. love love and then love some more. also i'm addicted to instagram…

  48. isn't the upgrade to a queen bed GLORIOUS?? my boyfriend and i used to sleep on a foam pad on the floor because we couldn't afford a mattress. then we started sleeping on my full sized bed at school. and then we finally got a queen and it was AMAZING.

    baby girl looks so cute, too :)

  49. Erin

    These pictures are nothing short of gorgeous. I wish there were something close to Instagram for the Droid…anyone have any suggestions on this??

  50. Anna

    Ohmygoodness! A baby in footie pajamas playing with her feet! The cuteness is overwhelming! :)

  51. i LOVE these! so beautiful and simple!

  52. THESE PHOTOS ARE GORGEOUS! They would be so great printed on canvas and hung on the wall:)

  53. these photos are sooo sweet and lovely!!

  54. I bet she feels so free up there!
    Way to go with those pics…they have a lovely airy and almost heaven-sent quality to them :)

    <3 Madeline