and we have power. finally.

goodness! these last two days have been quite the adventure! we were affected by the power outage in d.c. tuesday afternoon and a whopping 2 days later, it’s finally back! why this power outage had to occur on the hottest days so far this year, i still don’t know (actually i do know. the heat is what caused it, but anyway…) it was quite the experience and i’m just really glad it’s over.
a home half way moved into, a bulldog, a newborn, a freezer + fridge fully stocked from a shopping trip the night before with no air conditioning for over 2 days…..? it really did a number on us. there are only so many hours i can spend walking kingsley around the pet store since they have AC and allow dogs.
i feel like kingsley experienced the worst of it. he came this close to dying. i’m serious. and i had him in the car pretty much the entire time with the AC full blast. my poor panting pup! he’s ok now because i finally got my act together and boarded him at our vet where they promised they’d keep the AC on high for him (and promised to pet him extra). can’t wait to pick him up tonight. it’s been awfully quiet around here today.
anyway, we spent the majority of our time in places with air conditioning like stores, museums, restaurants. and we ate a lot of ice cream, too. i’m really thankful for this day and age of air conditioning. i don’t know what the folks did before us! they were rockstars.

{some iphone photos from the last 2 days…. via instagram.}
  1. Yikes! That does not sound like fun. Glad you at least had some ways to cool off temporarily!

  2. Bridget

    i grew up sans air conditioning (blame it on the crunchy mom) in the philly area. thus, i am a rockstar too.

  3. bridget, i thought you were a rockstar even before you shared that. :)

  4. i live in alabama and when the tornadoes hit at the beginning of may, we were without power for 7 days. it was absolutely crazy!

  5. colleen

    and people wonder why the south moves so slowly. it's too dang hot once you leave the AC to do otherwise!

  6. So glad you kept yourselves entertained and Kingsley is okay! We have a frenchie and he gets super hot really fast! Poor bulldogs!

  7. Ana

    Oh boy, that's bad! I love summer and I generally have quite a high tolerance for heat, but 2 days without any air conditioning at all must have been tough. Hope you're all ok and refreshed now- including Kingsley!

  8. Poor Kingsley. My Pugs don't cope well in the heat either, it's terrible.x

  9. My little french bulldog has the same problem with the warm weather. I´m always worried about her!

  10. poor kingsley!!! glad you are all okay…and, glad you ate LOTS of ice cream :)

  11. Had a haircut yesterday at practically 40 weeks pregnant in a salon where the AC was broken…it should have sent me into labor, yes?

  12. AC doesn't really exist so much in europe.

    ….one of the "Pros" on the "Should I move back to America?" Pros and Cons list.

  13. i had no air today either! but my son is four and i have no pets. so i had it way easier.

    i just thrifted & ate out all day. so it actually wasn't that bad.

    glad your pup is ok. xx

  14. Sky

    yay for power! those are some cute pictures :-)

  15. oh man what a mess! glad to hear you are now with power! we lost power for 5 days when the tornadoes came through in april here in alabama…but we were lucky to be blessed with five days of GORGEOUS weather (esp after the ENTIRE day of tornadoes).

    anyway, glad to hear you are now conditioned with air :):)

  16. after living in san francisco for 6 years (hello 65 degrees and breezy every day!) i'm living in the south of france with no A/C. it's definitely taking a lot of getting used to – for my dog too! i feel your pain! glad to hear the power is back up and running!

  17. Susana

    We are lucky to have AC almost everywhere in Spain! It's very hot here in the summer ;)!Glad you're all ok now…Big hugs!

  18. oh lady, that's terrible.

    i will never forget the days that the power went out in st. george (ut) in late july. i think it was 115 and what i would call hell on earth.

    shudder. i'm sweating just thinking about it.

  19. Lyndall

    Ew, stupid power company! Ours did the same one year, of course it was in summer! We have a bad problem here with blackouts in the hot weather because everyone cranksup the AC and overloads the grid.

    We lived in a tiny apartment for five years with no AC… In the nice hot Australian summers. One year we had a whole week over 100F! I'm still not sure how we survived, heh. I'm so glad our new house is air conditioned, its really a necessity to me now :)

  20. hannah

    glad you and your pup are ok! stay cool! :)

  21. Kait

    Goodness! So glad to hear you all survived the heat!

  22. You know, no wonder everybody loves your blog so much. Even in the suckiest situations, your joy in life and love for your family is so evident. You're an inspiration!


  23. larissa

    I love that you thought to take Kingsley to the pet store! I would have never known what to do and my puppies would have suffered. Poor pups! I'm glad you finally have power again and I hope all your food didn't spoil!

  24. I'm glad the power is back on for you guys! Two days is rough! That pic of her hiding behind the tie is so funny!

  25. I grew up without A/C in Southern California, and let me tell you, during the summers, it was hell.

    It probably wasn't as BAD as DC, because it rarely gets humid that close to the ocean–the heat is incredibly dry, but it can, on occasion, get into the 100s. My school didn't have A/C, and it was a building complex that was built back in the 30s and 40s, so the rooms were stuffy and disgusting. Every now and then, they had to cancel school when the temps soared into the 90s inside the rooms. It should've been canceled at 80s…

    It was terrible.

    I'm glad Kingsley is feeling better.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  26. I feel your pain. We lose our power all the time here in Cincy. Whenever there are storms with high winds or in the winter when there's ice. In fact, just last week we were without for a day and a half. So glad you have it back now!

  27. Pepco is one of the few things I actually DO NOT miss about DC- they suck!

  28. i would be such a crankster with no AC in that heat! bless thank god it's back!

  29. Caralee

    oh poor Kingsley! Poor you! I went through that with my bully once and resorted to us sitting in the bathroom on the shower floor with the cold tap dripping for two days, in a pinch sheets soaked in cold water can also cool them down.

  30. :-/ I hear ya! It's usually a storm or hurricane that knocks out our power for days… hot,humid… no thanks!

    Glad it's back on!

  31. Jess

    Oh, I feel your pain. Our AC conked out on us on this week. Ugh! I'm glad we are both back in cooler indoor temps.

  32. oh no that's horrible I've been there before and it is not fun.

  33. I pretty much would have died. I hate not having AC when it's like a million degrees outside. I am glad kingsley is okay!! And you guys are cool now.

  34. glad that you all are fixed now! :D

  35. Bonny

    My brother just retired from the marine corps, and did several tours to Iraq where it was some unreal temperature outside like 140(I just discovered I don't have a degree symbol). I wonder how they keep their dogs alive. We're all so happy Kingsley is o.k. My son keeps trying to convince me we need a bulldog to add to our pack…

  36. Sarah

    How miserable!!!! I have a pug so I totally know what you mean about your dog almost dying over the heat. That's a good idea about housing him. I'll have to remember that if disaster strikes. At least it was a good excuse to eat a lot of ice cream and visit cool places =)

    – Sarah

  37. oh porr kingsley. well i'm glad the ac is back on. i really don't know if i would be a very nice person if that happened to me. i do not do well in extreme heat

  38. love-v

    So glad the AC is back and everyone, especially Kingsly, is ok. We had a scare with our bull when we first moved to TX and just like @caralee we put him straight into a cold bath and added ice. The heat is awful for those guys. We even bought our Odin a kiddie pool to use if we're in the yard for a while.

  39. Briel79

    Is that you in the second photo? You look so much like one of your twin sisters in it. :)

    Sorry to hear about the heat and power problems! I'm glad you thought to take Kingsley to the boarding house! :) Poor pup! Good to hear that the power is back on!

  40. kristin

    Congratulations on your move! We will miss you in Eastern Market. Poor, poor Kingsley – glad he is cool and happy at the vet…this heat has been just brutal (Tanks walks have been of the very short variety). Hope everything goes smoothly now that you're back in business with power. Best!

  41. Oh my god , I have no idea how you managed to make it with no power while moving , with a newborn little baby & a bulldog too! Hahah you indeed are a rockstar. (: To be honest we've never had air conditioning , actually we used to have but I made my family abolish it years ago because I have a big obsession with environment & such , & so even though it drives my family insane i try to do whatever i can to protect the environment. So we spend all of our summers at the cool terraces & balcones & near the fridge or the ice cream parlor but mostly at the beach which is 1' minute walk away or the pool (so thankful for sharing one with the rest) & imagine all this in GREECE.
    Love the photos btw! xo

  42. Poor puppy! I can't believe how hot it's been over there! It's still been around 50 here in Oregon. I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever see summer! Lol. Not that I'm complaining – I actually prefer comfortable weather – this fair skin of mine burns too quickly in the hot sun.

  43. So glad you guys have power! How scary and frustrating to have no power through a heat wave. You poor things! You are rockstars! :)
    Meanwhile, we're freezing cold and sick of the rain, in California!
    Take care,

  44. Maria

    Oh no. AC broken in Louisiana would be terrible! I can just imagine how hot it was in DC. Glad to see y'all enjoyed ice cream though. That's the best.

  45. Ainsley

    awww poor kingsley. glad to hear that everything is back to normal! i've had power outages after a grocery shop as well and it kills me to lose all that food!

  46. luci

    du you use a special app for the pics?
    nice :)