1. Connie

    Your family is DARLING!

  2. Happy shiny people…lovely!

  3. CoCoon

    There's a big smile on your little gem's face in every single photo I see of her. Such a happy baby. Brightens up my day xo

  4. Tink

    i love the litte girl. She looks so cute in the camera :)

  5. Sini

    Lovely! everything looks so perfect :)

  6. haha, don't you love have you end up taking WAY more self portraits when you're a mom. Mommy/daughter time is so special, we have to capture those moments too!

  7. such cute pictures xx

  8. Eleanor is such a doll. She seems to have such a distinct and fun personality already! And that last picture looks like she's going to be a dancer too!

  9. colleen

    so cute. love the one with you two where her fingers are in her mouth. adorable family.

  10. Hi sweets! LOVE the blog, fairly new to it, but an overnight super fan. Wondered where you got Kingsley's bed? We have a 4 year old bulldog and he seems to dig up any bed he gets – Kingsley's looks a bit more durable. Thanks! xxxx

  11. AJD ∞

    Your family is so cute. Is your daughter's hair naturally growing into that mohawk? I love it. So cute.

  12. Kelly

    Baby girl is amazing! You make motherhood look so easy.

  13. Rachel

    These are such sweet photos, and how nicely they capture the simple moments of your day. What app on your iphone are you using to get this look?

  14. Erin

    I ♥ Instagram! You all look so happy! :)

  15. Olga

    My favourite photo is one taken in museum where E. and your husband are looking at the painting together. It is so great to share the whole world to your baby.

  16. ellen


  17. kwistin

    this put a huge smile on my face. i love your documentation!

  18. Her smile is to die for! Such a cutie!

  19. Goodness, does Eleanor ever take a bad picture?! Such a cute family! :)


  20. you look like such a good mom! constantly left feeling so inspired by you and your little family! xo.

  21. it looks like a lovely life. :)

  22. pretty pretty pics!

  23. aww so cute! baby e is adorable!

  24. Chels

    Really sweet! It's the simple things right?!?

  25. I am instagram happy too! how can we help it? Its so convenient!

  26. @kaya kristina, i got kingsley's bed at Petsmart. i'm not sure the brand, but it's great because i can unzip the covering and wash it every few days and he hasn't been able to tear it apart. ;) i know you know what i mean. ;)

    @rachel, i took these with my iphone using the Instagram app. it's great!


  27. sarah

    she is so cutie! and you make me want and iPhone SO BAD!

  28. Daily C

    Fun! She's growing so fast! Watch out, mama :)!

  29. she. is. so. happy.

    i don't even know what to do about it.

  30. your little girl is adorable. i LOVE her smile!!!

  31. The Good Life!

  32. e's face in the bottom left kills me! so so cute!

  33. I love your baby! She is so cute and makes me happy!

  34. You have just about the sweetest family ever! So precious. :)

  35. Very beautiful family! :) Have a great birthday. Many blessings!

    I am visiting from the Friday blog hop. It is nice to "meet" you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  36. Wow! So much to celebrate and I am loving all your pictures to capture the fun! Happy 25th Birthday and welcome to the Quarter Century Club! :) Happy Anniversary as well and enjoy every moment…it looks like you ddi!

    Liesl :)

  37. whimsy

    i love these pics, your daughter is to die for. seriously, so darling. how do you get your phone pics like that? is it an app?

  38. whimsy

    hey sorry, i just saw that you said it is instagram, are you able to get them in a strip? or do you just put them next to each other when you put them online?