updates + more updates.

i’m afraid i’ll jinx it, because we haven’t officially signed the lease just yet… but, we found a big old victorian home (to rent) that just might really-truly-dreams-do-come-true be ours by the end of the month. and, there is natural light! and two full baths! and dogs allowed! with a parking space! and in our price range…which is the best part. although technically i think the best part is that it doesn’t have carpet. hooray! because to me, while some love that shaggy rug feeling under their feet, carpet is right up there with growing out bangs and red eye flights in my opinion. it’s really hard for me to deal with and basically, i hate it. so yes, our nightmare of finding a new home might just be ending for a little while. and this is good news, because i don’t really have any more hair to pull out between baby girl yanking on it and postpartum hair loss. let’s all do a happy dance!
in other exciting news, baby girl rolled over for the first time this morning! it’s exciting and scary at the same time. when will somebody figure out how to pause time already? can somebody please get on that?
both baby girl and husband went to bed last night before 7pm. i stood there for a second wondering if i should sleep too, or maybe, just sit and have a moment of quiet alone time. let me tell you, it was a weird moment. but i decided to take kingsley out on a little date. we walked all over the neighborhood like the olden days before baby girl sort of changed his life forever. he also got a tummy rub! that pup… i tell you, he still knows how to get to me. hope he doesn’t mind coming in second to eleanor these days.
also, i just might run away with my new ebelskiver pan. it’s sort of making me love being in the kitchen. and that’s big news over here.
  1. Good luck!!! Sounds heavenly! I'll cross my fingers for you.

  2. congratulations! i feel the same way about carpet. but it's hard to deal with it when you're renting, so what a find!

  3. We love ebleskeiver (how do you spell that?) at our house. Try them with cream-puff filling…. Delicious.

  4. nicole

    i'm with you on the carpet! good luck with this place, it sounds great! yeah for you and your family!!!

  5. I totally understand your carpet woes. i constantly tell my husband when we have kids we will have to move somewhere with wood floors! carpet and the bebehs just don't mix. i adore the dark wood floors and the white walls, oh but one can dream.

  6. Alivia

    So happy for you; you deserve it! Crossing my fingers for your family.

  7. Good luck, I have my fingers crossed for you! I just secured a place to move back to in Australia today so I'm thrilled!

  8. The new place sounds wonderful! Crossing my fingers and sending good vibes your way.

  9. It looks (well, more like sounds) perfect! The cutest little family moving into their new home!


  10. Diana

    Congrats on finding a place! Crossing fingers it goes well. We *just* bought a house and it's in escrow, we'll be getting it in late June. It's a historic home, too. Very exciting, isn't it? :)

  11. Tony

    How exciting! I hope the house works out for you!!

  12. Bron

    Woops, that last comment from "Tony" was from me. I was accidentally logged into the wrong account. Don't worry, you don't have random males called Tony commenting here (well actually maybe you do, but that last one was a Bron not a Tony… how confusing!!)

  13. Haley K

    YES to new homes! (hope it works out!:)

    YES to baby eleanor rollingover! (even though I'm with you…a pause button would be real nice)

    YES to ebelskivers! (my hub's aunt gave us a pan 2 christmases ago…and it's been too long since I've made some…LOVE those little babies. Share your favorite evblskiver recipe won't you?:)

  14. Bri

    exciting news! i'm crossing my fingers for you on the home. living in a victorian home is definitely a dream of mine! so awesome :)

  15. Haley

    Haha, I have an aebelskiver (sp? ha) pan also that I've been wanting to try…they are so tasty!

  16. Love making ebelskivers. There are so many fun things to put in the middle.

  17. Ashley

    I love my ebelskiver pan! We make them every new years eve with butter milk syrup. I would make them more often, but then I wouldn't fit into my pants. :)

  18. Sini

    Good luck with the apartment! I hate full carpets too, luckily it doesn't exist in my world at all :) wooden floors, tile floors.. those are nice!

  19. Congrats!! So fun to have an update and glad everything is going well! Ebelskivers….mmmm :)

  20. such good news about the house, crossing my fingers that everything will work out! looks beautiful! and yes carpet is horrible, I am so glad that we rarely use carpet here in Europe :)

  21. Meagan

    Good luck! It sounds like a lovely place! :)

  22. colleen

    CONGRATS on finding somewhere to live – I hope you sign and it all works out. It's so exciting when a search like that ends.

  23. abby

    gasp- that light is beauuuuuuutiful! just think of all the pictures you can take of little e in it.

  24. I feel the same way about carpeting, wood floors are just the best thing ever. Total deal breaker for me. Hope that you get the house!

  25. i'm right there with ya on the natural light. and carpet. and your idea to pause time (though i kinda think eleanor gets cuter with each day that passes so…..i'm torn there).

  26. Emily

    I have an ebelskiver pan too! My boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas. I haven't mastered it yet though. They either come out greasy or floppy. Sigh.

  27. amy

    that place looks awesome! best of luck to the 3 (plus kingsley) of you!

    amy @ glass confetti

  28. janis

    Fingers crossed! It looks lovely!

  29. i triple heart victorian homes, lucky you! hope you get it. xx

  30. Amanda

    Congrats on finding a new place! Are you staying in the same area or coming out of the district?
    I think I'm one of the few who likes carpet in some areas…like the bedroom. I LOVE hardwood on the main floor/stairs/hallways but I've never enjoyed waking up and having to walk on cold hardwood floors during the winter.

  31. Maddy

    congrats, can't wait to see it! my fingers are crossed for you guys :)

  32. k

    More details on the ebelskiver, please! Namely, HAVE YOU TRIED THEM WITH JAM IN THE CENTER? ohmigosh, delish.

  33. Gussy

    finding a new home to live is sooooo exciting (and SOOOOO stressful some times) — i hope your little family finds something amazing soon.

    and uhhhh, if you get the place you described in your post then that'd be rad! sounds PERFECT!


  34. Ah! It looks so pretty! Congratulations. I've been putting off looking around for a bigger place (we want to expand our family), it's such a stressful process! I'm glad you found a place you love, lady!

  35. oh horray! i remember the feeling all the way up until we closed on our home :)
    it looks lovely. hope everything works out!

  36. Maria

    Hi from a reader from Denmark :)

    So fun to read all of your comments on aebleskiver (thats what it's called in danish). It originates from the word aeble (apple) and skiver (slices/pieces) and originally you put apples in the middle, but in Denmark you often just get them without filling and with jam and powdered sugar ;)
    Nice to see them being made over there as well!

    And loving the floors!


  37. That's absolutely fabulous news. Fingers crossed for you and your family! Give Kingsley an ear scratch from one of your loving readers!

  38. Holly

    i'm anti-carpet too! especially with our big puppy & new baby.. & my allergies! loove wood floors & those look fab! also been taking my pup for walks at night to show him love like before our baby.

  39. Wow that house looks amazing! Love the wooden floor and the big windows. I'm sure you're gonna be very happy living there :) Fingers crossed!

  40. woohoo! congrats! hope it works out! :)

  41. hello.

    we love our ebelskiver pan + making them…we love just saying the word ebelskiver :) fingers crossed for you. bright spaces are the best!

  42. Fingers crossed on the new place, it looks GORGEOUS! Also, how is E rolling over already? Wasn't she born, like, a minute ago?

  43. Sarah

    I'm with you on the rent vs buy. For where we live, we can afford to rent in the city, but not buy. So, the way I'm looking at it right now is to rent for as long as it makes sense money-wise, then re-evaluate to buy something bigger when we're ready. That way, we get to stay a little bit longer in an area we love.

  44. AJD ∞

    Yay!!! I hope you get the place. I just got done rental-shopping + moving + finishing the lease with the old rental. It's so nice not having the headache anymore. & I hope that soon you won't have any residence-related headaches either.

  45. Tori

    A Victorian house with no carpet is my dream come true! We're house hunting right now, too, but I can pretty much guarantee we're not going to find anything nearly as nice as what you described :)

    Good luck! I hope you guys get it. I know this process has been stressful for you!

  46. MUG

    Congratulations!! Natural light is truly a gift in any apartment!

  47. Moocy

    Wood floors were a MUST when I was looking for a place as well. Looks like it gets some great light as well. Crossing my fingers for you!

  48. looks amazing!

  49. Yay! Congrats! We have also decided to keep renting for just a bit longer before we buy… That place seems so perfect for you guys!

  50. hannah

    i've been reading your blog for a little while now and am finally deciding to leave you a comment, you should probably expect more. :)

    love the floors in your hope-to-be home and, of course,the natural lighting. praying that all goes well for you and your little family.


  51. Pamela

    I hope the house works out for you!!! How exciting!

    And ebelskivers!!!! Haven't seen one since we lived in Minneapolis, MN. Now I want to get a pan of my own!! :)

  52. sounds amazing!! fingers crossed. and OMG i couldnt agree more about carpet. ick!


  53. vintch

    old victorian houses are such a dream! there's a gorgeous one on the side of the road i grew up on. i pass it every single day and just swoon. maybe one day:)

  54. OMG ebelskivers….I pick up a pan by chance at Salvation Army a couple of years ago. Now I would die without it. :)

  55. I hope you get it. A Victorian home would be perfect for your family. I'm glad you got to spend time with Kingsley, too– dogs are kids, also!

  56. Sarah

    I am pretty envious of those gorgeous wood floors! :) Best of luck!

  57. Shelby

    Ya for Kingsley time :)

    Ya for hardwoord floors!

    Ya for baby girl! Time does fly but it is so much fun to watch all the new quirks of your baby :)

  58. ...

    i totally agree about the wood floors! i hate carpet. hope you get the house! xo

  59. Maggy

    how exciting!!! oh i will keep all my fingers crossed and say a prayer for you! it looks lovely! (I agree with the rug emotions…)

  60. Not a fan of carpet. I find that even if people have hardwoods in most of the rooms of the house, they still want carpet in the bedroom. Not me. No thanks. I'm all about the hardwoods throughout!

    My daughter rolled over for the first time right before she turned 4 months old. She's now 6 months, and my husband still hasn't seen her do it! It's like her own little covert operation. Haha, she always does it if we leave the room or in her crib, but rarely in front of us. I think my husband is still jealous I caught her in the act. ;)

  61. ha! I totally had to google ebelskiver. Never heard of the term!! They're called pofferjies or dutch pancakes in Australia!!

    My house has wood floors throughout. WONDERFUL if you have kids (I have four) and the amount of pee/puke/spills that have happened I praise wood floors forever!! wood floors are very popular in australia many houses have them.

    and oh to have everyone in bed and to be able to go for a walk alone! bliss!

  62. Ooh beautiful new house! I love the Victorian details! Hopefully you will be able to get this one. :)

  63. Kelly

    I LOVE natural light & hardwood floors!! Hope this house works out for you!!!

  64. Naysel

    your baby is gorgeous! I hope you get your dream home WITH NO CARPET!!

  65. How exciting! Good luck:)

  66. Ebelskivers are BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! I too LOVE my Ebelskiver pan. SO. MUCH. POSSIBILITY.

  67. Lexi

    Sometimes five minutes alone is all you need! And good luck on the home. I feel exactly the same way about carpet…and when you rent, it's kind of hit or miss.

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  68. {jane}

    hey. i totally hear you on the house/home-hunting woes! {assuming you don't follow my blog…so you aren't current on our similiar situation… :) } we, are preparing to move our family of six from orem to boston in about one month & we're STILL house-hunting! we have gone through the entire-fall-in-love-with-a-place, and not get it a few times now. one home owner told our agent, "we don't want THAT many people living in the home!" are you serious? there are SIX of us and the home had FOUR bedrooms! geesh. anyway, we are looking for an all-hardwood floors-rental too. and, why are we moving? oh. for the heck of it – we want our kids to have more diversity/experience & we're red sox fans & husband can work, technically, from anywhere – so farewell orem! ::winks::

    i hope you get this darling place, fingers crossed for you! and, we plan on taking our kids for a weekend trip to D.C. soon after we move – i'd love to meet for tea, or a snack? just an idea.

    And, my oldest, who is 13, will be changing dance studios, we'd love to have her visit nyc for a couple workshops while we're back east – if you have any recommendations, that would be awesome. she has her sights set on julliard, so you're pretty much a stellar example to her.

    eleanor is darling, you're such a cute young momma.

    hope all is truly well.


  69. Yay for hardwood floors in DC! Are you guys staying in the city? And yay for rolling over!

  70. How exciting! I'm crossing my fingers for you over here!

  71. Where did you look other than craigslist? We've been looking for months and can't find anything

  72. Good luck and congrats… on finding something you love! *wink* Moving is exciting and I'm sure with a baby in tow it will be a little more stressful and fun.

  73. burrs

    This sounds so lovely, Taza. Good luck times a million, I really do hope you get this house! x

  74. Lil T

    Congrats on the home and on baby girl rolling over. Exciting times!! *Can you give your Washingtonian readers some insight as to how you found this wonderful, wood floored, multi-bedroomed/bathed home? Is it still near the Hill? And did you use a broker because we're not having any luck on Craigslist and want to find a larger place in preparing for expanding our 2-some "family." =)