the twinsies are back!

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my twins sisters are visiting us for the weekend!
they just got back yesterday from studying in italy,
so right now we’re eating pizza together
and looking through all their italy photos
pretending we’re there…
so dreamy.
{do you spot all those tennis rackets behind them in this polaroid?
so cute. love these little athletes.}
  1. they are so beautiful. In fact your whole family is beautiful. x

  2. Eleanor

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.
    I never comment but read you consistently…I was elated that you named your precious daughter Eleanor and even spelled it the same as mine is spelled!
    I wish you and your beautiful family nothing but the best….

  3. Your sisters are gorgeous!

  4. You're all lovely :) So jealous of their travels!

  5. joolee

    my sister mallory traveled with them! sounds like it was a blast!

  6. Allie

    Italy is where I want to study abroad one summer in college! You'll have to post some stories that they told you.

  7. Ana

    Oh that sounds great! Italy is a beautiful country and I can't wait to visit it too. There must be lots of talk about good food going on…with some Italian terms thrown in for good measure. :) Happy week-end!

  8. colleen

    ya'll look so much alike and are so gifted!!! you and your other sister are insanely talented ballerinas and these two are tennis stars! eleanor is lucky with her genes for sure!

  9. I love sisterhood post-trip pow-wows. My baby sister is in Israel at the BYU Jerusalem center and I can't wait to look through her pictures when she gets back.
    Your sisters are gorgeous, just like you!

  10. It's true, your family is just beautiful! The kind where you don't even have to wear makeup- enviable. :)

  11. Sarah

    You guys might as well be triplets! How fun to be with family :)

  12. wow! they look exactly like you!

  13. twinners are the shiz. enjoy your time together, little! xoxo

  14. Delaney

    You girls are all so beautiful!

  15. you girls are gorgeous!

  16. Holly

    holy moly! thats a lot of tennis playing going on! lol

  17. Kym

    Sisters are the best :) That's so awesome that they got such a neat opportunity. You all do look so similar, couldn't deny each other even if you wanted to! I hope they were very blessed and gained a lot of experience from their time in Italy.

  18. Haley K

    YAY for sister time! how fun for them to share their experiences in Italy with you…and for you to share your growing little baby girl!! :)

  19. Renée

    they are so pretty and wow studying abroad is such a dream for me. xo

  20. I think your family is blessed with beauty =) you all have such a beautiful smile.
    Well, I live in Italy, dreaming to visit the US one day =)
    Have a great time with your sisters!

  21. Tat

    They're so pretty!

  22. Mandy


  23. I can't believe how much you & alllll of your sisters look alike. It's so amazing! I wish I had any brothers or sisters & share all this awesomeness.
    Have a beautiful day! xo

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  25. adorable! have fun with your fam! i'm spending time with my bro and his gf this weekend. totally excited!

  26. Anna

    You are such a gorgeous family xx

  27. tRiSh

    they're beautiful, this trip to italy must have been a blast =)

  28. burrs

    What a gorgeous family! There is nothing better than spending time with family, and sisters who are friends. Hope you have a wonderful time & visit. x

  29. your twins sisters are so pretty! all of you ladies look so much alike!

  30. Hi, I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say how much I love it! You are such a stylish mom, my housemate and I were just gawking. Love your glasses!

  31. cmi

    what great smiles!

  32. ooh i'm dying to go to italy! your sisters are the cutest!

  33. Lissa

    your family is so beautiful!!

  34. Liz V.

    Where in Italy did they study? I'm currently in Tuscany doing an internship and I love it so much! I'm sure wherever they were they had a wonderful time! :)

  35. wonderful! hope they enjoyed their trip! makes me want to check out my pics from italy… was back in 2004 though!

    good luck in your move. sounds fantastic!

  36. Oh wow – they look a lot like you! Oh fun to have the family all together again. :)

  37. Annie

    they are adorable! the one on the right looks like you SO much