tennis, anyone?

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last week when my sisters were in town, i enlisted their help in teaching me how to play tennis. after all, they are tennis rockstars and while i’ve never been on the court before, tennis has been on my list of things i wanna learn how to do, and do well.
but as you are about to witness by the following photos… tennis is hard for me. just look at my face….

and then i just turn into a dancer on the court,
because that is my comfort zone…
anyway, we finished the day with what we do best.
silly pictures…..
dang, i’m gonna miss these girls all.summer.long.
  1. So cute! Pretty sure my attempts at tennis would turn out pretty similar! You have such a beautiful family, and seem to have so much fun together. Love it!

  2. Lyndall

    You have such a lovely family! It seems like you always have so much fun together!

    I've always wanted to learn how to play tennis but… Well, let's just say I'm very good at chasing after the ball as it rolls away from the court…

  3. i've always wanted to be a tennis rockstar just so i could wear the little skirts and dresses. your outfit is looking pretty comfy too, though.

    i've also alwats wanted to be a twin, so i could take photos like that last one there. cute little cuties.

  4. Flora

    You look so great for having had a baby recently. The husb is out playing tennis as I write this!


  5. Jasmine

    haha that's funny :)
    my tennis skills are super low!! At least you look pro (maybe not the facials .. but still)


  6. LOVE these pictures!! Too cute. I used to play tennis and this post makes me want to get back out there!

  7. 13bees

    too cute!

  8. Juultje

    these photos are brilliant, they makes me smile and wishing i was there too:-)

  9. I'm awful at tennis. lol My dad used to take to play every Saturday morning. a bust. haha love your pictures, makes me want to go and give it another try.

  10. In just 9 photos you have made me long for: 1) sisters; 2) toned legs; 3) a sunny day on the tennis court; 4) a camera with a faster shutter-speed.

  11. colleen

    You look adorable! I love the "jumping" pictures of your sisters – at least that's what my friends and I call them when we do that. Looks like a fun day!

  12. Naurnie

    oh, really. could y'all be any CUTER?

  13. naomi:

    haha, these are fantastic!

  14. so cute! And you look super good for giving birth recently!

  15. Your guys are too cute!! What a happy day :)

  16. Arianna

    So cute!! I love these pictures! You seem like such an amazing family. I'm terrible at tennis.. I just run up and down the court trying to hit the ball at least once, haha!

  17. well the good news is that you could always be a tennis model for a sports magazine. i don't think i've ever taken a picture as graceful as those haha


  18. Sephira

    Fun pictures!
    I personally prefer badminton over tennis but tennis can be fun too :D

    xx Seph

  19. ~BB~

    I love that you are in the air in every shot. And it looks so cool and surreal against the backdrop of the court!

  20. Priska

    L.O.V.E. the pictures! you two seem to have so much fun!! <3

  21. marci

    HAHA!! This is awesome! Looks like you guys have a great time! :)

  22. Lol! I think you ladies should become basketball players. Goodness, those jumps would be great for some slam dunks! :D

  23. Sini

    haha so cute! I love tennis, I used to play in school and at free time too. Haven't been playing for ages but would be nice to try again! i even once got tennis ball to my mouth while playing with friend and it twisted my teeths :P

  24. that second to last picture is my favorite! it looks like you had so much fun. while three of my sisters live in town, one is away, and this makes me want her home!!

  25. Rhianne

    such fun photos!

  26. Alex

    1. Tennis is hard, so no sweat.
    2. If I didn't know it, I never would have guessed you recently had a baby. You look fabulous!!

  27. Kelly

    Being a dancer myself, I feel your pain. I once had a tennis pro tell me to stop playing like a ballerina…..I would wait for the serves in 2nd position with my toes turned out! It drove him crazy! And I'd serve using a lovely arabasque…..hehehe!

  28. Leticia

    Haha. Aren't sisters the best? Fun times!

  29. Leenie

    How fun!

  30. this is adorable! I love sister time too! Glad you got to spend time with them!
    Ps. your blog brightens my day!

  31. You are so pretty when you play tennis! Lacoste should have you in ads; you have serious hops!

  32. Linka

    I love these pictures! And I must say…who had a baby again?! You look great!!!

  33. Erin

    Such a lovely dance pose! LOL Your sisters are TOO CUTE!

  34. mare

    okay, teeniest tinest body! congrats on whipping right back into shape.

  35. kirsten

    haha what a fun time!

  36. Haley K

    too. much. fun.
    Loved the photos!
    Glad you've had such a great time with those cute sisters of yours! :)

  37. Remember when you just had a baby? Totally can't tell from these pictures. #sonotfair. :)

  38. stacey

    i love that you are wearing a mcdonalds t-shirt! you are so cute!

  39. this looks amazing! those jumping pictures are fantastic :)

  40. Just played tennis for like the second time ever in life yesterday… oh the joy!

  41. ok… tell me all your secrets for being so toned and having a new baby?

  42. Briel79

    I love these photos! You guys are so cute. :)

  43. Delaney

    haha I love your mid air actions shot. That's great that you were able to spend time with your sisters!

  44. Aww you guys are so cute – it makes me homesick for my little sister. And I definitely would like to get better at tennis – want to play sometime??

  45. great pics!! I love tennis! the boypiece started teaching me last year and I got hooked. I never thought it was a sport I'd like cuz I remember hating it in gym class!

    takes a lot of hand/eye coordination and stamina, though!

  46. are you sure you had a baby??
    your figure is amazing!


  47. Lauren

    I think I'm mostly in awe that you just had a baby! You look amazing!

    I hope you learn how to play tennis. I've never been able to "get it". I just end up getting hit in the face by the ball or something.. oops.

  48. Maddy

    those shots of everyone jumping are great! not blurry at all.. how'd you guys do that?! Whenever I try to take mid-jump photos with my camera the feet are always so blurry -.-

    keep it up! maybe you won't be the best tennis player but at least it's fun! i'm *terrible* at tennis!

  49. Yeah! I'd love to play tennis too!

  50. Ana

    This looks like so much fun! I am glued to the TV watching the French Open this week and wishing that I had someone to go out on a court with and play a little bit (though I'm not very good at it either).

  51. Chelsea

    super cute pictures!!!

  52. so much fun–I miss sister fun! and I miss playing tennis, too!
    cute cute pictures

  53. I don't have depth perception so your graceful performance is MUCH better than the one that would happen with the ball in my face :)

  54. Having sisters to hang with has got to be one of the BEST things ever. =) These pictures are awesome!

  55. nicole

    Ha! I love this. I was a BIG tennis player from age 8-18… so my "professional" opinion is that YOU DID GREAT! xo.

  56. Lainey

    um…you just had a baby?! Naomi, you look like a goddess out there. I play tennis, but your skills was not even what I was paying attention to.

  57. Naysel


  58. great air shots you all look great!

  59. burrs

    This is amazing! Looks like the loveliest time with your sisters. Love the photos. x

  60. girl! you look awesome for just having a baby!!

  61. You girls are too awesome. You look fab for just having a baby a little while ago!

  62. damir and i love playing tennis together – he wishes he was a tennis player instead of a swimmer.

    the only problem is whenever we play – we get WAY too competitive with each other. i inevitably end up having some kind of a temper tantrum. or getting hungry…

  63. Ms.S

    the pictures soo cute!! actually made me smile.. :-)

    great family you have there


  64. tiffany

    hi.. i just found your blog this week and had instant appreciation for anyone who recognizes pizza as one of the best foods ever (: i look forward to catching up on your blog.

  65. I can't believe how amazing you look after having a baby so recently — well done!! This looks like so much fun :) Have a lovely long weekend with your family!

  66. lauren

    love the photos, and am glad you got to spend some quality time with your sisters. and i have to say that you look absolutely fabulous after having a baby not too long ago. what's your secret? i'm having our first (a little girl) in august and am already trying to figure out ways to get back in shape post-pregnancy.

  67. The jumping pictures are hilarious!

  68. Nessa

    Just ♥ it here!

  69. The pictures are great!
    I'm not so good in tennis but my boyfriend is really really good!
    Maybe I have to go to the court in the next days ;)

  70. Sara

    Pictures are great! This is my favorite kind of tennis :D

  71. Vail

    Adorable photos, your sisters are precious! and you look absolutely great for just having a baby!

  72. Jess

    A friend of mine is teaching me to play tennis. It is not easy for me. I think I'll get the hang of it eventually. lol.

  73. I ask my sisters for help in tennis as well! we also tried out racquetball, but they are far better than me! (PS, I still want that Arabic McDonalds shirt! ;)

  74. Wow! Kudos on giving the tennis a go. I did ballet for 13 years yet am still the most challenged person with hand and eye co-ordination! :D

  75. super funny. and super impressive dance moves considering you are only a few months post partum!

  76. eralon

    Great photos!

  77. Are you sure you just had a baby girl? Your waist is so tiny already!
    This looks like a very fun day :)

  78. Tennis Ninjas! Awesome pictures, sisters!

  79. Ha! That's awesome. I remember trying to learn tennis in 9th grade PE class. It's a lot harder than it looks!! I think ping-ping is more my style. Same general strategy but a lot less shoulder strength required!

  80. jamie

    my question is: how did you get back to your TINY frame after giving birth so soon?!?! good job!